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Item#: 4276
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures:

Protocol NULLARCH1

The following are to be enacted within twenty-four hours of the previous engagement.

  • An organism - or organisms - meeting a weight requirement of 90kg is to descend into SCP-4276-B. At no point afterward is the organism(s) to be retrieved; all organisms undergoing Protocol NULLARCH are to be considered lost thereafter.
  • A symbol of religious devotion is to be placed upon the rim of SCP-4276-B. For no reason may any form of religious iconography be engraved upon SCP-4276-B.
  • The item may then be removed from SCP-4276 during the following engagement. The same item is not to be used twice.

The following are to be conducted within seven days of the previous engagement.

  • All personnel within the facility SCP-4276 is contained in are to be interviewed regarding any notable abnormalities in their activities or sleep schedules, which are to be monitored. Additionally, they are to undergo a Rorschach test with blank material. These interrogations are to be conducted and are under the authority of Senior Researcher König.
  • Once the O-Class entity is revealed, it is to first be apprehended by security forces, be brought to the attention of both Lead Researchers, and then be placed in a holding cell awaiting trial and/or attempted termination based on the judgment of lead research personnel.


SCP-4276 collectively regards the following:

SCP-4276-B is a crucible basin with an upper diameter of 26.82m, weighing 42,000kg. At the base of its roof, SCP-4276-B descends into a void extending well beyond its outside parameters.

When matter comes into contact with a threshold of 1.07m inside the pit of SCP-4276-B, it will begin to rapidly deteriorate at varying speeds with no discerned pattern. Should the material be returned from this threshold prior to total annihilation, the process will cease and the subject will suffer all expected effects.

Currently, the deepest recorded depth of the interior of SCP-4276 is 800 meters before the applied recording hardware was rendered defunct.

SCP-4276-A can be observed within SCP-4276-B and in between engagements of protocol NULLARCH. As such, protocol NULLARCH has been devised to diminish SCP-4276-A's spread. There is no known method to extinguish SCP-4276-A.


Subject Details: Depth: Retrieval: Subject Post Test Details
Steel rod, 3kg, 125cm. Contact made; base of the subject level with the entrance. Yes; 10 seconds. Subject lost 9.5cm of length; subject carved with an upward spiraling pattern up to 107cm. 2.74kg.
Steel rod, 3kg, 125cm. Fully engulfed; subject descended below the threshold. No. Following 40 seconds, the subject was pulled out, revealing nothing had remained of it.
Steel rod, 3kg, 125 cm. Fully engulfed below the threshold. Yes; 20 seconds. Consistent spiraling patterns across the subject. Severe trimming. 1.13kg.
Wireless camera, 1.8kg. 96 meters below the threshold. No. Considered lost. The pit appears to expand as it descends, with the recording showing a perimeter of 48m.
D-6124, Male, 87kg. Subject immersed up to its waist below the threshold. Yes; 4 seconds. Subject immediately reacted to SCP-4276-A. Pulled out prematurely. Slim lacerations consistent with previous patterns noted along the legs, feet, and waist. 86kg.
D-6125, Female, 79kg. Subject's left foreleg fully immersed. No; 20 seconds. Subject material was lowered into SCP-4276-A. Upon conclusion, the subject was raised, revealing that the lower parts of the leg had been fully removed. Subject's new weight: 74kg.
D-6126, Male, 101kg. Fully immersed below the threshold. Yes; 40 seconds. Deep, jagged lacerations across the body in spiraling patterns; 3 fingers lost; 1 hand lost; body and head hair lost. 61kg. Hospitalized.


SCP-4276 was found following the complete destruction of the town of Oblation, North Carolina, USA. The population, prior to SCP-4276, was recorded at two-hundred and thirty-seven, all of which have been expunged from non-Foundation databases.


Recreation of singular spiraling SCP-4276-A pattern.

SCP-4276-B was located in what was formerly the center of the town, found overflowing with SCP-4276-A. No witnesses, files, or evidence of either the town of Oblation or SCP-4276 was found on the premises. Additionally, a difference in elevation had formed between the inside and outside of the premises of Oblation, forming a 46-meter deep crater around its edges and a 172-meter deep crater at its center. Spiraling patterns were carved into the crater ground, creating a network of the image on the right.

