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Item #: SCP-4304

Containment Class: Keter

Status: Uncontained (High Priority)

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel in Ashburn Station1 are to track down PoI-287XR by any means necessary. Artificial intelligence constructs in the IrisNET Ashburn Monitoring Network will routinely scan communication lines, security feeds, and social media posts originating from the space station for signs of PoI-287XR activity. If activity is detected, task forces in the relevant station sectors will be dispatched.

The planned strategy for the capture of PoI-287XR is to lead them into a sufficiently small area that the summoning of SCP-4304 would result in severe structural damage to itself. If such circumstances are achieved, it is expected that personnel will be able to easily capture the PoI, so long as effort is taken to handle any additional anomalous devices they may be in the possession of. PoI-287XR will then be transferred to the nearest Foundation facility for indefinite detainment.

The development of counter-offensive mechanical exoskeletons capable of combatting SCP-4304 and other similar threats is currently ongoing.

Description: SCP-4304 is a mobile humanoid mechanical exoskeleton possessing anomalous weaponry and thaumaturgic abilities, designated the "Blue Knight" by its pilot, Person of Interest-287XR.2 The exoskeleton is 18 meters tall and is layered in a dark blue metallic alloy of unknown nature, capable of withstanding conventional weaponry and sufficiently lightweight to enable rapid movement. Engines for generating thrust are built into the back, and all body sections contain compartments for the storage of objects and weaponry. Yellow and red logos are present on the shoulder plates, though this is painted over with a symbol of a sword.

The exoskeleton can be thaumaturgically summoned by PoI-287XR at any time. Summoning involves the speaking of undeciphered vocalizations, done in tandem with the performance of kinetohazardous gestures and the release of aspect radiation. Completion of the process results in PoI-287XR levitating into the air and becoming surrounded by rings of luminescent machinery, which then assemble into SCP-4304. At this point PoI-287XR attains complete control over the exoskeleton and can use it as a conduit for wide varieties of anomalous phenomena, including the ectoentropic generation of weaponry and amplification of thaumic spells.

While this poses a significant threat when active, PoI-287XR has only kept the exoskeleton summoned in short durations. The hypothesized reason for this is that, as based on the behavior of other thaumaturges, thaumic processes that require high levels of mental concentration quickly result in exhaustion the longer they are performed for. However, no confirmation of this exists, as PoI-287XR and the anomaly's desummoning process have not been observed due to the repeated successful evasion of Foundation forces. How SCP-4304 is repaired between summonings is additionally uncertain.

To date, all PoI-287XR and SCP-4304 activity has occurred within Ashburn Station, usually involved in forms of paracriminal activity. Of note is that both PoI-287XR's and SCP-4304's Scranton signature indicates that they originate from a foreign reality.

Addendum.4304.1: Notable SCP-4304 Incidents

Below are events involving SCP-4304 deemed of note for containment personnel. Full reports on the incidents in question may be provided on request.

Date: 13/03/2070

Overview: PoI-287XR, under pursuit by IrisNET Capture Drones, jumps off the OSAM Block 3 Office Tower and summons SCP-4304 mid-descent. SCP-4304 apportates with minor position changes but with a change in the anomaly's orientation. This results in all downwards velocity shifting to horizontal velocity, preventing a potentially lethal impact with the ground while launching the exoskeleton into a Foundation attack VTOL. The damaged VTOL collides with a neighboring skyscraper, which SCP-4304 enters and then vanishes in. Signs of a Way activation are found in an ensuing investigation.

Date: 04/04/2070

Overview: One of SCP-4304's hands, severed by laser fire from Mobile Task Force Naudiz-20 ("N² Ballistic Strike"), converts into an active S.E.P. Concealment Field grenade. The grenade lands at the task force's encampment and causes all present personnel to lose complete awareness of SCP-4304. PoI-287XR uses this opportunity to break into an under-construction apartment block. Tracking of the anomaly is lost.

Date: 09/04/2070

Overview: Security cameras record PoI-99093 speaking with PoI-287XR in an alleyway. PoI-9909 nods to her and she rushes out of the alley, summons SCP-4304, and unfolds the exoskeleton's hand into a mass of mechanical tendrils that drag PoI-9909 into a compartment on its left arm. SCP-4304 propels away from the alley as task forces arrive.

Date: 12/04/2070

Overview: Novalance Type-01 aerial/land combat exoskeletons under UIN4 Space Force Gamma control are redirected from a Foundation-approved test flight in Ashburn Station to combat SCP-4304, which attempted to attack them with a missile volley. Novalance Red shoots down incoming missiles5 and reaches SCP-4304's position on top of the Sector 3 Omicron Containment Spire. Both exoskeletons engage in a brief skirmish until weapons matching those of PoI-9909 form along the sides of SCP-4304's arms, all of which release beams of green energy that tear off the wings of Novalance Red.

The remaining Novalance units launch sets of missiles at SCP-4304. The exoskeleton attempts to form a protective kinteohazardous gesture, but its movement slows and its left arm wavers, preventing completion of the gesture and resulting in the missiles making contact. SCP-4304 is damaged and it vanishes in a dense cloud of debris.

A message was engraved on Novalance Red's chassis by the energy weapons, reading: "Just wanted to test these rayguns out. No hard feelings."

Date: 14/04/2070

Overview: SCP-4304 manifests outside the Sector 3 Omicron Containment Spire and generates a set of thaumic shields that converge into a conic shape and drill through the building's outer walls. Through a combination of the shields and the fire of PoI-9909's weaponry, all security androids are dispatched and High Security Chamber 0, storing the in-development NETZACH Empyrean/Astral Laser System, is breached. The laser system and other present experimental weaponry apportate into SCP-4304's storage compartments.

