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Item#: 4314
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4314 is extremely well known and necessary for many mathematical operations, and therefore cannot be fully contained. This is no cause for alarm, however, as its anomalous properties are not observable until the ██████████████████th digit.

MTF Pi-31 ("Number Crunchers") is dedicated to sabotaging any attempts by groups other than the Foundation to calculate the value of SCP-4314 beyond the ██████████████████th digit. Should any attempt to measure SCP-4314 beyond that point succeed, all evidence of such is to be confiscated and all witnesses given Class B amnestics.

Foundation AI-4314 is currently dedicated to calculating SCP-4314's value as precisely as possible.

Description: SCP-4314 is the irrational number defined as pi (π)1. The first ██████████████████ digits of SCP-4314 exhibit no anomalous properties, and can be used in mathematical operations like any other number. Beyond the ██████████████████th digit, all remaining digits are either ones (1) or zeroes (0). When interpreted as a sequence of binary code in a base-5 number system, the digits translate into the anomalous language Ortothan. The translation process always produces complete words, which can occasionally be strung together to form coherent sentences. These sentences appear to be messages from an unknown sentient being or group of beings, designated SCP-4314-A. These messages never exactly repeat themselves, but are generally variations on the same theme (See document 4313, below).

As of ██/██/████, Foundation AI-4314 has calculated SCP-4314 out to ██████████████████ digits.

Addendum 4314-1: Included below is a sample of notable messages received from SCP-4314-A. Ortothan words with no direct English translation have been approximated.

Addendum 4314-2:

On ██/██/████, Foundation AI-4314-2 (an upgraded copy of AI-4314) was directed to calculate the value of e as precisely as possible.

Addendum 4314-3:

As of ██/██/████, SCP-4314-A has been redesignated SCP-4314-π. SCP-4314-B has been redesignated SCP-4314-e. Instances of SCP-4314 discovered in the future are to be designated according to this pattern.

Addendum 4314-4:

As of ██/██/████, 2 additional instances of SCP-4314 have been identified and designated as SCP-4314-√2 and SCP-4314-Φ. All instances of SCP-4314 communicate similarly to the initial instance, and their messages bear generally similar content. In all cases, communication starts at the ██████████████████th digit. ███ other irrational numbers have been tested for SCP-4314 contamination, but do not bear any anomalous properties.

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