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Input Credentials..

Does the black moon howl?


Only when awakening.


You are accessing a file of 5/4343 clearance.

This file is available to: O5 Council, Senior Research Team.
Granted to all Foundation personnel under CODENAME PARADISE LOST.

Item #: SCP-4343

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The surrounding area of the spatial anomaly is to be guarded by Armed Site 4343 to prevent unauthorized entries, and lethal force is allowed if deemed necessary. Any damage to the building that constrains SCP-4343 must be prevented at all costs, with the exception of CODENAME PARADISE LOST being executed.

To minimize public acknowledgement of Black Events, field personnel are to follow the following Containment Procedures.

On-site researchers and guards reside in a camp the Foundation successfully established in SCP-4343-A. All on-site personnel must score at least 85 on the Foundation Loyalty Test before being granted 4/4343 clearance. The Senior Research Team is to stay in SCP-4343-A permanently due to possible unexpected effects when they leave. Other personnel must be replaced every 4 months. Before leaving the post, they are to undergo Hume level testing, body health examination and proper amnestics. If an individual displays anomalous body condition, they are to be detained and the situation be reported to the Senior Research Team.

Upon SCP-4343 entering an active state, the Overseer Council is to be notified immediately. World-wide monitoring and handling of any Black Event will become subject to the highest level of concern.


Photo taken near the edge of SCP-4343-A.

Description: SCP-4343 is a primeval entity discovered in SCP-4343-A. Being constrained in a marble building measuring around 60m x 72m x 30m, it is currently not capable of moving or breaking away. Due to partial building damage of unknown reasons, the left side of SCP-4343's head is currently visible, which is covered by a thick, black scale, resembling that of a mythical dragon.

SCP-4343 is sentient and capable of speech, and claims to be the leader of an ancient war (See Addendum). Mostly in a passive and dormant state, SCP-4343 occasionally opens its three left eyes or emits sounds, following which an anomalous event (hereby referred to as Black Event; see Addendum: List of Black Events for details.) will be triggered in baseline reality. It is theorized that damage to the building enables SCP-4343 to become active.

SCP-4343-A is an island measuring about 1.72 square kilometers, floating in empty space that stays in a constant dusk. The region can be accessed through a spatial anomaly located in a cave in Mount ████████, Azores. Update: Living beings may undergo physical and cognitive alterations after a long-time exposure in SCP-4343-A; research into this effect is undergoing.


Underwater ruin sites and points of interest, as displayed in Atlantic bathymetry.

Following the discovery of SCP-4343, underwater ruins estimated to be ~4000 years old were found along the seabed near the Azores. Recovered relics indicate a technology level roughly equivalent to that of medieval Europe, and notably, an advanced understanding of thaumaturgy1. That being said, primitive electricity generators2 is found in several temples, suspected to be used for thaumaturgic purposes.

Most texts are written in an unknown language, but records in various known languages3 are recovered, allowing Foundation staff to fully translate a few pieces.

Addendum: File 4343/031

Accounts concerning SCP-4343 and the "war" are found written on parchments and well-preserved in a locker. A translated transcript is as follows.

Addendum: File 4343/032

Accounts concerning the spatial anomaly connected to SCP-4343-A are found carved into a stone slab inside the cave. Translated transcript is as follows.

[Name 1] stole the self-expanding soil from the heavens to construct magnificent dams. As the dam fails, water carried fragments of the soil and devoured cities. When they touched human flesh they became flesh too. Organs and limbs and tendons attached people together and turned them into abominations.
[Name 1] is punished for this horror he caused.

[Name 2] discovered a hidden pit. Together with his [magical creatures], they re-opened the bottomless pit so it became a drain that carried the waters away. The flood receded ever since.
[Name 2] became the emperor of his country for the success.

This message is carved at the entry to the drain, and his name will be forever honored.

Addendum: SCP-4343-1

Considering the fact that the scenario described in File 4343/031 resembles the end of the world in Islamic theology, during which all life will be annihilated, judged and selectively resurrected by Allāh, the Foundation reached out to Office for the Reclamation of the Islamic Artifacts (ORIA) in attempt to gain further information on such K-Class scenario.

A treaty was issued out of mutual interests, and a joint research on the described scenario and its connection with SCP-4343. It is noted that ORIA claims that they possess the "smoke" as described, which was later designated as SCP-4343-1.

Little is known about SCP-4343-1, though in the early stages of the cooperation ORIA had willing disclosed some information regarding the nature of this substance. Record is shown as follows.

