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A vehicle fitted with SCP-4350 instances.

Item #: SCP-4350

Object Class: Neutralized1

Special Containment Procedures: As of 5/13/2010, the containment procedures regarding SCP-4350 instances have been discontinued. The following containment procedures have been archived for historical reference.

Description: SCP-4350 is the collective designation for the stock window panes of the eighth generation Mitsubishi Galant. When an individual looks through an SCP-4350 instance when within the city of Laurel Creek, California, USA, they will be able to perceive humanoid-shaped entities. The entities, designated SCP-4350-1, are yellow in color and estimated to be four meters tall. They can be photographed and videotaped through SCP-4350 instances. Instances of SCP-4350-1 do not possess any facial features or bodily orifices, and are thin and translucent.

SCP-4350 instances will continue to reveal SCP-4350-1 instances when removed from the vehicle. The number of SCP-4350-1 instances visible will vary based on the location from which they are viewed. None have been observed outside of Laurel Creek.

Discovery: On 3/30/2010, Foundation Agent Charles Choudhury rented a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant after his original vehicle was stolen. When driving through Laurel Creek, Agent Choudhury reported perceiving SCP-4350-1 instances outside the vehicle. Repeated test drives by other Foundation personnel confirmed the anomaly. The vehicle was purchased from the rental car company and stored within Site-48 on 4/6/2010.

It was discovered that the windows of the vehicle are responsible for the anomaly, and not the vehicle itself. The SCP-4350 instances were removed and stored in standard containment lockers. The vehicle was fitted with alternative glass panes and is currently used as Foundation transport.

Interview Log: The following interview with SCP-4350-1 instances took place on 5/13/2010.

Addendum: Following Interview-4350, no SCP-4350-1 instances have been perceived despite multiple attempts. SCP-4350 has been classified as Neutralized on 6/1/2010.

Recently completed analysis of SCP-4350 instances revealed that their chemical makeup does not match any other known glass. Further research revealed that the Mitsubishi car company produced the unique glass through an experimental technique that was quickly discontinued. The glass was only installed in eighth generation Mitsubishi Galants manufactured at the DSM plant in Normal, Illinois, USA. The exact chemical makeup has not been used since.

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