A Way to an unknown extradimensional space forms under the exoskeleton as MTF Naudiz-20 enters the chamber. Unusually, SCP-4304 generates weaponry to attack the task force but all of the generated weapons fail to fire or spontaneously break. SCP-4304 enters the way after one minute and vanishes. Its left arm is observed to be jittering at this point.

Note: After this incident, several messages flagged by IrisNET were sent over the Ashfire messenger app to an account named "windsweptdagger." The account that sent the messages was quickly deleted.

Date: 15/04/2070

Overview: Undercover Agent Sylvia Petrovski observes SCP-4304 inside an empty apartment block construction lot. SCP-4304 behaves erratically, clenching its left arm while slamming it against building pylons and construction equipment. The arm bulges and the right arm stabs it with an ME-LLK Combat Knife. Upon spotting Agent Petrovski, the exoskeleton's engine activates and it attempts to fly out of the lot. However, it repeatedly changes course, colliding with buildings and the ground before the engine cuts out mid-flight. SCP-4304 sluggishly moves behind a set of neighboring buildings and vanishes.

Addendum.4304.2: Incident Ansuz/4304/9909

Following the incident on 15/04/2070, SCP-4304 was summoned in the Yeong-Hwan Zone A10 Construction Yard on 16/04/2070, its movements noticeably slowed and its left arm wrapped in adhesive tape. Foundation personnel were alerted and an experimental Gewehran Class thaumomechanical exoskeleton (Gewehran 1), piloted by Agent Jae-Seong Jo of Mobile Task Force Ansuz-0 ("Fly High"), was dispatched. The Gewehran Class engaged SCP-4304, which began broadcasting messages from PoI-287XR in the ensuing confrontation.

Incident Ansuz/4304/9909: Video Log


SCP-4304 clenches its left arm. Sets of translucent UVN-20/B minguns manifest around the exoskeleton and aim at Gewehran 1, revving but not firing. Gewehran 1 approaches.

PoI-287XR: (over SCP-4304's speakers) Hey, I'm dealing with my own issues right now, so could you hold off for one moment?

SCP-4304's left arm generates a ME-LLK Combat Knife that propels itself at SCP-4304's head. SCP-4304 swerves.

PoI-287XR: (directed to the arm) Oh come on, could you not—

The arm writhes and erratically fires green energy beams that vaporize sections of SCP-4304's right arm, prompting the exoskeleton to fire one of the miniguns into the arm. Adhesive tape is torn but the bullets explode before contacting the arm surface.

PoI-287XR: Look, we made a deal, and I expect you to fully hold your end of it. Is that really such a good reason for you to be freaking out? (pause) Yes I adjusted the deal after but it's virtually the same as it was— FUCK!

Two missiles launch from SCP-4304's left hand, impacting the exoskeleton and sending it stumbling onto a construction exosuit storage truck. SCP-4304 manifests and stabs four ME-LLK Combat Knives into its left arm.

Agent Jo receives orders from MTF Ansuz-0 Command to use the opportunity to contain PoI-287XR by any means necessary. Gewehran 1 enters a sprint and engages its shoulder mounted particle beams, contacting rows of circular thaumic shielding that ring SCP-4304 and slowly carving through them. The miniguns fire at Gewehran 1. SCP-4304 repeatedly punches its left arm.

PoI-287XR: I made the hammerspace in the arm as nice as possible, and if you can't appreciate that then that's on you. And no this isn't a good time for you to be bothering me about this!

Spell conduit systems in Gewehran 1 activate and a set of spells uttered by Agent Jo cause the incoming bullets to lose kinetic energy, transferring it into the exoskeleton. They reach SCP-4304, activate two auxiliary arms, shift the built up energy into all three arms and punch SCP-4304. Thaumic shields and alloy plating shatter and the exoskeleton is launched backwards. It collides with rows of construction equipment.

PoI-287XR: See what just…

SCP-4304 stands up, preparing to charge at Gewehran 1. The exoskeleton freezes.

PoI-287XR: …You drilled out of the hammerspace?

The exoskeleton remains frozen until it manifests further knives and frantically stabs them into its left shoulder in an attempt to tear its arm off. Spacetime around the arm repeatedly contracts and expands until a dimensional tear forms in a burst of light. The tear collapses.

The area surrounding SCP-4304 explodes.


Once the energy released by the unstable dimensional tear had subsided, containment crews entered the construction yard. The wreckage of SCP-4304 was found at the blast epicenter, its left arm wholly missing and the rest torn apart. No sign of PoI-287XR was found.

As the crews began loading the remnants into mobile containment cells, PoI-9909 extricated themselves from under piles of metal slag, saluted Gewehran 1, and apportated out of view. The wreckage was in transit when it turned luminescent, disassembled into rings of machinery, and vanished.

Addendum.4304.3: IrisNET Flagged Messages

Below are two messages sent over the Ashrise messenger app, flagged by IrisNET AI. The accounts that sent the messages were both named with strings of random characters and have displayed no further activity.

While I appreciate your offer of cooperation, along with how you provided me half of the stolen weapons, I can't say I enjoyed being locked into an arm for several days. No number of coffee machines and VR sets in there helped with that. I'm sorry about the mech damage but for a supposed "deal" you sure did a poor job at holding it. That's all.

Fuck off.

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