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SCP-4278 (Manifestation-52)

Item #: SCP-4278

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the transient nature of SCP-4278, permanent physical containment is not possible.

Upon evidence being received of an SCP-4278 manifestation, covert agents are to move to the manifestation site immediately and identify the first individual who witnessed SCP-4278. This individual is then to be brought into custody. Any other witnesses are to be administered amnestics and the area of the manifestation is to be sealed off from public use.

When the first individual to witness SCP-4278 attempts to return to it, they are not to be prevented from doing so. Attempted containment in these cases has proven to be a waste of resources. (See Incident 4278-1.)


A stretch of shore on SCP-4278. Image taken by exploration team.

Description: SCP-4278 is a small tropical island which appears and disappears in various locations across the globe. In most cases, the area SCP-4278 appears in will be one with an extremely low human population; for this reason, it is believed most appearances of SCP-4278 go unreported. SCP-4278 will remain in a single location for a time ranging from three days to six months.

Inspection of SCP-4278 by exploration teams indicates the presence of flora as would be expected for an island in the tropics, but no animal life of any kind has been found. In addition, exploration teams have reported a feeling of being watched which intensifies the closer they get to the center of the island. Despite full exploration of SCP-4278 taking place on several occasions, no source for this sensation has been identified, and it is currently unknown whether it is in fact an anomalous phenomenon or a mundane psychological reaction.


The huts found at the center of SCP-4278.

The only signs of human habitation on SCP-4278 are a series of six wooden huts of various materials and proportions in the center of the island. All six of these huts contain only single wooden tables, all of which appear to have marked by numerous sharp objects over a long period of time. Underneath these six huts are six mass graves, each of which contain bones, preserved organs and assorted viscera from an estimated two-hundred and sixty-four human beings1.

The secondary anomalous effect of SCP-4278 occurs when it is first observed by a human being after manifestation. This human being, hereafter referred to as the victim, will then become convinced that they are going to be ritually murdered on SCP-4278 in the near future. Upon questioning, they will be able to provide specific and vivid details regarding their future murder, claiming that they are receiving the information as though they are remembering a memory that has not happened yet. Whether this is genuine premonition or memories implanted through exposure to SCP-4278 has not yet been confirmed.

Immediately prior to SCP-4278 disappearing from its current location, the victim will make their way onto it, at which point both they and SCP-4278 will demanifest. Upon its next manifestation, new viscera will be present beneath one of the huts at the center of SCP-4278.

Victims of SCP-4278 have invariably claimed they are not being anomalously compelled to return to SCP-4278, and are simply submitting to the inevitability of their future murder. All attempts to prevent a victim from returning to SCP-4278 have proven unsuccessful due to apparent coincidences that disable security measures, as well as an as-of-yet unexplained inability by bystanders to interfere with the victim as they make the journey to SCP-4278.

Bar the victim, all foreign bodies introduced to SCP-4278 will be displaced into the surrounding area following demanifestation. For this reason, recording or otherwise monitoring of SCP-4278 following its disappearance is not possible.

Interview Log 4278-1:

On 12/09/2018, a manifestation of SCP-4278 was confirmed several kilometers from the small coastal town of Satsport, New England. The victim in this case was identified as local fifty-two year old fisherman Daniel Lawcroft, who was brought into custody at Temporary Site-52 shortly after. The following is the ensuing initial interview:

<Begin Log>

(Mr. Lawcroft is sitting at the table, his head in his hands. Dr. Santana enters, holding a cup of water.)

Dr. Santana: You mentioned you were thirsty. Is this okay?


Dr. Santana: Sir?

(Mr. Lawcroft looks up, blinking rapidly, and takes the drink.)

Mr. Lawcroft: Oh, uh, thanks.

Dr. Santana: No problem. Something wrong?

Mr. Lawcroft: I'm gonna die.


Dr. Santana: We're going to do everything in our power to stop that from happening.

Mr. Lawcroft: Doesn't matter. I can already remember it. (laughs) How the hell can I remember something that hasn't happened yet?

Dr. Santana: I realize this may be challenging, but before we proceed I just need to get a little bit more information out of you. Could you take a look at these images?

(Dr. Santana spreads several photographs over the table. Each is an image taken on SCP-4278 by initial exploration teams. After looking over them for a moment, Mr. Lawcroft points at an image of one of the huts at the center of SCP-4278 with a trembling finger.)

Mr. Lawcroft: (quietly) That's it.

Dr. Santana: That's what?

Mr. Lawcroft: That's the house where they're going to cut me up.

