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SCP-4284-14 displaying its mating colors.

Item #: SCP-4284

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Until there is clear evidence that a natural population no longer exists, SCP-4284 specimens are to be actively hunted and captured using any means necessary. MTF Lambda-37 "Tower Power" has been assigned to all duties involving the eradication, capture and containment of SCP-4284 instances at Site-231.

SCP-4284 specimens marked for preservation are to be contained separately in appropriately sized enclosures, and should be provided with proportionally acceptable portions of water and various raw ores. While in containment, handlers should become familiar with their outlined duties as detailed in the handler guidebook specific to their assigned SCP-4284 specimen. These duties include, but are not limited to, tagging the specimen with a Foundation GPS tracker, painting and maintenance of the specimens exoskeleton, monitoring and documenting hibernation and mating patterns, and carrying out mental stimulation activities designed for the specific SCP-4284 instance.


SCP-4284-22 before capture by the Foundation.

Description: SCP-4284 are a collection of sentient terrestrial invertebrate animals that bear some biological similarities to crustaceans and other arthropods. The exterior of an SCP-4284 specimen is wholly indistinguishable from a man-made elevated water storage tank. Due to similarities in composition and appearance, research into a possible connection to SCP-4748 is ongoing.

SCP-4284 are hostile when threatened and are capable of deploying their appendages in defense with deadly results. The utmost caution should be observed when interacting with SCP-4284 specimens. SCP-4284 are poikilothermic, causing them to be invisible to thermal imaging systems, complicating identification in the wild.

SCP-4284 are immune to most projectile based weaponry, but are susceptible to electric shock. Sedation is possible by use of chloroform or other standard sedatives administered with armor piercing projectile syringes.

SCP-4284 are found most commonly along the coast of the Gulf of Alaska and other parts of Western British Columbia. Due to their antisocial behavior, human contact is rare, but wild specimens can wander closer to human settlements if they have gone without food for extended periods of time.

Preservative Containment: Six specimens of SCP-4284 are to be retained for study by the Foundation. New specimens are subject to containment only when a currently contained specimen expires. Each instance of SCP-4284 in containment is assigned one "handler," a Containment Specialist with Level 2 Clearance at the least. Any Foundation staff with a Clearance Level of 2 or higher may apply to be a handler.

The following is a list of the six specimens as of 01-12-2019, a brief description, and the associated handler.

Specimen Description Handler
SCP-4284-9 Male quadruped, 40 meters tall. Solid sky blue. Researcher David Barrera, Level 2
SCP-4284-14 Female octopod, 65 meters tall. Red and white stripes and a checkered pattern on the head. Easily agitated. Dr. Elliot Walker, Level 3
SCP-4284-16 Female octopod, 45 meters tall. Exoskeleton is heavily damaged and rusted. Several different coats of paint. Enters a state of rage when in contact with other female SCP-4284 instances. Seems to have trouble moulting, requires special attention from handler. Dr. Abigail Swanson, Level 3
SCP-4284-21 Male hexapod, 65 meters tall. Solid maroon. Researcher Dexter Mann, Level 2
SCP-4284-22 Adolescent male quadruped, 35 meters tall. Solid white. Bonds easily with humans. Junior Researcher Aubrey Kirkland, Level 2
SCP-4284-40 Female hexapod, 60 meters tall. Yellow and black horizontal stripes. Shows higher than average intelligence. Incredibly hostile to both humans and other specimens, but appears to cooperate with Dr. Winters to an unexpected extent. Dr. Jacob Winters, Level 4

Incident Report 4284-03.19.2019: On the noted date, MTF Lambda-37 was mobilized in response to a breach of containment in Enclosure 06, which was housing SCP-4284-40. Security cameras captured the loss of 4 MTF personnel after they were impaled by SCP-4284-40's radial appendages. The flexible tendrils were also seen being used to pick up and throw security personnel across the facility.

Atop SCP-4284-40 on a makeshift saddle was Dr. Winters, now designated PoI-4284. A review of the event revealed that PoI-4284 had disabled the security locks on Enclosure 06. SCP-4284-40 and PoI-4284 have not yet been located.

While PoI-4284's motivation is uncertain, it should be noted that due to SCP-4284-40's violent tendencies, MTF Lambda-37 were considering its termination prior to the incident. PoI-4284 was vocal about his displeasure with this development, insisting that he had made progress with SCP-4284-40.

Addendum 4284-04.21.2019: On the noted date, Corporal Dillon Cooper, the commanding officer of MTF Lambda-37's Foxtrot Squad, was assigned to carry out a routine containment expedition. Private Leslie Knight, Private Devin Byrd, and Private Shiloh Cash were assigned to Corporal Cooper during this expedition.

Approximately 45 minutes into the expedition, Lambda-37 made visual contact with a water storage tank near 70 Mile House along Highway 97 in British Colombia, Canada. After confirming that the tank was not registered as a man made object, and upon further visual inspection, the tank was identified as SCP-4284-40. Corporal Cooper made the decision to terminate SCP-4284-40.

Lambda-37 expended three HEAA rounds fired from Private Cash's Mk 153 SMAW before SCP-4284-40 was incapacitated. Private Cash and Corporal Cooper expired during the altercation, being impaled by the radial appendages. Video logs retrieved from Cash and Cooper showed that SCP-4284-40 anticipated the MTF's planned flanking route, targeted and promptly destroyed a vehicle mounted HMG and portable mortar, and strategically targeted Corporal Cooper, suggesting an understanding of the command structure of the squad.

Inspection of the remains revealed the body of PoI-4284 in the stomach of SCP-4284-40. This is the first and only time that The Foundation has recorded carnivorous behavior in an SCP-4284 specimen. A Foundation conducted autopsy confirmed that SCP-4284-40 was incapable of gaining any nutritional value from the body of PoI-4284, and its motivation for consuming the body remains unclear.

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