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Item #: SCP-4295

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4295-A is to be monitored remotely at the nearest intracity outpost to avoid drawing attention to its existence within the town. Comprehensive security measures are to be applied to its windows and doors to prevent incursion and potential vandalism. SCP-4295-A is currently being surveyed to establish routine maintenance procedures and repair damage using whichever methods are likely to provide SCP-4295-B with the best medical outcome. SCP-4295-B is to housed at Site-17 in a Standard Humanoid Containment cell and given a comprehensive medical examination once monthly to check for unexpected injuries or wounds.

Description: SCP-4295-A is a two-story Victorian house in Portland, Maine, built in 1892. SCP-4295-B is its owner, 62-year-old Martha Ackerman.

Various parts of SCP-4295-A are "mapped" to different parts of SCP-4295-B's body, causing her to experience a tactile sensation where the corresponding portion of SCP-4295-A is touched. Movement on the second story is felt in the upper body; movement on the first story is felt in the lower body, etc. In addition, injuries to SCP-4295-B's body are reflected in equivalent damage to SCP-4295-A in the associated area, and damage or decay to SCP-4295-A appears as damage to SCP-4295-B's body. These injuries do not respond to typical medical treatment and can only be reversed by repairing SCP-4295-A. This was discovered during routine testing to confirm the anomaly, when a section of the handrail on the basement stairs gave way due to rot. This caused a deep laceration to SCP-4295-B's right thigh.

As the result of natural wear and tear on the house, SCP-4295-B is suffering from:

  • Lichen planus on the skin of the upper left arm, corresponding to rot in the floorboards of the upstairs bedroom.
  • An injury to the chest wall, corresponding to damage to SCP-4295-A's central heating unit.
  • Alopecia, corresponding to damaged roof tiles.

Addendum SCP-4295-1:

Addendum SCP-4295-2:

Following this incident, SCP-4295-B was returned to the interior of SCP-4295-A, where she proceeded to lock herself in the bathroom. She was convinced to return to the living room after five hours. Plans to convert SCP-4295-A into a permanent containment zone with appropriate medical facilities are currently underway in the event that SCP-4295-B is unable to be removed.

Addendum SCP-4295-3:

Addendum SCP-4295-4:

SCP-4295-B was transported to Site-17 without incident. Her injuries have improved rapidly with the repair of SCP-4295-A. As of 03/04/2008, the connection between the house's state and her body's has weakened significantly, and she has not experienced any serious medical complications in several months. This trend is expected to continue. When asked to describe her feelings on the matter, SCP-4295-B described herself as "ornery but optimistic".

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