Dr. Santana: Who's going to cut you up? What do they look like?

Mr. Lawcroft: I - I don't know. Just … people, I guess? With these white cloaks on, like bed-sheets, I won't be able to see their faces. They have these knives - um, they're sharp - very … very sharp.

Dr. Santana: And when you say they cut you up … those are what they use?

Mr. Lawcroft: They're going to open me up like - like a fish, all the way open. They're going to reach into me and p-pull parts out, and … and show them to me, right in my face, and then they're going to throw them on the floor. It's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt so bad, but I don't die. Why don't I die? (beginning to hyperventilate) A-A-A-And then they - they're gonna start cutting me up from the toes into little, little pieces and I don't die! Don't - don't die! Why the fuck don't I die?! I didn't do anything wrong! I didn't do anything wrong!

(Medical personnel enter the room and begin calming Mr. Lawcroft down over the course of thirty minutes.)

Dr. Santana: Are you feeling better?

Mr. Lawcroft: Mm…y-yeah … no, not really. I want…

Dr. Santana: Yes? What can I do for you?

Mr. Lawcroft: I really want my mama, doc.

<End Log>

Following this interview, a meeting between Mr. Lawton and his elderly mother was proposed by Dr. Santana, approved and conducted. Mr. Lawton reported a significant increase in morale as a result.

Incident Log 4278-1:

On 19/12/2018, Mr. Lawton began making his way to SCP-4278 as part of its demanifestation. The following is a log of the efforts that were taken to halt his advance towards SCP-4278.

Time Events
01:10 An unexpected systems failure causes the doors to Mr. Lawton's quarters to automatically open. Mr. Lawton begins making his way out of Temporary Site-52.
01:11 Security personnel on-site attempt to apprehend and restrain Mr. Lawton, but report an inability to do so. When questioned further, they are unable to explain the exact reason they are unable to do this, simply stating they could not bring themselves to perform any actions that would require contact with Mr. Lawton.
01:16 Security personnel instructed to non-lethally fire upon Mr. Lawton. All guns jam when security personnel attempt to fire. Mr. Lawton reaches the main doors of Temporary Site-52.
01:18 A second systems failure causes the main doors of Temporary Site-52 to open. As Mr. Lawton leaves, personnel report that he is crying profusely.
01:19 Mr. Lawton begins walking towards the town of Satsport. Security personnel are ordered to switch to observation rather than attempt to restrain him.
02:43 Mr. Lawton reaches the town of Satsport. Plainclothes personnel take over observation duties and attempt to convince Mr. Lawton to cease his approach, but he refuses.
03:11 Mr. Lawton commandeers a motorboat, which personnel find themselves unable to get into, and proceeds towards SCP-4278.
03:54 Under orders from Dr. Santana, snipers positioned over the coast take aim and fire in Mr. Lawton's direction. Although they are unable to fire any shots that would hit Mr. Lawton, they successfully fire upon and disable his vehicle some distance away from SCP-4278.
03:55 Using a remote drone, Dr. Santana attempts to convince Mr. Lawton to return to Temporary Site-52. (See Interview Log 4278-2.)

Interview Log 4278-2:

<Begin Log>

Dr. Santana: Daniel, please, please return to your quarters. We can still help you!

Mr. Lawcroft: You can't, doc. You really can't. I appreciate this, though, I really do.


Dr. Santana: If what you've said is true, Daniel, they're going to kill you on that island.

Mr. Lawcroft: Yep.

Dr. Santana: Then why would you want to go there now?!

Mr. Lawcroft: Don't wanna do anything, doc. Wanna go home and watch some TV, pet my dog, fall asleep on the couch. But they're already cutting me up. They're already going to cut me up. Doesn't matter what I want.


Dr. Santana: That boat isn't going anywhere, Daniel, and the waters are bad this time of year. You won't make it to the island either way.

Mr. Lawcroft: (sighs) Wish it were true, doc, but neither of us've got a choice in the matter. Watch.

<End Log>

Time Events
03:58 Mr. Lawton begins to walk across the surface of the water.
04:22 Mr. Lawton reaches the coast of SCP-4278 and collapses into the fetal position, shaking. Personnel find themselves unable to approach SCP-4278.
04:30 Several hooded figures wearing white cloaks emerge from the foliage in SCP-4278 and drag Mr. Lawton out of sight, who begins screaming, but does not attempt to resist. SCP-4278 demanifests.

Following this incident, Dr. Santana submitted a request for reassignment from SCP-4278, and a supplemental request that none of his future assignments require him to be near large bodies of water. Both requests were approved.

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