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Item #: SCP-4317

Threat Level: Severe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4317 is to be kept in a standard fauna containment chamber located at Site-19, and fed one D-Class employee a month in accordance with Nutritional Chart 4317-1. Footage of SCP-4317's feeding time is to be edited into an engaging compilation and posted on the official SCP-4317 YouTube page.

Two members of security personnel are to keep watch over SCP-4317's containment chamber at all times. These security personnel are to be administered an emotion-numbing solution beforehand in order to prevent them from potentially causing an unscheduled containment breach.

A list of all scheduled containment breaches can be provided by SCP-4317's chief publicist, Miss Merriam, upon request.

Description: SCP-4317 is a small humanoid entity, sixty-six centimeters in height, capable of instantly transporting itself to any human being who feels surprise within a ten-meter range. Despite possessing external feline attributes, internal scans of SCP-4317's body show it to have no common features with any known species; a full inventory of SCP-4317's internal structure, along with all potentially profitable extracts, is available upon request from the Site-19 data archives.

SCP-4317 is hostile to all human life, and will attempt to kill any individuals it comes across via mauling them with its claws. In most cases, this will lead to any observers of a first killing experiencing surprise, causing a chain reaction as SCP-4317 transports itself to each of them in turn via its anomalous properties. Generally, this leads to a high death count during SCP-4317's containment breaches, often earning a high score on the SCP Corporation's Official Leaderboards.

The initial discovery of SCP-4317 took place at Bluewater Falls Elementary School, Louisiana, where it was found living off of scraps in the school's basement. Following the deaths of six teachers and sixty students, SCP-4317 was bought and brought into containment.

Addendum 4317-1 (Marketing Correspondence):

Hi Mary!

We have a new asset for you to work your magic on - we've designated it as SCP-4317 for now, but we can also switch to a more thematically fitting number if that's what you decide on. :) I'm sure you'll have the public loving this little guy in no time without any help, but me and the rest of the guys on the Council just have a few suggestions for you!

  • Television/film appearances could work well, so long as 4317's bits are filmed at a different location from the main cast (we all remember the Chicken Run incident, LOL).
  • 4317 sort of looks like a cat. Is there some kind of deal we could do with Hello Kitty in regards to that? The Lego collaboration worked SO well, and O5-7's pretty eager to get some more of those kinds of deals going!
  • Plushies!!! (this goes without saying LOL)
  • He's a smiley little guy. Maybe we could market him as 106's son or something like that, and leech off some of the popularity that way?
  • SCP-4317 excretes this sweet-smelling fluid after it devours a human being, and I'm told it tastes pretty good! Maybe we could synthesize it and sell it as a soft drink?

Anyway, I'll leave the matter in your capable hands! Send all my love to the hubby and the kids! <3



So sorry for the late reply! The Christmas campaign's have had me busy for days, and I haven't had a chance to check my mail. Rest assured I've been giving this matter a great deal of thought. There's a lot of potential with the ideas you've pitched me, but I feel like we need to do some damage control before we can fully capitalize on them.

Apparently this thing started out killing its way out of a school? That's a tricky sell. You can only really get away with a skipper killing kids when that's specifically their thing. 4317 can kill anyone, and people know that, so I don't feel like we can really sell him as a child murderer - especially a murderer of American children. Indiscriminate killing is good for the big guys, but for a smaller creature like this we need to pick the targets carefully for maximum exposure.

I'll give some more thought to this through the holidays and let you know my thoughts!

Mary Merriam, Department of Marketing

Hi Mary!

We couldn't agree more in regards to what you're saying about being specific with the killings this time. Massacre skippers were popular a few years back, but these days the public wants more of a narrative to what these things do. I'm sure you and your team will come up with something to really grab the public's attention with this one!



OMG! Saw the pictures of your vacation up on Facebook! <3 Hard to believe the kids are growing up so fast - feels like last time I saw them they were still trying to climb out of their cribs, LOL.

Anyway, I've compiled a list of ethnic and social groups that I feel like the public may enjoy seeing get killed by 4317! Take a look through it when you have a moment and let me know what you think. :)

Mary Merriam, Department of Marketing

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