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Item #: SCP-4325

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to search internet forums and social media sites for accounts of SCP-4325 and its effects. If an individual is found to have been afflicted with SCP-4325, they are to be located and sent to a Foundation quarantine facility, with staff to record the individual's symptoms and to check if SCP-4325 is present in their retina. If the symptom is unique enough to be classed as a variation of SCP-4325, it is to be recorded in Log-4325-A.

Foundation front companies are to raise awareness and encourage research of "visual snow", as to help distinguish it from SCP-4325's anomalous effects.

Description: SCP-4325 is an anomalous phenomenon and affliction that primarily affects those with the condition known as "visual snow", in which the user's vision displays a light amount of 'static', akin to a poorly tuned analogue television [See Log-4325-A for more information regarding symptoms].

When SCP-4325 has infested and activated within an individual (now designated SCP-4325-1), their vision will begin to be overtaken by static. Within 3 hours of being afflicted, SCP-4325-1's vision will be completely overridden, leading to a complete loss of normal function within the eyes1. Tests have shown that only the subject's vision is affected, and other senses such as hearing and touch are not normally affected, although those with tinnitus report hearing noise akin to a radio tuned to a non-existent station.

Individuals affected by the main anomalous symptom of SCP-4325 (plain animated static) also report visual hallucinations of seemingly random objects and entities within the static. Analysis of these reports indicate that these hallucinations are caused by SCP-4325-1's mind, and not an anomalous effect of SCP-4325 itself. During physical examinations, symptoms of SCP-4325 have been found within the retina of the subject's eye. To date, every infected individual has displayed this property.

Addendum: During a routine physical examination of a user infected with SCP-4325 on ██/██/████, a variation of SCP-4325-TW was found. Along with the subject's retina displaying Test Card W, a block of text with the words "COME ON" flashed numerous times. The subject then reported a noise akin to multiple objects shattering, with what seemed to be an individual sobbing.

These developments have led to ongoing efforts to identify and contain the source of SCP-4325, if one exists.

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