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Item#: 4320
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Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances are members of SCP-4320-2 to be allowed in the vicinity of SCP-4320-1.

Mobile Task Force Pi-32 ("Stargazers") are to seek out and gather information on SCP-4320-2 individuals of interest to the Foundation, attempting to apprehend or recruit them if necessary.

Description: SCP-4320 is the collective designation for three separate but interconnected anomalies:

  • SCP-4320-1 is a planetoid in orbit of the Earth. Despite being the same approximate size as the planet Mars and with an orbital semi-major axis distance only 1.72 times that of Luna, SCP-4320-1 has no apparent effect on its surrounding celestial neighborhood. Unlike Luna, SCP-4320-1 is not tidally locked relative to Earth.
  • SCP-4320-2 is a group of individuals comprising roughly 0.000275% (previously thought to be 0.00025% prior to Incident 4320-Alpha) of the world population for a total of approximately 20000 individuals. SCP-4320-2 are defined by their ability to see SCP-4320-1 while others cannot. This ability appears to be inherited genetically, with the potential to skip generations.
  • SCP-4320-3 is a humanoid civilization that inhabited SCP-4320-1 at an indeterminate point in the past. See the section titled 'Supplementary Documentation' for further information regarding SCP-4320-3.

SCP-4320-1 is a natural satellite in orbit of the Earth only visible to members of SCP-4320-2. However, travel to and visibility of SCP-4320-1 is possible by those individuals who are not SCP-4320-2, but these individuals will only report being able to see SCP-4320-1 while outside of Luna's average orbital distance. However, the visual materialization of SCP-4320-1 is not instant, and individuals will not report it ever having been absent, only having gone unnoticed until an indeterminate point. Artifacts or samples taken outside of SCP-4320-1's 'visibility radius' will not exhibit its anomalous properties.

The explicit nature of SCP-4320-1's perceptive suppression abilities and lack of apparent gravitational field at large distances are unknown. However, evidence suggests that SCP-4320-1 was deliberately hidden for unknown reasons.

Supplementary Documentation:

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