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Item #: SCP-4308

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4308 is contained in a storage locker in Hall C at Site-19. SCP-4308 is not to be taken out of containment for testing without prior approval from a personnel of class 4 security clearance or higher. All individuals involved in testing for SCP-4308 must have a psychological examination prior to taking place in testing.


SCP-4308 prior to containment

Description: SCP-4308 is a black 1991 Steinberger Sceptre electric guitar. SCP-4308’s anomalous properties manifest when any tune is played on the instrument. Personnel subject to music produced by SCP-4308 enter an illusory state which represents the tune of the song in terms of emotion. A listener will exit the illusory state if sound has stopped being produced by the instrument. The player of the guitar is unaffected by its anomalous capabilities.

Addendum-1-Discovery: The Foundation first became aware of the existence of SCP-4308 when news broke out of a series of local concerts held in ██████, Texas causing individuals to be subject to anomalous delusional states of mind. The concerts causing the anomalous activity were found to be held by 27 year old Duke ██████. Subject was later designated PoI-4308 within the Foundation database.

Addendum-2-Witness Reports: Witness reports were obtained regarding SCP-4308. Excerpts of those reports include the following.

Witness Report-1:

Witness: Sara Lillips

Like, describe what I saw? I don't really understand much of it. I knew him from high school. I mean he was over at my house all the time since he was best friends with my older brother. I heard him play a lot. I always really liked his songs. He played 'Lonesome' that night. Everyone in the crowd started to disappear, and it was really scary. Just shadows of black surrounding me. I could see Duke performing, so I guess I wasn't completely alone but…It was just his music in that moment. 'All on my lonesome, all by myself. Desperately screaming and shouting for help.' I deeply resonated with those lyrics at the moment. I mean I always do. I have no friends. No one understands anything I go through ever. I hate this small room. I hate it. Wait, what did you want to know again?

Witness Report-2:

Witness: Hunter Kyson

Yeah, Duke was really talented. The song 'Overshadowed,' that's the one that had all the weird stuff. It had a pretty and soft melody and first, but then got more intense when the lyrics started. Suddenly I felt all strange and I saw Caria Mollone and all her achievements shadow over me. That girl was my childhood best friend, but she was better at me than everything. She got into all the clubs and all the advanced classes and shit. "Aw I'm sorry Hunter! Just keep trying!" She'd always say. It's such horse-shit. She got into this super fancy science college while I'm stuck at a fucking retail job. I have Ideas! I was brilliant! But no one saw it. All because of her. I'm not sure why you want to know this, it wasn't anything my head doesn't show me all the time.

Witness Report-3:

Witness: Angel McNamara

I don't have much to a lot to say so uh…I'll cut it short. All the weird stuff happened when he sang 'Horrible Pain.' Catchy…like the plague…evil…evil song…they all began to scream…gunshots…slices and stab wounds and gashes and…they all blamed me for not helping them…what was I supposed to do? I was surrounded by mutilated corpses and guts and blood and…I felt a quick stab or something and then…it was all normal again…

Witness Report-4:

Witness: Casan Lillips

Hm, yeah I guess you can't get the whole story from one person. But do I have to be one of those people? I'll tell you a little bit but you're not getting a lot from me. Duke and I were best friends in high school, but he had been very distant ever since Lorca and I got married. One day I just get a message from him that says 'Hey come listen to this new song I wrote.' He had this new black guitar, Steinberger Sceptre I think? He didn't tell me the name of the song before he started playing but heh…'Heartbroken'…I could tell on my own by then. I found myself immersed in the melody, the sounds of the notes, the way it made me feel…but I slowly found what it made me feel was…pain…my hand was just in my chest despite my no recollection of putting it there. I had ripped out my heart, and it shattered right in my hand. I looked up at Duke as I was practically paralyzed in pain…I asked what he had done to me. He said…'The same thing you did to me.'

Addendum-3-Recovery: On 12-09-20██, a group of foundation agents were sent to the home of PoI-4308 to question him about the anomalous activities that had been traced to him. Upon entering the home, the subject was found playing a soulful melody on SCP-4308. All Foundation agents who were on the scene reported seeing waterfalls coming from the ceiling. The hallucinations experienced next were reported to vary per agent. Agent Caria Mollone reported being transferred back to the scenes of her past accomplishments and relived them again if they had gone the opposite way. Agent Mollone reported feelings of intense fear. Agent Mollone was the only agent who was reported to exit SCP-4308's induced illusory state. This occured even when SCP-4308 was emitting sound. Agent Mollone reported feeling paralyzed, only being able to watch the subject continue to play on SCP-4308. Agent Mollone gained mobility in her arm, but only had the capability to reach for her gun. Agent Mollone shot PoI-4308 in the right shoulder with a hand gun. PoI-4308 dropped SCP-4308, and it was able to be contained. PoI-4308 and all witnesses of SCP-4308 were administered amnestics, and SCP-4308 was transferred to Site-19 soon after.

Addendum-4-Tests: The following are logs of tests ran on SCP-4308.

Test 12-20-20██:

Tester: Researcher Flora

Test Details: Researcher Flora played a soft nameless melody with only two chords for approximately three minutes. All involved D-Class reported chest pains and the regurgitation of cherry blossom flower petals.

Test 12-25-20██:

Tester: Dr. Cherri

Test Details: Dr. Cherri played an instrumental version of the traditional Christmas song 'Deck the Halls.' D-09879 reported being transported back to Christmas Day of 20██, and described happily receiving gifts from their father despite the fact that 'he walked out before they were born.' D-23870 reported reliving a memory of opening presents with their childhood best friend as teenagers, despite the friend having died at age nine.

Test 01-07-20██:

Tester: Dr. Laytz

Test Details: Dr. Laytz played a fast nameless melody. All D-Class reported seeing the room fill up with different items of food from floor to ceiling while extreme pains of hunger could be felt.

Test 02-02-20██:

Tester: Agent Mollone

Test Details: Agent Mollone preformed a melody she titled 'Stuck.' D-Class reported feeling stuck and unable to move while images of them 'failing what they want most.' Five out of ten D-Class went into psychological paralysis.

Note from Agent Mollone's post test psychological exam by Site Psychologist Ama Stellar

Agent Mollone appeared to be more troubled by the recovery of SCP-4308 than was previously believed. She had refused to answer questions about what was seen by the D-Class. Examinations conclude the illusions experienced on Agent Mollone preformed by PoI-4308 have taken an affect on her psyche. Agent Mollone is not to be involved with any further testing of SCP-4308.


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