Item #: SCP-4332

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4332 is kept within a designated pasture on Site-11's grounds. SCP-4332 requires no further care beyond that provided for non-anomalous members of its species.

Description: SCP-4332 is a dairy cow (Bos taurus) composed entirely of various dairy products. The majority of SCP-4332's flesh consists of whipped cream, with milk taking the place of blood and each organ being replaced with a different flavour of ice cream. Despite this, SCP-4332 functions and behaves almost identically to a non-anomalous member of its species down to the microscopic level.

SCP-4332 does not appear to experience pain when parts of its body are eaten or removed. Removed sections will regenerate themselves fully within two hours. Additionally, SCP-4332 can absorb external dairy products into itself, assimilating them into its body and increasing or regenerating its mass.

SCP-4332 can be milked similarly to a non-anomalous cow. However, rather then providing milk, when SCP-4332 is "milked" it will result in a stream of chunks of steak. The chunks will typically range from one to twenty cubic centimetres in size. Each "milking" of SCP-4332 will produce roughly the same amount of meat as could be acquired from a non-anomalous member of its species.

All attempts to breed SCP-4332 have resulted in completely non-anomalous cows. Whether this is a result of SCP-4332's anomaly or just due to very recessive genes is unknown. See Addendum 4332-A

Addendum 4332-A: On 5-28-2019 another instance of SCP-4332 was successfully bred. The birthing process proceeded as normal until the new instance (dubbed SCP-4332-2) had completely exited the original instance. As soon as the two instances came into contact with each other, both began to absorb the other. The resulting constant regeneration paired with the absorption and assimilation caused a feedback loop of cream to envelop the facility. After three days the expansion ceased and the cream began to be excavated. Once the building had been completely cleared of cream only one SCP-4332 instance was found.

Further testing involving the breeding of SCP-4332 has been postponed.

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