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4/4355 LEVEL 4/4355
Item #: SCP-4355


SCP-4355 in Rachimi Memorial Hall, photographed during initial exploration.

Special Containment Procedures: Rachimi Memorial Concert Hall is sealed from public access. No personnel are permitted onto the stage or near SCP-4355.

Description: SCP-4355 is a humanoid entity seated in the center of the performance stage of the Rachimi Memorial Concert Hall, located in Los Angeles, USA. SCP-4355 wears a black tuxedo, white gloves, and a tie. Since its discovery, SCP-4355 has neither moved nor responded to any stimuli. SCP-4355's face is only possible to view directly — photographs or drawings result in anomalous distortions. Viewers have universally described its face as "attractive", but fail to provide any further detail.

Individuals who come within ten meters of SCP-4355 are subject to a complex memetic phenomenon. Those affected collapse to the ground before slowly crawling away from SCP-4355. Afterwards, any such individuals will only be able to focus on conversations about an unidentified individual, who is most often described as "the most important acting phenom of the twenty-first century". If conversation on another topic is initiated, they will invariably attempt to bring up the individual. Focused amnestic therapy has proved effective in reversing this phenomenon.

It is currently theorized that an anomalous event occurred in the Rachimi Memorial Concert Hall which resulted in the creation of SCP-4355. Due to the lack of records mentioning the Hall and general lack of public awareness of its existence, this event is believed to be under the effect of an antimemetic anomaly.

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