During initial containment efforts, the effects of SCP-4276-A caused extreme difficulty for Foundation personnel in reaching SCP-4276-B, resulting in the annihilation of fourteen agents and two researchers; the three survivors were later terminated.

After several days, a reliable method for reaching SCP-4276-B was discovered, and, once Foundation personnel could reach it, a draft for Protocol NULLARCH was devised by the former lead researcher at the time, Jameson Macrada. Revisions have since been made.

O-Class3 Interview One

Interviewer: Senior Researcher Friedenfänger König

Interviewed: Lead Researcher Jameson Macrada

Forward: Regarding Macrada's time with SCP-4276.

[Begin Log]

König: Macrada, sir, I trust you've been notified of the purpose of this interview.

O-Class: That is correct.

König: Let's begin, then. Mr. Macrada, if you could identify yourself for the audio recording.

O-Class: Jameson Macrada, level-4 credentials, lead researcher for 4276.

König: And, for how long have you served as the lead researcher for SCP-4276?

O-Class: Since its discovery, the fourteenth of April, 1992.

König: And what is the current date?

O-Class: The … sixth of May, I think?

König: Very well. Mr. Macrada, over the past few weeks, there have been multiple complaints regarding various minor things, but, before that, might we discuss Protocol "NULLARCH"?

O-Class: What would you like to know?

König: How, precisely, were you able to come up with this Protocol? It seems, to me, antithetical, yet it works all the same.

O-Class: Well, it was- it struck me, I suppose, how devilish it seemed to me at the time. This great, big geyser, spewing hateful black everywhere. You know how devoted I am.

König: No, I don't, actually. How faithful would you say you are, Mr. Macrada?

O-Class: Very, König my boy! Very much so! In the mornings I wake up and pray to little baby Jesus, and in the night I thank God for everything he's done for me.

König: Interesting, Mr. Macrada. But, and you just said it now, you said it seemed "devilish"? And, that didn't answer my question either, so I'll cut to the chase: Why did you decide to dump bodies into SCP-4276?

[O-Class begins slowly fidgeting its hand it a circular motion]

O-Class: Well, you see …

König: No, Mr. Macrada, I don't see. Could you enlighten us, please?

[König gestures to the audio recording device]

O-Class: It, uh, seemed right, you know? The right way to dispose of the bodies, and maybe even the anomaly itself. Quell down whatever was going on inside that thing so it doesn't affect us here on the outside.

König: With human bodies? Sir, I would think that those would only serve as kindling.

O-Class: I figured that if we packed them tight enough, it would suffocate anything beneath.

König: Fascinating. And this has undoubtedly worked in our favor.

O-Class: Yes sir.

König: Well then, if you would be comfortable with changing back to the topic of the recent complaints?

O-Class: I would.

König: Very well. These reports claim that you have been acting rather strange as of late. They describe you as being too quick, volatile, jumpy. Some times when you nearly fell asleep during work.

O-Class: I've had a lot on my m-

König: -And logs with the site psychiatrist state that you haven't been sleeping well, either. That you only get between two or three hours of sleep, if any at all.

[O-Class becomes silent]

König: Mr. Macrada, could you divulge what, precisely, has been plaguing you?

[O-Class remains silent]

[König pauses, staring at O-Class for several seconds. He breathes in and leans towards O-Class over the table, looking it directly in the eye]

[König is silent for several seconds]

König: Jameson, sir, have you been compromised?

[O-Class stops fidgeting, looks down, and silently nods its head]

König: I see.

O-Class: It, it whispers to me. That same thing, over and over in my mind. I can read it clearly when I close my eyes because it's burned into the darkness: "Chiral Hypocrisy". It tells me to give to it, to prepare things for it.

It won't stop either, it doesn't stop. I can feel it, now, shouting in sigils and grand, deep stretches of nothing that burn my heart and sear my flesh. It wants, it hates, it needs, it says. It's yelling at me, it's furious, demanding.

