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A photo taken within SCP-4315-1.

Item #: SCP-4315

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Providence is to be constantly monitored by Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ("City Slickers") for possible manifestations of SCP-4315. Should an SCP-4315 manifestation occur, the 4315 Joint Task Force1 is to be deployed with the intent to secure the perimeter of the manifestation and enter into SCP-4315-1 to add a stronger Foundation presence.

Upon a perimeter under the guise of a police zone being successfully secured around the SCP-4315 manifestation by the "Damn Feds" division, the 4315 Joint Task Force's "White Rabbits" and "Jäeger Bombers" divisions are to be deployed into SCP-4315-1 for extra security. The entirety of SCP-4315-1 is to be contained in a 10 km2 militarized zone deemed Site-4315 which has been constructed with the intent to contain SCP-4315-2 instances.

Providence is contained within a Castro-Dunlap Reality Stabilization Field engulfing the entirety of the baseline city. Maintenance on the Castro-Dunlap Reality Stabilization Field is to be conducted weekly by maintenance personnel of MTF Lambda-5.

Successfully contained SCP-4315-2 instances are to be held in containment chambers appropriate for their size equipped with Scranton Reality Anchors. Should an SCP-4315-2 instance's containment be infeasible, termination is authorized with the discretion of Site-4315 administrative personnel.

Disinformation campaigns are to be spread regarding the conspiracy theory that H.P. Lovecraft may still be alive and/or the theory that his works are nonfictional.

Description: SCP-4315 is a recurring temporary event during which portions of an extradimensional space (SCP-4315-1) interact with baseline reality, solely occurring in Providence, Rhode Island. SCP-4315-1 holds multiple similarities to Providence including its geography and historical landmarks but otherwise holds little physical relation.

During an SCP-4315 manifestation, SCP-4315-1 appears to "overlay" small sections2 of the current Providence, causing individuals and entities to sometimes cross from one to the other. When the temporary event ceases, the outer boundaries of SCP-4315-1 dissolve into dense fogs, with subjects attempting to enter said fog "disappearing."

The main city area of SCP-4315-1 is made of a patchwork of architectural styles, ranging from very early colonial to roughly the 1950s. Many sections of the city show significant weathering and neglect, with many structures evidencing sagging or fallen roofs and foundations.3 A small number of landmarks vary significantly from their counterparts, and the coastline in particular is drastically altered. Persistent auditory and visual hallucinations suggest human habitation, but as of yet no conclusive evidence has been found.

SCP-4315-1's primary anomalous effect, aside from its transdimensional status, is the sudden manifestation of powerful and hostile entities (deemed SCP-4315-2) within it, often expressing elements extremely similar in appearance to those in the fictional works of H.P. Lovecraft. These entities are theorized to be the cause of SCP-4315-1's destruction/disincorporation.

SCP-4315-2 vary heavily in abilities and appearance with some entities bordering the description of omnipotent. Notably, instances of SCP-4315-2 do not display overtly hostile behavior while within SCP-4315. When entities are incorporated into base reality, or extend influence through various media, they appear much more hostile, but also more limited in scope.

Instances of SCP-4315-2 are known to eventually attempt to vacate SCP-4315-1 and enter into baseline reality. Upon exiting SCP-4315-1, said instance is fully capable of harming any and all organic and nonorganic material using a variety of methods. Eventual destructive tendencies and actions are inevitable regarding these entities. In many cases, these actions are incidental to the entities' existence, and not as the direct result of actions or intent of the entity, as far as can be accurately determined.

The cause for this migratory effect is not yet fully known. The singular entity which has successfully exited SCP-4315-1 appeared to be confused or otherwise impaired when operating in baseline reality, even appearing to purposefully return to SCP-4315-1 after a short period. It is currently theorized that SCP-4315-1 may be having a reactive effect with the entities during transition, or aspects of baseline reality may be difficult for the entities to interpret. One small advantage of this issue is that it appears to affect others in proximity as well, causing many minor incidents to be dismissed as dreams, hallucinations, natural phenomena, or other mundane effects.

