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3/4294 LEVEL 3/4294



Item #: SCP-4294

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Artificial Intelligence Conscript TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic is deployed to locate and replace all digital images and video footage containing SCP-4294 with Class-F visual amnestics.

MTF Omicron-88 ("Witch's Tit") is to track and monitor SCP-4294 in order to minimize exposure to non-Foundation personnel. Additionally, Omicron-88's responsibilities include:

  • administering regional air traffic controllers under the guise of local military authorities in order to maintain a 5 km no-flight zone around SCP-4294.
  • coordination with local emergency and disaster relief services in order to minimize civilian casualties during and following an Inquiry Event. (Defined as SCP-4294 descending to a height of below 1km.)
  • investigation into the identity of POI-4294-01 "Maxine".

Description: SCP-4294 is a roughly 3 km long tendril of flesh, visually identified as an enormous ovary with free-hanging fallopian tube. SCP-4294 is capable of flight at speeds observed up to 75 km/h, typically remaining at a height of roughly 10 km.

SCP-4294 is perpetually surrounded by a severe snowstorm with wind speeds in excess of 130km/h. Visibility and maneuverability impact due to extreme blizzard conditions render attempts to intercept or engage with conventional aircraft and munitions currently impractical.

Addendum 4294.1: Discovery / Initial Inquiry Event

Darvaza gas crater.

SCP-4294 was first sighted emerging from the Darvaza gas crater1 in Derweze, Turkmenistan on 2/20/2000. Foundation assets arrived on-site 2 hours following reports of initial manifestation. Extensive wind and ice damage were found present within a ~4 km radius of the crater.

Ashgabat local Gulshat Abdulov was recovered sheltered within an overturned truck near the initial manifestation point.

Addendum 4294.2: Log of Inquiry Events

Addendum 4294.3: Inquiry Event 2 log of recovered materials

Addendum 4294.4: Inquiry Event 4 log of recovered materials

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