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Item #: SCP-4312

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As there is currently no known method of containing or preventing SCP-4312, efforts are to be focused on preventing the spread of information about SCP-4312. Online communications are to be monitored for instances of SCP-4312, and any civilian demonstrating knowledge of SCP-4312 is to be administered a textual amnestic. Suppression and removal of civilian evidence of SCP-4312 is considered a Level 2 priority.

Description: SCP-4312 is the inversion and reduction of gravitational force on an individual (designated SCP-4312-1.) During an SCP-4312 event, gravity exerts a margin1 of its typical force in precisely the opposite direction as would be expected on the instance of SCP-4312-1. SCP-4312 manifests at random intervals, but is estimated to have approximately one instance every ten days. The only observed criteria for an individual becoming an instance of SCP-4312-1 is that the subject is not inside an enclosed structure at the time.

Addendum 4312-A:
On 1/9/2018, Agent Abigail Kelana was affected by SCP-4312 while on vacation in Hawaii.

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