Addendum 4315.1: The following is a log of all SCP-4315-2 instances.
Instance Description Notes Status
#1 The entity shares its size and other physical characteristics with that of an elephant with thin, flat ears, an elongated trunk, and two pointed tusks. Located at the end of the entity's trunk is a "second mouth" containing thirty-seven teeth. Entity is able to withdraw blood from an organism using its "second mouth" in a similar manner to that of a leech. The entity is able to move at unusually high speed when compared to its size. Contained within Site-4315
#2 Entity was humanoid and measures at approximately 40 m in height. The entity was amphibious, appearing to prefer being submerged in water. The entity's head is shaped similar to a fish and had never been seen to blink. The entity had three elongated "fingers" on each hand which were able to contort into shapes which would suggest that the entity had no skeletal structure within its "fingers." Extreme strength using brute force as a primarily offensive procedure. The entity also used its elongated fingers to wrap around subjects and strangle them, proceeding to consume said subjects. Neutralized
#3 The entity was humanoid and robed in a cloak of yellow hue. The entity's face and its body could not be viewed due to said parts being obscured by the cloak, but seventeen long "tentacle-like" appendages used for locomotion sprouted from the bottom of the cloak, seemingly acting as legs. The entity was capable of short-range teleportation and flight. The entity was known to consume humans and regurgitate their skeleton with the skeletal structure completely intact. Other than the consumed subject's skeletal remains, no organic matter was regurgitated. Neutralized
#4 The entity is an animate constellation directly above the town of SCP-4315-1. Due to its constant movement and change in physicality, a specific description cannot be given. The constellation appeared to have a large quantity of supernovas and is surrounded by a mysterious aura of maroon hue. Unknown. Uncontained
#5 The entity has a constantly altering physical form, but almost all forms have at least five tentacle-like appendages and a malformed, elongated mouth ovular in shape with forty-nine teeth of varying shapes and sizes. The entity stands at approximately 20 m in height. The entity has the ability to alter its physical form upon will with no apparent limit to its structure. Any and all subjects within 100 m of the entity reported feeling a strong sense of unease and difficulty focusing on a singular task. Events within this 100 m2 vicinity is noted to have an extremely high likelihood of failure and have been generally described as "unlucky." Contained within Site-4315
#6 The entity's body shared many physical characteristics with both bats and sloths and stood at approximately 30 m in height. Atop of the entity's body was a head similar in appearance to that of a toad's. The entity had an elongated, flexible tongue, commonly used for consuming prey in a manner similar to that of a chameleon. The entity was capable of manifesting hostile humanoid entities which did not reflect any form of light. These entities used spears and daggers to attack Foundation personnel. These manifestations were never reported to kill human subjects, rather incapacitating them and bringing them to the entity for consumption. Neutralized
#7 The entity is a humanoid standing approximately 0.5 km in height displaying both cephalopodic and reptilian characteristics. The entity's anatomy consists of a head similar in appearance to that of the whole physicality of a squid, two long, narrow wings capable of flight, and four limbs capable of locomotion equipped with pointed claws. [DATA REDACTED] Partially contained/See Addendum 4315.4

Addendum 4315.2: The following is an interview between Agnes Poholsky, a friend of Lovecraft following his disappearance, and Researcher Demolles. The interview took place in 1937 following SCP-4315's original manifestation.


Researcher Demolles: Good evening, Ms. Poholsky.

Poholsky: Please, call me Agnes.

Researcher Demolles: If you prefer. Agnes, how long have you known Howard?4

Poholsky: I've known him for… oh, it's probably about seven years now? He's quite a good man. Odd, I must add.

Researcher Demolles: What do you mean by "odd?"

Poholsky: Well, there was always something off about him. He was wired differently? I believe that's the correct phrase. Noone wanted to jump to conclusions and call him crazy— well, not that nobody wanted to, but nobody did— he just didn't fit in right to society. I suppose that was a big contributor towards his success, though; the things he wrote were nightmarish, I'm sure you know that.

Researcher Demolles: Can you give examples as to what you mean by "wired differently?"

Poholsky: Of course. He acted oddly when compared to most people, using different responses towards different, uhm, things. For example, things that would scare most people really seemed to have no effect on him. When I asked him about it, he always said that "he's seen worse." I never took that literally, but something must be going on in his head for him to write the stories that he does.

Researcher Demolles: Is that the only thing that made him "different?"

Poholsky: No, uhm, another was his attitude. Howard was always so skeptical and anxious regarding even the littlest of things. I don't know why, but he absolutely hated anything that involved risk. He wasn't one to take chances, I suppose.


Poholsky: He also left frequently. His leaves were always so abrupt, sometimes even being in the middle of conversation.

Researcher Demolles: He'd just… walk out?

Poholsky: Not without warning. He'd always give some sort of face and just… go pale. I always thought he was sick and so I constantly offered to drive him to the care center, but he always insisted that he was just fine.

