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Item#: 4318
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Extraversal instances of SCP-4318 and related vessels

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-4318 are to be kept in temperature regulated deep storage units1. SCP-4318, in its base state, will start to vaporize if brought outside a cooled containment storage site.

Extraversal or interdimensional entities that contain a composition that includes SCP-4318 are to be secured and brought to Site 16 for testing and eventual expulsion.

Any Foundation personnel that interacts with SCP-4318 must wear Class III decontamination suits.

Description: SCP-4318 is a transparent, tasteless, and odorless anomalous substance.

SCP-4318 exhibits numerous properties, which in tandem substantiate SCP-4318's anomalous nature. Some of these traits include seamless form change, amphoterism2, extremely high surface tension, and obtuse polarity.

These chemical features are not intrinsically anomalous, yet the unmitigated amount that is associated with SCP-4318 is one indicator, among many, of its anomalous composition. For a full list of SCP-4318's anomalous traits please refer to Document-4318-3.

SCP-4318 is mainly differentiated from other chemical poisons due to its hypothesized ability to instigate an NK-Class "Grey Goo" Scenario due to SCP-4318's potential effect of dissolving and incorporating a vast amount of solutes. Many contemporary structures are built using substances that can be dissolved by SCP-4318.

Contact with SCP-4318 results in mutation and, subsequently, death. The transformed skin cells experience a complete molecular alteration as the anomalous properties of SCP-4318 modify fundamental components of the cell. Mental and emotional shifts due to exposure are currently being investigated.

Despite the danger presented by SCP-4318, it is noted that in other observed realities, SCP-4318 is distinguished by its apparent generative, biological necessity.

Similarly, some realities often experience catastrophes of SCP-4318 that involve its mass build-up. It is probable that such an event would cause widespread death and societal collapse in our universe.

While the seizure of extraversal SCP-4318 vessels and subsequent experimentation has been criticized in the past, apprehension has waned as the lethality of SCP-4318 has been realized over time. For more information on the seizure of vessels, please contact Archdemon Researcher C. Angra Mainyu D.

Minor Incident-4318-1: On May 10th, 2018, an extraversal SCP-4318 vessel manifested in ████████████. After termination, researchers found a document, hereafter known as SCP-4318-1-976, on its person. The following is a reprint of SCP-4318-1-976.

Warning: This copy is a field edition and is only to be used by active researchers/MTF teams involved with SCP-4318. For the full version, please report directly to Site 16.

Item #: SCP-4318

Object Class: To be decided

Special Containment Procedures: Containment procedures are in development.

Description: SCP-4318 is a currently unknown phenomenon wherein individuals will disappear and reappear, often dead. The most striking feature of individuals that return is the total evacuation of water of the body. The exact aspects of this occurrence are currently being researched.

Once found, missing individuals will have their blood replaced with an as yet unknown anomalous substance, along with other structural changes. For the complete list of structural changes please refer to Document-4318-17.

The origin and full depth of SCP-4318 is currently unknown, nevertheless, some researchers theorize that SCP-4318 incidents are extraversal in nature.

SCP-4318 has only recently started to occur so a full assessment has yet to be decided, however, Lead Researcher Calvin A.M. Demos has begun testing on the original location of the SCP-4318 phenomenon and is expected to begin on May 9th, 2019.

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