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SCP-4299 (circa 2015)

Item #: SCP-4299

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A greenhouse has been constructed around the garden occupied by SCP-4299 and a 50m2 area surrounding the structure has been blocked from civilian access. General maintenance of the garden and the greenhouse are to be carried out as needed by specially trained Level-2 Personnel.

SCP-4299-1 instances are to be monitored until a Bloom Event occurs. Individuals affected by Bloom Events are to be immediately secured and amnestics are to be administered to any witnesses.

Description: SCP-4299 is a sapient pink rose located in a small rose garden in Domfront, France. It is capable of verbal communication, producing speech from its stigma, and its petals move as if to imitate a mouth when it speaks. SCP-4299 is also able to move its stem to face the subjects it is interacting with and uses the leaves along its length as hands. SCP-4299 is highly conversational and will interact with any subjects which approach it. Removing SCP-4299 from its location will result in the rose in which the entity formerly manifested in becoming non-anomalous. SCP-4299 will then manifest again in another rose within the garden.

Subjects which interact with SCP-4299 for the length of a conversation experience lowered blood pressure, relaxation of nerves, and a sensation often described as 'soothing.' At the end of a conversation with SCP-4299, it will offer the subject interacting with it one of its petals. Should subjects accept SCP-4299's offer and consume the offered petal, they will become an instance of SCP-4299-1. Regardless of whether its offer was accepted or denied, SCP-4299 will refuse to engage in further communication with the subject.

In instances of SCP-4299-1, the effects of interacting with SCP-4299 are permanent, persisting through the administration of amnestics. SCP-4299-1 instances will also report a higher than average level of happiness and will not suffer from negative mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, etc.

SCP-4299 also appears to have a secondary anomalous effect of being able to change the writing found on paper. (See Incident.1223.)

Bloom Events: Bloom Events occur upon the expiration of an instance of SCP-4299-1, regardless of cause. Naturally occurring Bloom Events typically occur in SCP-4299-1 instances of old age (usually septuagenarian or octogenarian)1 and will take place in their home or similar places of comfort. The subject will enter a state of rest and fall asleep for upwards of an hour before ceasing all life functions. Upon expiration, the remaining corpse will demanifest and be replaced with pink rose petals. Petals created by Bloom Events are non-anomalous.

Addendum 4299.1: Experiment Log

Recovery Log: The first anomalous instance regarding SCP-4299 was recorded on June 15th, 2015 after several eye-witness reports of a woman 'erupting into petals' were investigated. Mobile Task Force Pi-16 (Hedgeclippers) was dispatched to investigate the garden. The following transcription is of a letter recovered nearby the estimated location of the incident. Forensic analysis of the document identified the author as a 73-year-old woman named Mia Rosamonde. A cover story was created stating Rosamonde passed away due to cardiac arrest. Class-A amnestics were administered to witnesses of the event.


You've grown up so much over the years.

Gosh, I loved watching you grow into such a beautiful woman.

Remember that one time when you were 5 when we went and ate an entire cake together? Then you fell asleep on my shoulder, and I carried you to your bedroom.

I remember when I was just a girl, your grandmother used to sing me such a beautiful song. I believe it was called "La Vie en Rose"6. I wish I could hear her sing it again. I would say that I've lived my life in pink, everything has always been so beautiful to me ever since I first visited this garden as a little girl.

I know it seems scary you're losing your other parent, but I want you to understand that the experiences we shared will never go away.

I love you so much, Maria.

Inside of this envelope, I'm leaving you a pink rose I picked from this garden. I made sure to find the prettiest one just for you. Hold onto this rose for me when it dries up, okay?



Research into Rosamonde's family record revealed a daughter by the name 'Maria' who passed away on September 15th, 2012. There are currently no living relatives remaining from the family.

MTF Pi-16 agent Craig Hart was the first to locate and interact with SCP-4299. Hart refused SCP-4299's offer as per mission control's orders.

Addendum 4299.2: On June 25th, 2015, Dr. Carter was assigned as the primary researcher of SCP-4299. Below is a transcript of the first interview session.

Following the interview, SCP-4299 refused to speak with Dr. Carter any further. It was decided that in order to continue researching SCP-4299, separate interviewers would be required in order to gain more information on SCP-4299's anomalous abilities.

Addendum 4299.3: SCP-4299 was observed as wilting on July 26th, 2018. The entity's condition was closely monitored over a month-long period during which SCP-4299 shed most of its petals and looked sickly in appearance. Jr. Researcher Benjiro was instructed to enter the garden and approach SCP-4299 to investigate as a surrogate for Dr. Carter.

Incident 1223: Three weeks following Interview 4299.3, all the roses in SCP-4299's garden had spontaneously erupted into petals, including SCP-4299. 24 hours subsequent to the incident, the document initially recovered upon the discovery of SCP-4299 anomalously changed to have a new message on the back side of the paper. Said document has been transcribed below.

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