Researcher Demolles: What would happen after he walked out? Would he return to his house?

Poholsky: Uhm, sometimes. Most of the time he'd just go into some private space such as the lavatory or a bedroom and talk to himself.

Researcher Demolles: "Talk to himself?"

Poholsky: Yes. He'd rant very quickly about his work, talking to himself as if someone was there in the room with him. Of course, when we opened the door, there was nothing there except himself. If he was interrupted, he'd get very angry. I mean, violently. He really didn't like to be interrupted and would instead proceed to go to his house instead of staying wherever he was.

Researcher Demolles: Anything else?

Poholsky: Nothing, though Providence has seemed off ever since Howard died.

Researcher Demolles: Thank you for your time.


Addendum 4315.3: Upon Lovecraft's disappearance, his household was investigated by Foundation personnel. A notebook was recovered hidden between his bed and his mattress. The following are the contents of said notebook in the order that the pages were recovered.


I had a Godawful dream last night.

I didn't know where I was nor who I was. All of the details felt extremely blurry at the moment, but I could just make out my surroundings. They were constantly altering as if they were black magic, constantly decreasing in quality and physical state.

There was a being that roamed this realm; its exact description I cannot give without understating it. The monstrosity truly was horrid. Even if you used all of your awoken energy in an attempt to depict the horrors of the world, you still would not be able to see what I saw.

I will attempt to draw the hideous creature to the best of my ability despite myself describing its true form as truly incomprehensible.5


And yet again another repeat of the dream accompanied by things seemingly moving on their own accord inside of my household.

I had sworn that I placed my glasses on the nightstand alongside my bed, and yet, I recovered them in the kitchen this morning. And, of course, I misplaced both my jacket and my cap. Surprisingly, they were in two entirely different locations, as if I took them off in an odd chronological order.

This realization is most certainly not just a misremembrance. This occurrence has happened for the past five days and each and every single item of the three continued to appear in different locations nowhere near their previous ones.


I forgot to mention yesterday that the dream just keeps getting longer and longer, stretching out in duration until I practically feel myself going mad inside of my own dream. The entity just gets bigger and bigger with its details becoming more horrifying as the seconds pass.

I'm going to see a medical professional with hopes that there is indeed a medication for this. I would like to stop seeing this beast as soon as humanly possible.


I've gotten the medication. I hope this works.


The beast isn't just terrorizing me in my dreams anymore. I'm starting to see it physically as a hallucination. My mind is clearly far too set on the nature of this gargantuan entity.

I was on a journey to the market just to fetch some things when I began to notice the hallucinations occurring. Firstly, it was a very small smudge on my glasses in the broad shape of the creature. I was able to just wipe them clean with cloth, and so they didn't bother me too much to begin with. As they kept coming back, my skepticism (and almost a bit of anxiety, mind you) began to take form.

What came next were the clouds. As the pure white collections of rain began to darken into a thick grey, their entire shape altered. Many people claim that some clouds take on similar physicalities to other objects (especially faces and animals), but this has never happened to me. At least, not until today.

I could distinctly tell that the biggest cloud above me was the shape of that frightening creature. I noticed people looked at me in a weird fashion while I was staring; I suppose it was because of my facial expressions which I may or may not have made. I wouldn't know, as I'd been too distracted as to how this could actually be happening.

Clearly, the medication isn't helping. It could be making it worse for all I know.


I had a different dream instead of the same one for the past two weeks. I would say that change is different, but this nightmare really wasn't any different from the original.

This time, I could make out my surroundings, and the entity was a much different one: a being that is an elephant yet a leech at the same time. I simply don't know how to describe it otherwise. It was much smaller than the original entity, but its appearance may be even more horrid.

The being was extremely fast, dashing along the road, quickly sucking the blood of anyone other than me. I watched my neighbors' faces go pale as the beast stuck its second mouth into their neck and slurped the warm, iron-scented liquid.

Needless to say, they all died.

As I began to notice that everyone other than me had become victim of this beast, it was already dashing towards me to finish its entree. Or perhaps I was dessert. I'm not sure, though I woke up before it could get to me.

I hope that nightmare doesn't come back. I just want to sleep peacefully.


It's safe to say that I am not getting peaceful sleep anytime soon.

The nightmares— notice how I've officially stopped saying dreams— just keep recurring, occasionally switching from the original nightmare to the one with the leeching elephant man.

Why won't they stop?


These nightmares are starting to really take a toll on my mental state. I'm terrified out of my mind and truly don't know what to do— especially after this morning.

