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Item #: SCP-4282

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4282 is to be stored in a standard secure weapon locker at Site-68. The care and maintenance procedures for SCP-4282 are identical to any non-anomalous black powder cap-and-ball firearm. Testing of SCP-4282 must be authorized by a Level-3 researcher or higher.

Be advised that SCP-4282's anomalous ability will target individuals that meet the either of the following criteria:

  1. Guilty of theft of any nautical vessel, including non-motorized vessels such as sailing boats, canoes, and kayaks. Also includes sub-nautical vessels (submarines.) Vessels must be capable of containing human occupants.
  2. Guilty of "piracy" as defined by Title 18 Chapter 81 of the United States Code. (SCP-4282's criteria are slightly broader, but this definition will suffice for testing and containment purposes.)

Note: Any Foundation personnel stationed at Site-68 that meet the above requirements in any way should contact their immediate supervisor for transfer. See Incident Report 4282-A.

Description: SCP-4282 is a .44 caliber single shot black powder handgun that utilizes a percussion cap as a primer. The operation of SCP-4282 is identical to any other muzzle loading black powder firearm, except that projectiles loaded into the muzzle do not directly exit the barrel.

Upon firing SCP-4282, the nearest living human guilty of piracy or theft of a nautical vessel will suffer a fatal gunshot wound to the back of the head. Wounds caused by SCP-4282 are consistent between targets, featuring an entry wound through the parietal bone of the cranium and an exit wound through the right eye socket, although some cases present larger exit wounds than others.

Analysis of the entry wounds reveal burns consistent with black powder and a .44 caliber hole, suggesting a point-blank shot from a muzzle loading black powder firearm. In conjunction, high speed footage of SCP-4282 reveals that the projectile does not exit the barrel directly, but instead teleports to the nearest offender that meets the criteria, regardless of distance. Fired shots retain their velocity and lethality, but are dependent on an adequate powder charge.

Engraved on the right side of the barrel in cursive are the words, "Mutiny's Bane."

Note: It was initially believed that SCP-4282 simply kills its user, but Foundation testing has clarified the function of the firearm, described above. For more insight into testing of SCP-4282, see the test results below.

Discovery: SCP-4282 came to the attention of the Foundation when security footage from the bridge of the M.V. Almezaan, a general cargo vessel operating off the Horn of Africa, was intercepted by a Foundation operative embedded in the British Navy. The security footage log is attached.

Reports turned over by the British reveal that the lead ball was in fact fired from SCP-4282, despite the firearm not being aimed at either the pirate or the special forces operative. An inspection of the bridge proved that the shot could not have come from outside the room.

Class-A Amnestics were administered to individuals who were involved or had knowledge of the hostage situation on the bridge. All other aspects of the incident, including the hijacking itself, did not require action on the part of the Foundation, as all anomalous activity was contained on the bridge, and the wounds inflicted by SCP-4282 were explained by non-anomalous gunfire.

Testing: The projectiles should be .440 round lead ball, and the powder charge should be measured at 20 grains of 3F powder or equivalent. Modern No. 11 percussion caps are adequate for use with the firearm.

As a fail-safe, two (2) D-Class personnel that meet the testing criteria (see containment procedures) must be present whenever SCP-4282 is to be loaded and fired. These D-Class personnel will take a primary (D-1) and secondary (D-2) position of three (3) meters and five (5) meters from the firearm respectively. As soon as SCP-4282 is loaded, all D-Class personnel must be treated as loaded firearms, and as such will be faced towards the firing range and away from all Foundation researchers at all times. All other personnel must remain outside the 5 meter radius during testing.

All D-Class subjects used in testing must be fitted with a protective Kevlar helmet capable of nullifying the lethal effect of SCP-4282's bullet.

Addendum 4282-12.06.2011: On the noted date, Foundation algorithms picked up a mention of the words, "Mutiny's Bane" in an online blog-post from an amateur treasure hunter.

The individual discovered a small chest washed up on the beaches of the Akumal village in Quintana Roo, Mexico. The chest contained a wooden insert with two spaces carved out in the shape of two pistols. Underneath the insert was a scroll with a handwritten poem.

Beware all ye dogs who pillage and plunder
Those who would take what they ought not own
Lest your head from your neck be rent asunder
Heed my fair warning and let it be known

That the Bane of Mutiny and the Helmsman’s Wrath
Do guard the long decks of this galleon so fine
Know that death himself will follow your path
If you board this great vessel with greed in your mind

Both the chest and the scroll have been transferred to Site-68 and should be kept in containment with SCP-4282.

While there is clear evidence that a second pistol could have existed alongside SCP-4282, it is unclear if it has similar anomalous properties, or even if it still exists. Until there is tangible evidence for the object referred to as the "Helmsman's Wrath," it will not receive an SCP designation.

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