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4/4316 LEVEL 4/4316
Item #: SCP-4316



Special Containment Procedures: Camp Kanab has been purchased by the Foundation. Any testing is to be scheduled through SCP-4316's Head Researcher, Doctor Harlan.

A map of Camp Kanab. SCP-4316 is denoted in red.

Description: SCP-4316 is a bonfire located in Camp Kanab, a summer camp in West Virginia. State records note the land was purchased and the camp constructed in 1955. It operated as a camping retreat until 1977, at which point records end. The camp contains 7 cabins and an assortment of recreational structures, such as a canoe pier, bonfire pit, and dining hall.

SCP-4316's anomalous effects initiate if it is set aflame. It produces large amounts of an unknown gaseous substance (henceforth referred to as SCP-4316-A), which gathers in a fog, hovering close to the ground. Any individuals who inhale SCP-4316-A will enter a fugue state that will persist for 12 to 16 hours. There does not appear to be an upper limit to how much SCP-4316-A can be produced by SCP-4316; it extinguishes itself near sunrise, leaving the wood uncharred.


SCP-4316-A forms humanoid shapes as it spreads across Camp Kanab. These forms are largely indistinct and lack detailed features, but general characteristics such as sex, height, and clothing are distinguishable. Anywhere from 6 to 13 unique formations have been observed in a single event.

Any individuals who have inhaled SCP-4316-A engage in activity with formations for the remainder of the night. This can range from simply lying on the ground near SCP-4316 to swimming in the nearby Lake Kanab. The formations will not speak at any point.

Approximately one hour before sunrise, SCP-4316-A begins to condense into a thin dew on all surfaces. Formations become slow and lethargic in activity, before dissipating entirely. Affected individuals slowly regain awareness of their surroundings, with vivid false memories of the events of the previous night.

Addendum SCP-4316.01: The following test was performed using a D-Class personnel who had attended a Camp Canadensis from the ages of 13 to 16.


[21:00] - SCP-4316 is lit. D-4314 inhales SCP-4316-A. No vocalizations from D-4314.

[21:34] - D-4314 leaves SCP-4316 and enters one of the cabins. There are five SCP-4316-A humanoids standing next to different bunk beds. D-4314 begins speaking upon entry.

D-4314: That's where you've been! C'mon, the counselors are all at the bonfire.

Humanoids move toward the cabin exit.

D-4314: You guys got the stuff from Jared's stash?

The humanoids pause.

D-4314: Fantastic. Alright, let's go.

[21:35] D-4314 leads the 5 humanoids down a trail that circles Lake Pagota. Other humanoids can be seen standing motionlessly around SCP-4316. D-4314 passes by a pair of humanoids standing close to each other behind one of the cabins en route to the trail.

D-4314: Woo hoo! You get 'er Stan!

[22:04] D-4314 stops leading the group, and takes a seat at a ledge next to Lake Pagota. The humanoids form a circle that includes D-4314, but do not sit down. D-4314 does not appear to notice that they have remained standing, and look only at their knees.

D-4314: Rachel, pass me a cold one will you?

No one moves.

D-4314: Thanks. Honestly, I'm surprised the counselors didn't hide these better after we did this last year.


D-4314: But I wasn't the one who got caught now, was I?

D-4314 laughs.

D-4314: Speaking of Cindy, where is she?


D-4314: Fair point, fair point. I swear she just needs to set her watch forward like an hour.


D-4314: No, no. You guys go ahead.


D-4314: I just don't feel like swimming right now, ok?


D-4314: I'm not a— ok fine. Fine I'll go.

D-4314 strips down to his underwear and wades into the lake. The other humanoids hover overtop of the lake.

D-4314: Oh you son of a bitch!

D-4314 splashes at the humanoids.

D-4314: Next year we have to go up even further. I hear there's a waterfall we can jump off.


D-4314: Well, I haven't been there before.


D-4314: Cindy told me about it.

The humanoids drift toward the shore.

