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3/4305 LEVEL 3/4305
Item #: SCP-4305

Special Containment Procedures: The area containing SCP-4305 is enclosed by chain-link fence and bears signage appropriate to standard cover story "Waste-4."

The containment area is monitored remotely via perimeter alarm. In the event of trespass, Secure Area-38 is to dispatch a reconnaissance drone equipped with sedative darts in order to identify, track, and incapacitate any individuals who may pose a risk of activating the anomaly.

Description: SCP-4305 is the collective designation for an area of desert approximately 80 kilometers northwest of the city of McGill, Nevada in the Great Basin Desert. This area is the source of a spatial anomaly as well as an associated humanoid manifestation designated as SCP-4305-1.

While the specific dimensions of SCP-4305 are presently unknown, the anomalous area encircles a derelict in-ground pool, adjacent concrete pool deck, and a 2x2 meter cinder-block structure that has been painted white. This structure features a wooden door showing significant signs of weathering, no windows, and a yellow plastic sign marked with block letters that read 'CAUTION: No Lifeguard On Duty'.

The anomaly becomes active when an individual approaches the pool deck. Upon activation, the door on the cinder-block structure will open and an instance of SCP-4305-1 will emerge. Instances of SCP-4305-1 take the form of a humanoid male approximately 50 years of age standing greater than 1.8 meters in height and with a lean build. While the features of the face vary from instance to instance, all manifestations recorded to this point have shared the following traits:

  • Dressed in a gray wool three-piece suit.
  • Wearing a black derby hat.
  • Speaking in a Liverpool accent.
  • Carrying a black umbrella, undeployed.
  • General immunity to all attempts at impediment including the circumvention of man-made barriers.
  • A walking speed of approximately 2.1 meters per second.1

After the instance of SCP-4305-1 manifests, it will approach the triggering individual in an attempt to secure their attention. If allowed to reach the subject, SCP-4305-1 will offer a verbal warning of trespass and attempt to make physical contact. Should it be successful, the affected subject will experience substantial pain rated by individual sufferers as comparable to that of being struck by a taser.

Additional violations of the trespass order issued by SCP-4305-1 have proven invariably fatal.

Discovery Log:
While on a routine training mission, Foundation field operative David Harbour became separated during a controlled skydiving exercise and landed several kilometers east of his intended target. While waiting for extraction, the agent attempted to scout the area only to note the presence of an in-ground pool in the middle of the desert.

The agent reported approaching the pool, having no suspicion of its anomalous nature, and was then met by a manifestation of SCP-4305-1. After indicating the presence of SCP-4305-1, the agent failed to provide any further updates and his field beacon was no longer detectable.

Upon the arrival of the extraction team, Agent Harbour was located in proximity to the last known location of his beacon. He was unconscious and his field equipment had all been short-circuited in a manner consistent with substantial electrical shock. The agent was returned to nearby Secure Area-38 for medical evaluation. The nearby area was flagged for containment and investigation.

During the debriefing, the field agent was unable to recall any substantial detail about his experience after he began his investigation of the pool, nor could he explain the burn marks now present on his abdomen. It is unknown if this was due to an anomalous effect or merely the result of trauma.

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