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Under request of Project Director Dr. Romagnoli, the document previously classified as SCP-4298 has been placed as an attachment to the current document as it is deemed "relevant information." It is suggested for SCP-4298 research staff to read both documents.

— Leonard Ichabod, Documents Recovery Engineer, RAISA

Item #: SCP-4298 Level 2/4298
Object Class: Safe Euclid Classified

SCP-4298-A as photographed in 19██ in Containment Sector-87.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4298-A must be positioned in the middle of an appropriately sized containment cell. Only level 2 or higher foundation staff are allowed to enter SCP-4298-A when it is active, if given permission by the Project Director Dr. Romagnoli.
No experiments are to be taken place without the supervision of the Project Director, Researcher Luciana Amati or Field Researcher Dr. Robin Texas Walker.

Description: SCP-4298-A is the former door and doorframe of containment cell #546 in Containment sector-871 of Site-446 located in █████, Italy. The containment cell was used for what was formerly cataloged as SCP-4298, a Type-Green entity, neutralized after the 04/02/19██ breach via two gunshots to the cranium and declassified on 17/06/19██.

SCP-4298's effect occurs between 3:32 and 3:33 PM, wherein it will unlock and open automatically.
Attempts were made to keep SCP-4298 closed for one day without human interaction, resulting in total failure. Subjects cannot enter the door through the side facing the interior, instead, encountering a smooth, black wall of unknown material that prevents entry and observation into SCP-4298.
An event can be stopped by closing the door and locking, or automatically when it is 3:33 PM local time. Autonomous drones are reported to stop working when nearby SCP-4298-A, but audio and camera equipment mounted on experimental subjects can pass through unaffected.

When entered through the side facing chamber exit, the subject (referred hereby on as SCP-4298-B) will observe an exact duplicate of Site-446, identical in details, of the 04/02/19██ breach, including Foundation personnel (SCP-4298-C). All copies of personnel within SCP-4298-C will perceive the subject as the former SCP-4298 upon entrance. This will incite the staff to attack SCP-4298-B, although the subject displays resistance to this damage. During the time spent in SCP-4298-C, the subject will always kill five researchers and three security guards, in addition to injuring eight more security guards and destroying the site's cafeteria. These incidents occur either out of self-defense2 or through unintentional means, recreating the casualties, damages and events of the 04/02/19██ breach.3

45 minutes after the beginning of the event, SCP-4298-D, recognized as a replica of then Senior Security Officer Attila Szabó, will appear and shoot SCP-4298-B in the head twice, effectively "neutralizing" SCP-4298-B. No recorded case has ever outlasted the 45-minute limit, either dying preemptively or being caught by SCP-4298-D before the time limit.
After being incapacitated within SCP-4298, SCP-4298-B will step out of SCP-4298-A, with one of the three events occurring:

  1. SCP-4298-B will have no recollection of the event. However, SCP-4298-B will report the sensation of being hunted or followed, lasting from 30 minutes to ten days.
  2. SCP-4298-B will retain all the memories and details of the event, including the layout of Site-446, faces of personnel, and actions taken during the event.
  3. SCP-4298-B will exhibit memories, personality traits, or abilities from SCP-4298-N, in which case the subject is to be terminated unless testing is permitted.

Discovery: SCP-4298 was discovered 5 years after the breach after Dr. Annabella Milani was reported missing at 3:33 PM on date 17/04/████. Dr. Milani was reported to enter cell #546 to retrieve an object she had left there and was reported found at 4:18 PM outside cell #546, shaking in fear and paranoia, with difficulties in describing what happened. Interview logs with Dr. Milani initially suggested that SCP-4298 was the entire containment cell.
The cell was cataloged as the anomaly until further testing concluded that the cell's door and door frame to be the cause of the anomaly.

Addendum-4298-1: On 26/03/20██, knocks were heard from behind SCP-4298-A, along with a voice, asking in Italian "Is anybody there?". Is uncertain how the door was capable of emitting sounds of its own, as is not attached to any room. Object upgraded to Euclid Class in case a specimen of SCP-4298-C somehow breaches containment.

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