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Item #: SCP-4280

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4280 is to be contained in Locker-1987 in Site-83. Excluding the circumstance of testing, access to Locker-1987 is prohibited to all personnel.

All personnel are to be strictly reminded that they are not to use SCP-4280 for any non-scientific reasons. This includes using SCP-4280 on another person, using SCP-4280 on themselves, or using SCP-4280 on any other entity in the Foundation's custody.

Description: SCP-4280 is a 30 cm x 30 cm x 50 cm sealed glass jar marked with the name 'The Inter-Dimensional Insult Punishment Jar' and accompanied by two blank lines below it. No manufacturer name or logo can be seen on the jar itself. The lid on SCP-4280 is unable to be removed.

SCP-4280's anomalous properties manifest after an individual writes down a name1 and a duration of time2 on the two blank lines. Once filled in, should the noted individual on SCP-4280 say a phrase or sentence intended to emotionally hurt another entity directly or indirectly within the duration of time written on SCP-4280, SCP-4280 will make a loud buzzing noise and vocalise the phrase 'You insulted someone'.

Within 5 seconds after the buzzing noise is made by SCP-4280, a maximum of 50 dollars will be deducted from the individual's bank account and materialise inside SCP-4280 in the form of U.S. dollar notes3. The amount of money deducted is determined by the type of insult they said. (For a comprehensive list, refer to Addendum 4280-A)

At the end of the duration of time, the accumulated money inside SCP-4280 will dematerialise4, with SCP-4280 subsequently vocalising the phrase 'I hope you have learned your lesson'. Following that action, the written name and duration of time on SCP-4280 will disappear.

Within the given duration of time, an individual is unable to erase the written name and duration of time on SCP-4280. All of the individual's money that has been collected by SCP-4280 cannot be retrieved back by the individual.

Addendum 4280-A: Compiled list of the separate fees charged by SCP-4280 for different insults

Addendum 4280-B: SCP-4280 Testing Logs

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