An immature SCP-4297-J instance, plotting its escape.

Item #: SCP-4297-J

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: The Australian government1 is cooperating with the Foundation to contain SCP-4297-J. Containment of SCP-4297-J is currently unfeasible due to its ubiquity throughout the continent, as well as its primary anomalous effect. Should SCP-4297-J threaten civilian settlements, Mobile Task Force Tau-19 ("Apollyon Wanna Cracker") is tasked with luring them into uninhabited areas.

Mobile Task Force Gamma-9 ("Vegemighty") is responsible for maintaining distribution of amnestic-laced foodstuffs to grocery stores throughout the Australian continent to ensure that knowledge of SCP-4927-J fails to spread.

Description: SCP-4297-J is the designation for D. novaehollandiae, commonly known as emus.2 Instances of SCP-4297-J are capable of communicating among themselves,3 and are highly intelligent.4

Instances of SCP-4297-J typically utilize their beaks and feet to grasp and manipulate objects, often in conjunction with their claws; however, despite being observed by numerous members of MTF Gamma-9, this phenomenon has yet to be captured on video.5

SCP-4297-J is capable of using memetic, antimemetic, infohazardous, cognitohazardous, patahazardous6, and [DATA DOUBLE-EXPUNGED] anomalies to thwart Foundation attempts to contain it. It is believed that SCP-4297-J could possess the capability to disguise itself as other organisms to conceal its presence (see Incident 4927-J.5).7

Instances of SCP-4297-J are capable of reproduction with other SCP-4297-J instances or non-anomalous emus, generating eggs (designated SCP-4297-J-1). Similarly to non-anomalous emus,8 SCP-4297-J instances can each lay between 20 and 50 eggs per season, about 30-40% of which are fertilized and hatch new instances of SCP-4297-J.

The remaining instances of SCP-4297-J-1 are unfertilized. Experimentation logs for SCP-4297-J-1 are available from the Biological Site-231 cafeteria to all personnel between the hours of 0600 and 1200.9

SCP-4297-J show great resistance to Foundation containment and extermination efforts. More recently, however, SCP-4297-J instances have adopted guerrilla tactics, blending in with non-anomalous emus for protection and using their natural speed to escape if disarmed or wounded.

Discovery: SCP-4297-J was discovered in 1932 when Australian soldiers were sent to aid farmers in an effort to clear the emu population from their land, only to be forced to return due to malfunctioning equipment- believed to be caused by a probability-altering effect. Suspecting fowl play, the Foundation was contacted and attempted to ███████ ████ ██ █ ███ ██. Despite overwhelming superiority, ███ ███ ██ ████, ███████ ██ ███ all-consuming █████ ██ ███ █ ███, ██arp beaks to viciously castrate █████ ██. ██████ ██ ███ ████ ███ Australia's unconditional surrender.

Incident 4927-J.5: On 21 October 1953, Foundation aerial reconnaissance discovered a previously undetected colony of emus numbering over 6,000 instances contained within a vast fenced expanse in Western Australia, believed to have been run by an unknown GoI with hostile intent.

In light of the imminent violation of the Veil Protocol, O5 Command voted 12-1 in favor of eliminating the SCP-4297-J and GoI personnel using a 10kT yield nuclear bomb. Operation DROWNED RATITE was conducted with the cooperation of the GOC and the Australian government under the guise of British nuclear testing. Following [DATA EXPUNGED BY ORDER OF O5 COMMAND]

Containment procedures and further courses of action are currently under review.

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