You must understand, everything I've done, everything that NULLARCH is, was me defying it, denying everything that it, that it silently screams in my nightmares.

[O-Class pauses, breathing in and out, letting its head rest on the table]

König: Mr. Macrada, our time is up. Thank you for participating in this interview.

[König gets up, adjusting his outfit, before walking to the doorway]

O-Class: Friedenfänger.

König: Yes, sir?

O-Class: I'm sorry.

König: Very.

[König leaves, and two guards walk in]

Security Personnel: Place both your hands behind your head and stand up.

[Selected footage abruptly ends as security personnel approaches the O-Class. End log]

Addenda: 4276.1

Following the removal of Jameson Macrada as lead researcher for SCP-4276, the position was transferred to Senior Researcher König for his experience and expertise. However, in light of the memetic influence displayed by SCP-4276, the site director of the facility SCP-4276 is housed in has decided to divide the role of lead researcher between two persons. Senior Researcher Wade Odenkirk has been selected for this role.

[Senior Researcher Odenkirk is overlooking SCP-4276 from a catwalk as security personnel prepares for another test. König arrives from the left side, holding a clipboard and pen]

Odenkirk: Sure took your time.

König: Yes, they took some convincing.

Odenkirk: So we're ready?

König: I will give my greenlight if you'll give yours.

Odenkirk: Alright. [To security personnel below] Bring him in.

[Two security personnel leave the room. They return two minutes later with the O-Class present]

O-Class: Fänger? What the hell is this?!

König: [To security personnel below] Oh, get it a muzzle or something and set it up.

[Security personnel march the O-Class towards SCP-4276. It begins shouting; further dialogue from O-Class removed]


Attached file. Edited for clarity.

[O-Class is strapped into the harness and security personnel look towards König and Odenkirk for confirmation. Before they get an answer, SCP-4276-A suddenly rises from SCP-4276-B, stretching between three and four meters above the threshold]

Odenkirk: What in the fuck? What happened to NULLARCH? [To security personnel below] Shut it the fuck down now!

König: Fascinating.

Odenkirk: The hell you mean "fascinating"? Holy sh-

[Odenkirk leaves the audio recorder's range, rushing across the catwalk to get down to the ground floor while König watches SCP-4276-A]

König: Continue!

Security Personnel: Sir, the Dash A!

König: Just push it in, the harness will do the rest.

[Odenkirk enters the ground floor]

Odenkirk: Shut it down! Shut it do-

[The screaming of the O-Class instantly drowns out Odenkirk]

[SCP-4276-A begins sputtering, now releasing only small bursts as it shrinks down back into SCP-4276-B]

[End log]

Usage of O-Class personnel for the testing of SCP-4276 has been prohibited. Senior Researcher König's reluctance has been noted. Other discovered O-Class personnel are to be terminated via orthodox means.

Addenda: 4276.2:

On 4/8/1992, Senior Researcher Odenkirk temporarily left the facility SCP-4276 is currently housed in, in order to handle matters unrelated to SCP-4276. As research regarding SCP-4276 had stagnated, Odenkirk surmised that Senior Researcher König could handle all minor affairs regarding SCP-4276.

On 5/8/1992, the testing of thaumaturgic items and spells with SCP-4276 was authorized, a truncated list described below.

Subject: Description: Results:
Ignis Imperium Pyromantic manipulation of the spread, rise, and/or situation of inferno. No reaction.
Vi deinceps Remote creation of a minor shockwave that repels in a chosen direction. After being situated inside SCP-4276-B, the forces compelling the spell were subsumed.
Hallowed One's Assurance Creation of a localized field surrounding the castor or the subject, causing immunity to some forms of deterioration, such as burns, caustic or acidic damage, or enhanced aging. No recorded difference between regular and enchanted subjects.
Thirty-one tests disincluded for brevity.
The Avant-Garde Standard of Sorcery, by Daniel Adamczak Book describing the current state of magic, noting multiple GOI cells and their interpretations and unconventional practices of it, and contains a number of thaumic passages such that its destruction is nigh impossible. Seen in full detail below.