In addition, the following notes were found in Nasrollah's research memorandum, suspected to be connected to SCP-4343-1. Researcher █████ believed the text to describe the aftermath of the K-Class scenario in question.

Then He directed Himself to the heaven while it was smoke and said to it and to the earth, "Come, willingly or by compulsion." They said, "We have come willingly."
And He completed them as seven heavens within two days and inspired in each heaven its command.

Addendum: Communication record with SCP-4343

Addendum: List of Black Events

Addendum: Interview Record 61A98

PoI-61A98 is one of the individuals that became reality benders during Black Event 2007. Unlike the others, he displays a clear understanding of, and control over, his reality-bending ability, as well as acknowledgment of SCP-4343.

PoI-61A98 is contained in a humanoid containment cell, as per standard procedures. An interview was conducted shortly following his capture; the following is a transcript of his statements during the interview.

Addendum: Report on the Black Event Reality Benders

31 JULY 2014



4. They are not reality benders. These individuals display abilities, or potential to gain such abilities after being trained, to complete tests that involve future-predicting, remote sensing, and mind-readings. That's not what reality benders can do. They are…something else.

5. Anomalies do not follow a certain scientific pattern. No matter how many theories people have developed, there are always exceptions. Anomalies come from chaotic nonsense perceived by us, but such chaos is more understandable to them.

- Operative Nashollah, SCP-ORIA joint research group

Addendum: Black Event 2012

On ██/██/2012, PoI-61A9A, later identified to be one of the missing reality benders during Black Event 2007, was captured when she attempted to infiltrate Armed Site 4343. PoI-61A98 tried to escape when first spotted, but has shown a highly cooperative attitude after being captured.

Black Event 2012:
Event: The Akiva radiation inside SCP-4343-A dropped to absolute zero. As a result of this, after a long-time exposure in SCP-4343-A, a living being's cognitive and physical functions will be enhanced4. Such alteration usually manifests as increased intelligence and physical strength, thaumaturgic or reality-bending abilities, and in rare cases, immortality. After the exposure is stopped, most subjects will restore to their normal conditions, and may suffer complications due to suspected theological consequences.

This is the final Black Event that occurred so far.

Addendum: Excerpt of Experiment Report 4343/E03

Animal experiments do not turn out as satisfactory as expected.

Though being exposed in SCP-4343-A for years has enhanced their capabilities, their conditions are proved to be highly uncontrollable. Subject-42A has, upon our careful training and stimulation, successfully developed intelligence as well as remarkable immunity and adaptability to all forms of damage. However, its animal instinct has lead to a violent and undesirable result.
Due to suspected theological consequences, most subjects died painfully when taken out of SCP-4343-A, followed by the destruction of most off-site file copies and illness of a few researchers. One test subject survives.
Thaumaturgical and other anomaly-involved tests on animal subjects are cancelled. Containment Procedures revised to avoid long-time impacts on on-site personnel. Subject-42A reassigned as SCP-███; cover story has been prepared. It is suggested that further tests be performed on those loyal to the Foundation.

I am afraid that human instinct leads them to the same violence with their full power released. Are we meant to have controllers, rulers, herders, so we won't meet our ultimate end?

- Senior Researcher ███████

Addendum: Recorded Alterations

The following is a list of physical and cognitive alterations noticed on Senior Research Team members.

Human test subjects have thus far been stable due to high loyalty to the Foundation and willingness to follow experimental instructions.

Addendum: Notes by Dr.███████

Little is known about human civilization before the great flood. However, traces and indications are found as follows.

  • Powerful individuals and mythic creatures in ancient legends.
  • Thaumaturgic techniques possessed by the Daevites, as well as an apparent capability to seal them in a book, suspected to escape the End.
  • The initial creator of SCP-2000, which matches the description of the Clay and cannot be created by a deity.
  • The existence and demise of non-human civilizations, such as SCP-1000.
  • The existence of several now-suppressed deific entities, such as SCP-2317.

Addendum: O5 Proposal Record

BY: O5-5
STATUS: Approved (9-2-2)


Considering possible threats from prehistoric civilizations, and the hypothesis that present-day humans in general are not as equal as those from antecedent cycles, enhancing human ability to combat the danger from the following anomalies is taken into account.

This may also be an option during K-Class scenarios resulting from the following containment breaches should other methods fail.

In the case of PATMOS XK-Class Event, if we are meant to be destroyed, then we shall defy the God.

CODENAME PARADISE LOST is drafted. The Foundation will further discuss the maintenance of new normalcy if the protocol is enacted.

End of file. Please select an instruction.



Goodnight, Overseer.

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