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SCP-4281. SCP-4281-1's location is marked with a white arrow.

Item #: SCP-4281

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The room containing SCP-4281 should remain locked and marked with an "out of service" sign. Unauthorized individuals found trespassing within this area are to be questioned, then given Class-A amnestics. Two security personnel will remain on site at all times, posing as casino staff. Communication with SCP-4281-1 is forbidden outside of approved testing.

Description: SCP-4281 is a lavatory stall located inside the first floor men's washroom of the Holy Roller casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

SCP-4281-1 is a sapient entity residing inside this stall. Visual confirmation of SCP-4281-1 is only possible via the 20cm gap under the stall's walls/door. Viewing the interior of SCP-4281 by any other means reveals only an empty stall. If SCP-4281 is forcefully entered, either by bypassing the interior rotatory lock or simply breaking down the stall door, SCP-4281-1 will be entirely absent. Closing the door, or leaving the washroom unoccupied and unobserved for any period of time will cause SCP-4281-1 to re-appear. Due to this effect, SCP-4281-1 has only ever been observed as the calves of a white male, wearing white-red striped socks and blue-white 1995 Adidas Orion running sneakers.

When an individual enters the stall directly adjacent to SCP-4281, within 10-15 seconds SCP-4281-1 will begin conversing with the occupant. SCP-4281-1 is described as having an up-beat, mild south-west American accent, and being prone to lengthy personal anecdotes, unsolicited advice, and long-winded opinions on current affairs. SCP-4281-1 will continue speaking regardless of response, or a lack thereof, often bridging natural pauses in discussion with phrases such as “That’s right, huh? Of course it is.”, “Another thing about that…”, and "Heck, you know what that reminds me of?”

While most often discussing mundane topics, SCP-4281-1 has, on rare occasions, demonstrated an insight into various anomalous subjects, including thaumatology and hemogenic evocation. Additionally, SCP-4281-1 appears to possess a great deal of personal and classified information on the Foundation and several GOIs. Attempts at guiding the conversation towards these subjects has proven highly ineffective, as SCP-4281-1 seems unwilling or incapable of deviating from its chosen “discussions”. As such, the full scope of SCP-4281-1's knowledge, or how it is acquired, is currently unknown.

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