Anomalous Subject Testing-035

[Begin log]

14:21: The harness equipment is being fitted to suit the subject. Four personnel are in attendance, König too is present

14:28: All preparations have been made, and the subject is being transferred from its current holding to the chamber SCP-4276 is housed in. König is notified that Odenkirk has returned to base

14:30: Subject has arrived and is being readied for testing.

König: Very well. Proceed.

14:31: Personnel continue adjusting. König faces the camera

König: This is Senior Researcher Friedenfänger, recording the testing of SCP-4276 and The Avant-Garde Standard of Sorcery. Not the official script of it, but instead merely a reprint. Previous tests related to it have shown very intriguing results, and should this successfully negate the effects of SCP-4276-A, then the process of simply recreating the thaumic passages ingrained into it will prove fruitful.

And then, I may find one, or more, of my questions answered.

Junior Researcher Adams, are we ready to begin?

14:33: JR. Adams affirms him. König signals to proceed

14:35: The subject is brought to the harness above SCP-4276-B. The camera is turned to view the proceedings. JR. Adams looks to König for confirmation, and he once again signals to continue

14:36: Odenkirk enters the testing chamber and walks over to König

Odenkirk: Hell's going on around here? I said no O-Class testing!

König: Ah, Senior Researcher Odenkirk. You've arrived.

Odenkirk: Yeah, I noticed, kraut, now what is going on here? I said no-

König: You should see for yourself; this is not O-Class testing.

14:37: Odenkirk climbs several industrial stairways and catwalks to get to the top, shouting through the way to researchers to stop their efforts. As they hear him, personnel move away from the harness, which is positioned directly above SCP-4276's pit. JR. Adams asks König what to do, he does not respond

14:38: Odenkirk reaches the top catwalk and moves toward the personnel

SCP-4276-A begins gushing from SCP-4276-B in a chaotic frenzy, reaching 5-7 meters above the threshold and completely consuming the harness

Two personnel situated there flee immediately whilst JR. Adams remains in place, staring at SCP-4276-A. Odenkirk begins wildly cursing and runs towards JR. Adams. The camera's vision is obscured by the roaring SCP-4276-A

The one other personnel rushes outside to contact site security

14:40: Odenkirk and JR. Adams are seen moving away from SCP-4276. JR. Adams was later diagnosed with injuries similar to those seen in previous D-Class experiments while Odenkirk displayed no damage at all

JR. Adams rushes down the stairways and catwalks, screaming in pain and clutching at various places of his body as he does so. Odenkirk stands stationary in front of SCP-4276, watching the movements of SCP-4276-A

14:42: Site security arrive and escorts JR. Adams outside the chamber. Two agents approach König

Security: Sir, is anyone else hurt?

König: Odenkirk, up there.

14:42: The selected footage ends as security agents approach O-06

[End Log]

Closing notes: Subject is considered lost, Junior Researcher Adams has been hospitalized, and O-06 has been interviewed revealing that it had left the facility SCP-4276 is housed in, in order to escape SCP-4276's effect on it. After attempts to terminate O-06 through orthodox methods failed, O-06 was released into SCP-4276.

Awaiting replacement secondary lead researcher.

Addenda: 4276.3:

Following the conclusion of one hundred and twenty tests utilizing thaumaturgic methods, persons, and items, SCP-4276's capacity for the complete annihilation of matter, regardless of any additional thaumaturgic characteristic, has been found to be absolute. Additionally, it seems that SCP-4276-A is similarly incapable of being manipulated through non or thaumaturgic methods. The only stimuli found to cause a change in its activity are O-Class personnel and their relative distance to SCP-4276-A.

Additional information on O-Class entities has also been found amidst a new series of tests, which has provided new insight for the continued secure containment of SCP-4276. O-Class entities will begin to develop symptoms after a period of one-two weeks of being located in the same facility that SCP-4276 is housed in. This occurs regardless of whether the O-Class has come into contact with SCP-4276.

