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Item #: SCP-4288

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4288 is inherently self-containing, and the effects are not noticeably anomalous to the public. Information on SCP-4288 has been naturally obscured by individuals with knowledge of SCP-4288. The Department of Miscommunications is in charge of direct management of SCP-4288, if required. One individual from the DoMC is to have specific knowledge of SCP-4288 at all times.

Description: SCP-4288 was an event or series of events that occurred in Callam Township, South Carolina, USA. SCP-4288 is a novel antimeme that resists attempts at communication: individuals with knowledge of the specifics of SCP-4288 refuse to communicate such information in any capacity. The complete lack of subjects who will share detailed information on SCP-4288 — often directly contrasting their typical behavior, employment requirements or any personal involvement in the matter — has led to this aversion being deemed anomalous.

The anomalous effect of SCP-4288 inhibits the ability to describe it in the context of standard documentation, or the uploading of documents which describe it to the Foundation database. Subjects are universally resistant in giving any form of information that would allow another to determine the location or specifics of SCP-4288.

The only way to discover information on SCP-4288 is to travel to Callam Township and perform a detailed investigation in person. However, this is often prevented by those who have knowledge of SCP-4288, who are averse to others learning of SCP-4288.1 Since any individual who learns of SCP-4288 is then subject to its effect, no benefit is actually gained by the Foundation in doing so. As such, attempts at doing so have been suspended.

The degree to which subjects are affected by the anomalous effects of SCP-4288 is not universal, and some individuals are willing to share small, non-specific details concerning SCP-4288. As such, the following, limited information has been determined:2

  • Apart from the antimemetic properties of SCP-4288, there is no indication of anomalous behavior or phenomena. SCP-4288 is believed to be purely mundane in-and-of itself.
  • SCP-4288 would commonly be viewed as shameful or illegal. This is the most commonly stated reason for the refusal to spread information concerning SCP-4288.
  • SCP-4288 is no longer occurring in any capacity; the reason why it is no longer occurring is too closely linked to SCP-4288 to describe it. SCP-4288 began after 1980 and ended before 1990.
  • SCP-4288 was associated with a specific set of buildings (ranging between one and five); the exact buildings are not disclosed.
  • Upwards of fifty individuals were involved (directly or indirectly) in SCP-4288; not all of these individuals were residents of Callam Township.
    • At least one of these individuals is still alive, although identities have not been confirmed. The anomalous qualities of SCP-4288 may be linked to their life, and expire upon their death.
    • One or more of these individuals was a prominent member of the Callam Township community between 1980 and 1990.
  • SCP-4288 directly caused harm. The specifics of this harm are undefined.
  • SCP-4288 indirectly caused harm. The specifics of this harm are undefined.
  • The ramifications of SCP-4288 on the Callam Township community are still impactful and have not ended.
  • The anomalous effect of SCP-4288 was not intentional, but "appropriate". The nature of this appropriateness is unexplained.
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