D-4314: Wait, what did I say? Guys?

D-4314 begins to wade back to shore.

D-4314: It hasn't even been that long! Jared won't start looking for another hour at least!

D-4314 is pulled underwater.

[22:27] D-4314 is retrieved from the lake by observing personnel. Five strands of green algae were wrapped around D-4314's ankle. A bracelet with "C+T"1 written on it was found entangled with the strands.


Addendum SCP-4316.02: After D-4314's full recovery, he was interviewed by Dr. Travis.

INTERVIEWER: Dr. Adam Travis



TRAVIS: How you holding up?

D-4314: G-good.

TRAVIS: You sure? We can reschedule if you don't feel so go-

D-4314: I'm fine. Let's get this over with.

TRAVIS: Okay, um, what do you remember from last night?

D-4314: I lit the bonfire and saw faces. Friends from high school and my old stomping grounds.

TRAVIS: Anyone in particular? Any names?

D-4314: Cindy Crenshaw. She was there. I remember her from summer camp. Vividly.

TRAVIS: What did you do with her?

D-4314: We… we hung around on the pier about. Just happy to be there.


D-4314: She… I can't even remember what happened to her.

TRAVIS: Huh? What're you talking about?

D-4314: She's gone. She was gone already. And I can't even remember how.

TRAVIS: Do you have any memories of Crenshaw from outside the summer camp?

D-4314: Of course I do! We sent letters back and forth. Like pen pals.

TRAVIS: What did the letters say?

D-4314: I don't remember exactly. It was decades ago. I know it was just like, things about our lives. Planning what we'd do at camp next summer.

TRAVIS: Do you remember any details at all from her letters?

D-4314: I mean, I should.

TRAVIS: Did she mention any siblings? Any school troubles? Maybe a squabble with a friend?

D-4314: I… I don't know.

TRAVIS: Do you know where we could find those letters?

D-4314: I don't know.

TRAVIS: Are you sure those letters are even real?

D-4314: I don't— no. I know. They're not real. They can't be. They better not be.

TRAVIS: Why shouldn't they?

D-4314: Because Cindy Crenshaw isn't real. Right?

TRAVIS: Ok, good. We looked into records from your camp, and there was no indication that a "Cindy" ever attended at the same time as you.

D-4314: Right. Yeah, that's right.

TRAVIS: You should probably take a break.

D-4314: … but I even remember paying for stamps…

TRAVIS: I'm gonna come back in an hour or two — you rest up, alright? I'm gonna call a doctor to take your blood pressure.


Addendum 4316.03: An additional test with D-4314 was scheduled, to ascertain the effects of repeated testing. He was discovered unconscious at the end of one such test, clutching a small paper document. A scan is attached:

Camp Kanab Summer 1976 Funathon!

Welcome to Camp Kanab! All of us Cabin Leaders would like to welcome you to our happy little get-away. Please make sure to read this document in full, as it contains our rules and event schedule for the whole summer. We hope you have a fun, All-American summer!

1- Be polite!
2- Clean up after yourself!
3- Be a pal, not a bully!
4- Don't answer knocking at the cabin doors!
5- Don't go anywhere without Cabin Leader approval or supervision!
6- Have fun!


6/15 Camper drop off and check in.

6/16 Orientation day

6/17 Camp-wide bonfire

6/18 Cabin bonding and hiking

6/19 Ultimate frisbee

6/20 Sing-a-long night

6/21 Trip to Lake Pagota

6/22 Camp-wide bonfire Counselor search parties at night

6/23 Inter-cabin Olympics Police interviews

6/24 Hikes

6/25 Canoeing Camp-wide search party

6/26 Camp-wide bonfire Camp-wide Grieving

6/27 Survival Skills Water Safety Lecture

6/28 Water Shed Lessons Memorial Service

6/29 Trip to Lake Pagota Camper Checkout and Pick Up

We'll always be family here at Camp Kanab! See you next year!

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