The O-Class will then begin to develop inherently non-human characteristics, most pressingly, the capacity to internally interact with an unknown entity. More details, including detailed notes and descriptions by Senior Researcher König regarding notable traits seen in O-Class personnel and how to identify them, can be found here.

Senior Researcher König has also begun another series of tests utilizing non-thaumic anomalous objects that have low value or possess properties of interest to the project, which is to begin on 14/9/1992.

Senior Researcher Carla Confer, previously of Area-55, has been chosen for filling the role of secondary lead researcher for SCP-4276. She arrived on 21/9/1992.

Internal log - König and Confer dialogue

[Senior Researcher König is overlooking testing preparations from a top-level catwalk, occasionally taking notes. Senior Researcher Confer enters the chamber from the top floor entrance and walks towards him, clipboard in hand]

Confer: Hey, Doctor King!

König: I do not have a doctorate to my name, and that name itself would be König.

Confer: Oh, sorry about that. It's just that we work with a lot of doctors, you know?

König: Yes, Researcher Confer, I know.

Confer: Well, it's nice to meet you, … Researcher König, sir.

König: We're both of equal rank, Researcher Confer.

Confer: Yeah. It's actually my first time acting as lead researcher. And I really wanna do a good job here, really, but there was something I wanted to talk to you about.

König: That being, Researcher Confer?

Confer: Well, I wanted to speak with you about these tests, as well as the many other tests you did before I got here.

König: They served only to find that the answer to understanding this relic does not lie in magic. My interests, however, still burn the same.

Confer: That's good, um, Researcher König. But the tests, I mean, even these ones, don't you think they're unethical?

König: How do you mean?

Confer: With all due respect, you've sent a number of people down in that pit.

König: D-Class are expendable, dangerous criminals - each one a nuisance to society and a deranged delinquent - and we now know that the deeper sections of SCP-4276 deteriorate faster than higher. This will, perhaps, help should a more formidable need arise.

Confer: O … kay. And what we're doing now - cross-testing has been discouraged in every site I've been to.

König: Such a preference is one that does not account for all situations. Wasn't your previous facility directed by an anomaly "themself"?

Confer: We-

König: Researcher Confer, if you are bothered by what we are doing here, what kind of authority and responsibility stems from this position, then you are welcome to wait in your office until this is over.

Confer: N-no, no, I-I can handle this.

König: Are you so sure, Ms. Confer?

Confer: Y-yes, Mr. König, sir.

[König looks at her and smiles, briefly nodding]

[The test proceeds with both researchers taking notes. Depite its anomaly, SCP-8421-D lasted no longer than a standard human. End log]

Internal log - Confer and Adams dialogue

[Junior Researcher Adams is laying on a Foundation medical bed watching television. Several casts wrap around his arms, torso, and neck. Outside, Senior Researcher Confer can be seen walking down the hall and turns to the door, lightly knocking on it]

Adams: Oh, come in!

[Senior Researcher Confer opens the door and steps inside]

Confer: Hello! My name is Carla Confer, and I'm the other lead researcher for the SCP-4276 project.

Adams: Oh, oh thank God!

Confer: I'm really sorry to hear about what happened, and I hope that-

Adams: Please, you gotta tell the boss to stop doing these tests!

Confer: I … König has assured me that these tests are quite necessary to understanding thi-

Adams: -He-he threw the last guy in your position down that hole! Same with the guy before him! Four people he's thrown down there, not even including D-Classes!

Confer: They … they weren't human anymore. He told me that they posed a threat to everyone around them, "another voice in the head to deprive us of ourselves and our humanity."

Adams: But he hasn't even tried out any alternatives! He just sends them, to that hole, to die. They die down there! What if it's you next?!

[Senior Researcher Confer recoils]

Confer: I need to go now. I'm sorry that you went through this, and I do hope you recover soon.

[Senior Researcher Confer turns and opens the door, stopping outside after closing it. She stands there for several moments, covering her eyes and shaking. End log]

Addenda: 4276.4:

On 06/10/1992, Junior Researcher Adams was interrogated on suspicion of O-Class infection by Senior Researcher Friedenfänger König. Shortly following the conclusion of the interview, O-11 was released by security personnel. The latest height of SCP-4276-A reached nine meters.

