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Item #: SCP-4354

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to search for and take down any mention of SCP-4354 instances. All persons affected by SCP-4354 instances are to be sought out and apprehended under the pretence of going through immediate tattoo removal therapy due to a production mistake in the ink used by SCP-4354-A. Apprehended individuals are to be contained in a Standard Humanoid Containment Cell until after the conclusion of the Superbia-Event, at which point they are to be amnesticized and released.

SCP-4354-A is currently uncontained, but reports of activities matching the behaviour of SCP-4354-A are to be investigated.

Description: SCP-4354 is the collective designation given to a series of anomalous tattoos, currently on the body of fourteen subjects in containment and an unknown number still uncontained. Two months after acquisition by an individual, SCP-4354 instances develop the abilities to change shape and move through skin cells. The specific way these abilities manifest is unique for all instances and dependant on the subject of the tattoo.

3 months after a subject has been tattooed with an instance of SCP-4354, they will undergo a Superbia Event. A Superbia Event is the complete transfiguration of the affected flesh into the likeness of the respective SCP-4354 instance, which will proceed to expel itself from the body of the subject, typically leaving behind large avulsion. There have, however, also been unique Superbia Events which only partially adhere to this description or not at all.

Discovery: On 2018/07/21, videos depicting the anomalous effects of SCP-4354 instances started to appear on the social media platform Twitter. A disinformation campaign was immediately put into action and the first containment procedures were devised and executed but could not prevent the initial spread of information about SCP-4354. This led to a rise in popularity for SCP-4354-A and the creation of a significant number of SCP-4354 instances.

During interrogation, all subjects unanimously report acquiring their instance at a tattoo parlour named "Pride Parlor" in Berlin, Germany. The business was previously owned by SCP-4354-A, a person of unknown identity, responsible for the creation of all SCP-4354 instances according to interrogated subjects. When Foundation forces arrived at the address the building was empty and SCP-4354-A could not be found. Despite all interrogated subjects supposedly meeting SCP-4354-A face to face, and being fully conscious while receiving their instance, none of them could comment on any specifics regarding SCP-4354-A, except for repeated insistence on their skilful handling of the tattoo gun and pleasant appearance.

Addendum SCP-4354.1: Overview of SCP-4354 instances currently in containment
Below is a table with a selection of examples for SCP-4354 instances currently in containment.

Image and Description butterfly.jpg 3 colourful butterflies spread over the arm of the subject. They appear animated and move across the arm, occasionally flying around each other in a manner resembling courtship behaviour.
Superbia Event Over the course of 2 days, the depicted butterflies peeled themselves out of the subjects skin, leaving open wounds behind.
Post Superbia Event Wounds of the subject were treated with no complications. The butterflies do not show any signs of anomalous activity.
Further Handlings Adoption request by Researcher Zyn Kiryu has been granted. The subject was administered amnestics and released.

Image and Description moebius.jpg A black line wrapping around the wrist of the subject, forming a lemniscate on the underside. It is animated as if moving around the arm, tracing its path.
Superbia Event While the lemniscate remained a two-dimensional tattoo, the black line converted into a black string and detached itself off of one side of the symbol.
Post Superbia Event Pulling on the string produces a seemingly infinite amount of it. It is made up of tattoo ink but retains shape and consistency through anomalous means.
Further Handlings The usage of the string as a resource has been denied due to it dissolving in water and leaving ink stains upon touch. It was instead decided to neutralize the instance by completely dissolving it in water, leaving only the non-anomalous tattoo of the lemniscate. The subject was amnesticized and released.

Image and Description snake.jpg A green snake on the arm of the subject. It moves around as if travelling on a branch and attempts to bite objects that come close to its surface.
Superbia Event The Superbia Event procedurally converted the tattoo into a live Eastern Green Mamba starting at the head and ending at the tip of the tail, at which point it fell onto the ground and fled to a corner in the room.
Post Superbia Event The resulting loss of flesh and skin on the arm of the subject led to heavy bleeding, which was successfully treated.
Further Handlings The subject is to be contained until a full rehabilitation from the wound and blood loss is reached. The animal was anonymously donated to a local zoo.

Image and Description heart.jpg A human heart on the chest of the subject. It appears to beat to the rhythm of the subject's actual heart, changing its rhythm according to their heart rate.
Superbia Event A functioning human heart was expelled from the skin of the subject, leaving no flesh wound and the tattoo intact.
Post Superbia Event Immediately after the conclusion of the Superbia Event, the subject collapsed with no heart activity. During the medical examination shortly after, he regained full consciousness and normal heart activity. Since then, the Superbia Event has repeated roughly every three weeks.
Further Handlings The subject is to remain contained until a Superbia Event fails to occur for one full year, at which point it will be declared neutralized, administered amnestics, and released. The produced human hearts are to be used on-site as needed and otherwise anonymously donated to nearby hospitals.

Image and Description daughters.jpg A simplified drawing of the subject's daughters, both of whom had died in a fire six years prior. They spend several hours a day walking around or playing with each other and otherwise lie down. When their names are called they look around with a confused expression.
Superbia Event Over two days, fat tissue in the subject's body travelled towards the instance where it formed a growing lump. Shortly after the subject was brought into the site's medical bay due to extreme malnutrition, the lump burst, expelling a large amount of fluid and two live human newborns, connected to the arm of the subject by an umbilical cord.
Post Superbia Event The subject was continually fed high-calorie solutions. The newborns continued to grow and age at different speeds, reaching the age of their original deaths within one month. They remained in a coma-like state during this time. When the endpoint was reached, they gained full consciousness, as well as the memories and personalities of the late daughters of the subject, according to her words.
Further Handlings As both children tested anatomically, psychologically and genetically non-anomalous, both them and the subject were amnesticized and released.

Image and
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