It was a foggy dawn. The streets were covered in a thick mist that some find aesthetically pleasing. I am one of those people who do. Or, did. Now I am sticking with the belief that the mist brings only more harm to me and, possibly, the world around me.

I stood on my porch watching cars pass from time to time, only noticeable due to their headlights somehow finding their way through the fog. Unfortunately, headlights aren't the only thing my eyes manage to catch through the thick extra layer to the atmosphere.

I began to see shadows moving— lurking only tens of feet away from my humble abode. At first, they were humanoid figures. Yet, slowly, the shadows that came and left began to grow more and more disfigured until they were now positively inhuman. Ungodly visions were what I saw, entities hunched over in the dark mist. They were undoubtedly the exact same figures in my nightmares. At least to begin with.

As they continued to come and go, they began to form into things I've never seen before. They were still horrors— disgusting creatures that made snarling noises in the otherwise silent morning. My mind could only attempt to fill in the blanks and I sincerely believe that my thoughts were nowhere near as horrible as their actual physicality.

I eventually decided it would be best to stay inside. I feel that I made the right choice.

The fog is gone now. I hope it never returns.


I'm starting to feel that these nightmares may not just be nightmares.

Recently, the nightmares had been taking forms of my actual experiences, such as the ones with the smudges on my glasses, the clouds, and the thick mist which once covered my yard. Except, soon after, those became "what I will be experiencing" rather than "what I have experienced."

My nightmare— or my vision now, I suppose— had the entities destroying cars in the heavy fog while I was in a state of apparent paralysis, unable to move while I watched the vehicles being forcefully steered out of line and into neighboring buildings. One of said people was Agnes.

She crashed directly into my front yard, being the first car to actually end up on my property rather than somebody's else's. Of course, I wanted to rush out to help her, but, unfortunately, I was still in that terrifying state where I could only watch.

The next morning, just that happened. Except, without the monstrosities.

As Agnes was driving home, her vehicle steered out of her control and she slammed into my new fence, coming to a stop when the front of her car hit my porch. When she did it, I wanted to rush out and assist her, but… I was in a state of shock, just like during my nightmare vision. She yelled for my help and yet, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't move a muscle, only blink. After about ten seconds, I could move again, and I rushed to help her.

Agnes is fine now.

It's simply impossible for these to just be nightmares. They are visions; I know it.


I've had the most frightening vision yet.

All of the shadows I previously saw in the mist had their absent characteristics filled in and each and every single one of them was absolutely horrendous. This time, they spoke to me; gave me their names in this order: Chaugnar Faugn, Dagon, Hastur, Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, Shub-Niggurath, and— mind you, this entity was the first I saw— Cthulhu.

Before, they spoke gibberish that sent a fear reflex all throughout my body. And yet, this time, they spoke perfect English, but only with words that held a heavy negative connotation. They threw insults left and right, up and down, and yet, they all found their way to burrow a special spot in my brain.

What seemed to scare me most is that they knew my name and knew my works I've been doing based off of them. They said I simply used them for entertainment which, to an extent, is true. But that entertainment was meant to be a warning. Ever since Agnes crashed and the fog incident, I officially knew that these weren't simply my brain doing something for itself while I slept.

I woke up sweating when Azathoth suddenly consumed me without warning.

I don't know what's happening, but I must tell somebody. Not Agnes. Her poor elderly heart wouldn't be able to take it.


I had the same dream but, instead of Azathoth consuming me, they continued to talk to me— in a threatening tone, of course. It's not the fact that these beings could attack me in my head— notably, they constantly referred to it as the Dreamlands; rather, the fact that they said they simply chose to limit themselves to me due to my twisted mind, and I'm beginning to bore them.

Nobody likes to be bored, that's a simple and well-known fact. So when extremely powerful entities begin to get bored with tormenting a singular individual, they choose to go to the masses. At least, this is what they're doing now. Or, at the least least, that's what they threatened to do.

These entities seem to have an influence on our world when they haven't even directly taken a singular step into it. So, what happens when these entities leave the Dreamlands and enter this world?

On second thought, I don't want the answer to that question.


I'm having an extremely powerful impulse surging through my body that tells me that, since these entities originate from (and currently reside in) the Dreamlands, they're only as powerful as most people imagine them to be. If this is true, then they're still absolutely powerful, and yet, nowhere near as powerful as they are in the Dreamlands. I simply couldn't write about them accurately and, in turn, that helped us, but at the same time, it hurts us. If I would've just made them weaker before publishing. Alas, I simply wrote using the words I could get closest to their description. That was a mistake.

