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Item#: 4327
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Location of SCP-4327's neutralization.

Special Containment Procedures: The remains of SCP-4327 are to remain in a Site-64K Biological Storage Locker. All individuals who have witnessed SCP-4327 before, after, or during its neutralization have been interviewed and amnesticized.

The location where SCP-4327 was neutralized is to remain closed to the public under the Class-33 cover story "Endangered Species Nesting Ground".

Description: SCP-4327 is a massive Cancridae1 entity resembling a Cancer productus. The entity measures 25.3 meters wide and 25.1 meters in height.

Despite violating the square cube law, SCP-4327 is fully capable of supporting its own weight. It possesses an extremely slow metabolism, only requiring nutrition once every two years. SCP-4327's diet is mainly composed of large quantities of shoaling fish and humpback whales. It largely remains below the ocean surface, commonly below a depth of 120 meters.

At random points throughout the year, SCP-4327 will move onto land for several hours before returning to the sea. The behavior of SCP-4327 is largely similar to that of a non-anomalous C. productus. SCP-4327's anatomy is an exact replica of the C. productus, save for the scale.

Addendum 4327.1 Discovery

SCP-4327 was first documented in June of 1902 by Mikhail Uthof, captain of the Imperial Russian battleship Knyaz Suvorov, on the coastline of Southwestern Korea. A Foundation translated journal log was written by Mikhail partially detailing SCP-4327.

Thursday, 5th. Jeollanam-do, Korea.


Knyaz Suvorov

I come to report my findings of a magnificent creature, a beast larger than anyone has seen before. More than twice as large as our own vessel, I saw it with my own eyes from my ship. Red in color and with massive claws, I signaled my crew immediately, but by then it had already disappeared. I gravely regret I will never see such a sight again in my lifetime.

Saturday, 7th. Jeollanam-do, Korea.

I am unsure of what I have seen today. I may have possibly been in the shortest distance from the creature than anyone may have been before. We anchored our vessel off the coastline and a whale came by. Suddenly the whale was rapidly pulled down, in less then eight seconds I lost sight of that beast as it vanished below the sea. Thirty seconds later pieces of the whale floated to the surface along with the water being stained by blood. I firmly believe this was the work of the creature I had witnessed days earlier, and while I had not witnessed it with my own eyes today, no other creature could have possibly done this.

Sunday, 8th. Port Arthur, Russian Dalian.

My telegrapher has done the duty of reporting my findings to the Korean government. He also reported it to the local governments of Japan and the Brits. If the beast can take down a whale in less than ten seconds, there is no telling what it could to do a ship. The least we could do is warn others of a possible threat, but given they will all likely believe this encounter as some mystical sea-monster tale, I doubt any will listen.

The following is a received telegram from the offices of the Kvantunskaya oblast.


Addendum 4327.2 IJAMEA Discovery

SCP-4327 was discovered again by the Imperial Japanese Anomalous Matters Extermination Agency (IJAMEA) on the coastline of Jeollanam-do. Personnel attempted to terminate the entity but were unsuccessful, largely due to the lack of manpower and equipment. Most of the following was currently located in Mainland China due to the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

The following is a translated report filed by IJAMEA operatives after the attempt of termination was made.

Termination Report

Attached photograph of the engagement.

October 12, 1937

Base camp was created near the rumored location of this so-called "sea-monster" in Chōsen. Creature appeared from the sea and began wandering the seaside. Strike team was immediately alerted to the entity's presence.

The entity did not appear to react to being fired upon with a barrage of bullets. Entity did react upon being hit with the one artillery cannon at our disposal.

The creature did not appear to hold hostility against us. It continued to wander, seemingly ignoring us until we fired an artillery shell onto it. After being hit with an explosive, the being began to retreat into the water.

Due to the lack of vehicles or watercraft at our disposal, we were unable to pursue the entity after this short engagement.

We remained on location for the remainder of two days after this event. During the nights, the ground shook and vibrated every so often. However, our scouts could not locate this entity, even during the brief vibrations.

Despite our failure in terminating this being, we had captured a number of photographic evidence proving its existence. Hopefully in the inevitable day in which our wars against the Chinese come to an end, we can end this creature for good.

Addendum 4327.3 Neutralization

SCP-4327 was successfully neutralized by the Turkish Brigade, a member of United Nations Command during the Korean War. It was discovered inadvertently by the advancing infantry battalions moving north towards the city of Seoul.


Date: October 12th, 1950

The footage begins on a 35mm handheld camera. The videographer is sitting in the top of the tank turret of a M36 Tank Destroyer in Turkish service. Although sound is present in the footage, speech is unintelligible due to poor audio quality.

00:00:11 The vehicle comes across a fork in the road. It turns left. Several troop transport trucks behind the tank follow.

00:03:42 The landscape transitions from rice fields to a cliffy coastline. The tank's commanders hatch opens, revealing the lieutenant colonel2 of the advancing army.

00:10:56 All vehicles have moved down from a hill and moved into the coast. SCP-4327 is present on the beach. Aytaç signals to stop immediately to the vehicle convoy.

00:11:00 Soldiers on troop transport begin to disembark and form a defensive perimeter on the sand. The entity is subsequently fired upon by the infantry.

00:11:24 A tank shell strikes SCP-4327, hitting the entities left forward leg. SCP-4327 stumbles but recovers after several seconds.

00:11:53 Another tank shell fired from the hilltop hits SCP-4327, hitting the upper carapace3. SCP-4327 begins to attempt to retreat into the ocean.

00:11:57 The entity is hit by another shell in the back right leg. SCP-4327 collapses entirely. It attempts to recover but is fired upon again by a recently calibrated artillery cannon.

00:12:19 SCP-4327 attempts to stand but is unable to. A shell hits SCP-4327 near its left eye. A fluid believed to be hemolymph4 begins to leak from its eye.

00:13:37 The legs of SCP-4327 no longer move, the entities pincers and "head" move slightly. The underside abdomen is now leaking the unidentified fluid profusely.

00:14:09 More than ten "craters" are visible in SCP-4327's carapace, another shell hits SCP-4327 between its eyes.

00:14:38 SCP-4327 is believed to have ceased motory function at this point.

00:15:24 Aytaç signals to stop firing. The soldiers are seen slowly approaching the corpse of SCP-4327. The recording concludes shortly afterward.


Infantry opening fire upon SCP-4327.

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