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Item #: SCP-2943

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2943-A is currently within the boundaries of Site-51. A digital display showing the current date and time is to be kept within visible range of this manifestation point at all times. A timer counting down until precisely 8,640 minutes have elapsed since the previous SCP-2943 manifestation is to be kept running at all times, and reset as required. Tests conducted with any SCP-2943 instances are to be catalogued in the SCP-2943 Testing Log.

All instances of SCP-2943-1 are to be catalogued according to manifestation time and stored accordingly. New instances of SCP-2943-1 are to be timestamped immediately for ease of cataloguing.

Instances of SCP-2943-2 are to be processed similarly to SCP-2943-1 before being transported to Lunar Area-32, to facilitate satellite imagery of the Earth as depicted through each instance, to assist in determining the cause of their manifestations. SCP-2943-2 are to be stored at Site-51 when not in use, separately from SCP-2943-1 instances.

In the event of an impending severe K-Class scenario, Procedure SATURN LAMENT is to be initiated as a last resort. Under no other circumstances whatsoever are any potentially destructive tests to be conducted on any SCP-2943 instances.

Procedure SATURN LAMENT: Information detailing pivotal events regarding the imminent K-Class scenario, such as events that directly instigated the event or alternate outcomes that were not explored, are to be left exposed within reasonable distance of SCP-2943-A until an SCP-2943-1 or SCP-2943-2 instance manifests. Once this has occurred, an available SCP-2943-1 or SCP-2943-2 instance that manifested prior to the first event pivotal to the impending K-Class scenario the most recently manifested SCP-2943-1 or SCP-2943-2 instance is to be destroyed by any means necessary.

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