Now, the logical thing to do is to author stories explaining how these entities are actually extremely weak— maybe even taking the form of bunnies. But, that's not why people have an attraction to my work. The attraction comes from the absolute horrors that I describe, not the cute little bunnies I may or may not write about.

Most people know these entities and how powerful they are I describe them to be, and there's no way that people will rewrite the Dreamlands entities within their head to make them weaker, because that's simply not much fun.

Because of humanity's horrible want for writing about eldritch horrors and omnipotent killing machines, we're… I can't find the word, but I'm hopeful (and yet, quite doubtful) that humanity will somehow make it out of this.


This is it. Judgement Day. The day that they said they would exit the Dreamlands into our world.

I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival, and I simply hope that humanity will be okay.


Lovecraft's sketch.

Addendum 4315.4: On ██/██/19██, an instance of SCP-4315-2 (specifically SCP-4315-2-7) managed to fully breach containment and enter baseline reality from SCP-4315-1. Due to the report of a containment breach within Site-4315 prior to the instance's immigration, Providence was evacuated by Foundation personnel alongside the United States National Guard, Unusual Incidents Unit and other American government representatives. The evacuation took place under the guise of NASA purposely falsely proclaiming that an unidentified, massive piece of space debris was going to hit Providence and cause extreme damage.

Following the evacuation of Providence, a specialized cognitohazard was released to cause individuals to see an unidentified object in the sky with an apparent direct collision course. Said cognitohazard was to then envision that the space debris would indeed hit Providence, allowing a public explanation for the possible damage of the SCP-4315-2 instance's escape.

Addendum 4315.5: An SCP-4315-1 manned mapping apparatus which was deployed to catalog two previously undocumented streets (Varmin Way and Unthinker Road as identified by attendant signage) recently made tentative contact with what is believed to be a humanoid resident of SCP-4315-1. This is limited to multiple observation events, as well as three instances of seemingly intelligent response to mapping team actions. The subject remains unidentified, wearing a mixed assembly of cloth and garments, and it is not yet certified the subject is indeed human.

Research is ongoing to determine if the figure is a manifestation of SCP-4315-2 or indeed a human resident, however recently acquired materials appear to indicate the subject is likely descended from baseline reality or no more then one standard deviation on the Q-ORn scale of reality distortion.

Recovered items are as follows:

  • 10 pages of parchment paper, indeterminate manufacture
  • 2 pages of foolscap, mid-18th century
  • 1 quill pen, improvised, albatross feather
  • 1 milk bottle filled with squid ink, species unknown

Items were recovered from under an overturned boat hull, lodged between two buildings located 0.5 km from any source of water. Recovered items contained text, much of it damaged and transcribed in varying dialects and spellings of English, Latin, and French. Translated passages are as follows.


I can't describe it to you, how it feels. Like a rotten tooth, those sharp, searing-sweet painful edges, agony to even brush against, yet you can't stop tonguing it, surging pain throughout yourself endlessly, lancing up through your eyes and down your throat. That, but so much more, and it's just [INCOMPREHENSIBLE] looking. They beg to look, but they're quiet, oh so quiet, but you can't help but wonder about that curve, that sound, that SONG!


…sea spray and rolling winds, and then something like a moutan of water, but it moved against the tide, and then we saw the [INCOMPREHENSIBLE] rubbery, rolling like the water, like some waterlogged corpse, but alive, and massively…

I live as a rat in the walls of reality, ever fearful of the true masters of the house guessing my presence. The worst of this being that I don't know if it's ever been otherwise.


…burn one's eyes to ash, just to see, staring like an addict into the sun, to burn away the sight, to purify it somehow, but they [INCOMPREHENSIBLE] sight, so much worse than just human eyes, so much more flexible and-


We cannot [INCOMPREHENSIBLE] things, even as they watch us. It is flattering to [INCOMPREHENSIBLE] as toys, or pawns, but this is folly. Those things [INCOMPREHENSIBLE] value, and would be missed or mourned when lost. Even food takes [INCOMPREHENSIBLE] us, being of some value. We are as dust, forgotten at best, peevishly brushed aside at worst. Our works, our sun, our lives, our souls, DUST-


…somewhere else today, and saw sun, but it wasn't mine, and then something with knives for a soul cut through the wall and wanted to accompany me and I fled and fled even when it started to cry…



I do not know if they truly seek blood, but I do.

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