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Item #: SCP-4337

Object Class: Thaumiel Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4337 is to be stored in a standard containment locker at Site-59. Testing through Procedure 10-Inti may be carried out through an application to the site director, Dr. Lisle Naismith. Blank applications may be found at the Site-59 safe wing receptionist's desk. Test subjects may only be pulled from available D-class personnel that have been scheduled for termination.

Description: SCP-4337 is a fixed-blade combat knife, 38 cm in length. A sand-engraved decal of three crescent moons is present on either side of the blade.

Through Procedure 10-Inti, SCP-4337 can cause an e-mailed form letter to appear in the inbox of the surviving participant after two hours. Due to the triple-crescent motif being analogous to other objects in Foundation custody (including SCP-3319 and SCP-3922), the message is believed to be extradimensional in origin.

Recovery Log: On 12/21/2018, the location of the original instance of SCP-4337 was relayed to the Foundation in an e-mail from SCP-2578-D, on the grounds that the object's original owners were "senile cultists" that had been "using the device to make libelous claims."

SCP-4337 was recovered by Foundation Agents in a house in ██████████, Missouri. All three residents had been shot from orbit by SCP-2578-D ten hours prior to discovery; their bodies had not yet been found by local authorities. Seven adult corpses were discovered in the basement; cause of death had been sharp force trauma to the heart.

Documents recovered alongside SCP-4337 led to the formation of Procedure 10-Inti:

  1. One D-class subject ("Participant") is to be given a question by a second party ("Celebrant")
  2. Immediately after, the celebrant is to stab the participant in the heart.

The resulting message will attempt to answer the question.

Test Log (entry 1 of 1):

Participant: D-59932

Celebrant: Researcher Paulsen

Question: "How do we neutralize SCP-████?"




Hello, my name is [%fieldvarC], and I'll be handling your support ticket today. This ticket's case number is [HHF_581375AAJ_Ø]. If you are not in possession of a Support Ticket Beacon, please use the Support Blade to request one.

Your request has been gleaned and processed from the premortem memories of [███████/████████_██████]. Here at ☽☽☽, we receive over 50,000 requests an hour, but the Great Weaver keeps us on our toes to answer every one. Glory to JALAKÅRA!

We are [ANNOYED] to hear about this problem, which can [NOT_AND_SHOULD_NOT] be solved on your own, so we'll [CONSIDER_FURTHER_ACTION].

Suggested actions:


Further review of this support ticket may result in [ %fieldvarM ].

The deceased sacrificial participant, [███████/████████_██████], has been relegated to Class-[H] afterlife conditions with an option for [APPEAL_HEARING] in [%fieldvarQ] years.

You Are Watched • You Are Protected • You Are Loved

Addendum - Object Class: Thaumiel classification revoked with vehemence. 10-Inti testing is heretofore relegated only to low-priority questions. - Director Naismith

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