SCP-432 Expedition 4
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SCP-432 Expedition 4

Date: ██-██-████

Expedition supervisor: Dr T S████

Team is made up of 3 members; D-5891, male 27; D-8321, female 32 and Technical Assistant K██████. Equipment pack for this expedition differs from norm; each member carries:

One (1) hand-torch with a three (3) hour lifespan and additional power sources providing up to six (6) additional hours
One (1) headset microphone linked to control
Two (2) 0.5 L bottles of water
Two (2) high-calorie energy bars

Subject D-5891 is equipped with:
Ten (10) sticks of luminous marker chalk
One (1) 250mm steel prybar

Subject D-8321 is equipped with:
One (1) shoulder-mounted video unit set for wireless transmission

Technical Assistant K██████ is equipped with:
One (1) standard-issue Beretta 9mm firearm with twenty (20) rounds of ammunition
One (1) back-mounted oxyacetylene cutting torch

Subjects have been briefed that they are to enter SCP-432, move a short distance into the structure and then attempt to cut through the interior walls with the oxyacetylene torch. Camera is activated and team enters SCP-432. The door is held open by a 3kg weight placed inside the doorway, with technicians on hand to remove the weight and close the door if required.

Camera activates, showing team is in a long corridor constructed from the same corroded metal as the exterior of SCP-432. Light from the team's torches illuminates the tunnel for approximately 30 meters.
The team moves into the structure, with D-5891 marking their progress every few meters with luminous chalk. After several turnings, chosen by Control at random, the team arrives at a crossroads. Attached to the wall of the 'northern' passageway are two large steel pipes. The team is asked by Control to examine these pipes. K██████ places a hand on one pipe and remarks that it is very cold to the touch, and that there is a sensation of liquid moving within the pipe.
K██████ requests to cut into the pipe, but Control denies the request, directing the team to follow the pipes instead.

Team moves north from crossroads, following the pipes for almost 300 metres, taking several turnings in the process, until the pipes continue through the wall of a dead-end.
Control informs the team that they should ignite the oxyacetylene torch and cut through the dead end.

At this point, K██████ moves to the fore and lights the torch, D-5891 takes up position behind him with the prybar ready and D-8321 moves back to cover the other two with the camera.
K██████ cuts into the wall, attempting to excise a hole large enough to step through. As he begins cutting, D-8321 remarks that she believes she heard a noise behind them. The camera angle changes as she looks over her shoulder, revealing the corridor behind the team to be empty. Control requests she turn back and film the cutting.
K██████ has made an approximately 1 meter-high cut into the wall when D-8321 remarks again that she can hear something moving close by and begins looking around. D-5891 and K██████ appear not to hear her over the sound of the oxyacetylene torch.

K██████ finishes the vertical cut and then proceeds to make a short horizontal cut, to allow D-5891 to insert the prybar and pull out a section of the metal wall. As D-5891 steps forward and inserts the prybar into the cut, a loud roar is heard, apparently coming from behind the wall.
D-8321 screams and begins to back away, at which point the cut section of wall is seen to bend outwards, pushed by something from behind.

At this point the video feed becomes confused, as D-8321 attempts to flee and the camera is unable to compensate for her rapid movements. Audio transmission is also unreliable, due to the interference and screams of the team.

It appears that a large indigenous lifeform comes through the hole cut by K██████ and assaults the team. Gunfire can be heard, presumably from K██████'s sidearm; along with screams from D-8321 and D-5891. The audio logs also record a loud bellowing, which is currently unidentified but presumed to be made by the lifeform.

Video stills reveal that [DATA EXPUNGED]

Subject D-8321 manages to return to the entrance of SCP-432, injured and in a state of extreme mental distress. She exits SCP-432 and, before technical staff can stop her, pulls out the weight holding the door open and shuts SCP-432. When the door is reopened, the internal layout has changed and D-5891 and Technical Assistant K██████ are assumed lost.

Subject D-8321 is removed for debrief after which she is terminated. During debrief it is discovered that a large tuft of animal hair is caught in the harness of D-8321's equipment pack. The hair is removed for analysis.

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