Internal log - König and Confer dialogue

[Log opens inside Senior Researcher König's office. König and Senior Researcher Confer are present]

Confer: Why, König?!

König: The signs were all there. It clearly was no longer human and I could not have it bringing this to ruin.

Confer: He was right. He was right - did you even think about an alternative?!

König: Indeed, I have. But what do you have in mind, fraulein?

Confer: Amnestics, surgery, resorting to anomalous methods, anything to help these people instead of …

König: Yes, Ms. Confer?

Confer: Instead of killing them!

König: I have not killed anyone. I did not make that artefact, nor did I give it its potent capability. Instead, I have been given an enigma, one which we know painfully little about, and one that could, if used properly, save thousands of lives.

Confer: … How do you figure that?

[König stands]

König: Because. You've seen it, have you not? You arrived here once we had concluded the thaumaturgy trials and found that nothing, nothing, Ms. Confer, would be spared. And you are here now, as we begin "cross-testing" the anomalies that have proven to be not worth the effort. And we destroyed them, Ms. Confer.

As of yesterday, we have tried ten different objects that were seemingly indestructible, and we were returned with only an empty harness. Nothing has yet survived.

What we have is the chance, a great opportunity afforded to us by, frustratingly similarly, an unknown force. If we are to continue and if we are to achieve the best, then we must first establish the boundaries of this gift. We must be aware of any failures in this system beforehand.

Confer: A gift?

König: Yes, Ms. Confer, a gift. We have discovered the vengeful wrath of the cosmos, a power beyond any nuclear bomb or crossbow. And a power such as that, a power to rival Mjöllnir, the Thunderbolt, or the Lance of Longinus, must be well managed in our hands.

Think of the things in the dark, how many beasts without end do you think the Foundation has contained? Many, Ms. Confer. Many. And how many people have died because of them? Dozens, do you think? Hundreds? Or, God forbid, thousands? There are things in this world that need to be expunged, and there are things in this world that, until now, could not be undone.

And so, if twenty people are to die for us to put these things down; if a hundred are to be sent down there so that humanity may reach a brighter day, then the choice is obvious, Ms. Confer, and I will not allow the important work we are doing here to be harmed because of an out of line inhuman anomaly.

Confer: That …

König: Yes, Ms. Confer?

Confer: Just … please consider something other than throwing people to d- to die down there.

[König is seated once more]

König: Not people, Ms. Confer, and I am afraid I cannot give my authorization for that. There are many variables we have yet to study, and many of the subjects we have performed upon were moreso wasted due to the actions of your predecessor.

Confer: We're both equal rank, I have authorization privileges too.

König: And to change the procedures of our project requires mutual agreement, which we have not achieved. Now, I would suggest, Researcher Confer, that you find somewhere else to spend your time. I have anomalous object trials to consider.

[Confer turns and walks to the door, hesitating for a moment when she reaches it]

König: Is there something wrong, Researcher Conf-

Confer: What if you were infected? What would you do?

[König looks at Confer]

König: Then I would find an adequate replacement, and then turn myself in, Carla.

[Confer opens the door and leaves. End log]

Addenda: 4276.5:

Inquiries have been forwarded to numerous other Foundation facilities regarding the neutralization of notable, hazardous, or of-interest anomalous objects, especially entities of considerable ontokinetic connection or affiliation.

Internal log - Confer and SCP-8752-O

[Confer is walking down a hall towards her office. On the right side of the hallway, two security agents are escorting the latest trial subject]

SCP-8752-O: Ma'am, help me! Get these guys off a' me!

[Confer pauses and stops the agents]

Confer: Who's this?

Agent: The next one for the grinder.

SCP-8752-O: You gotta help me, plea-

[SCP-8752-O is suddenly struck in the stomach by one security agent while yanked upwards by the other]

Confer: What is wrong with you two?!

Agent: Ah, they're all the same. Besides, this one ain't gonna last too long.

Confer: Why is he here at all? Why wasn't I notified?

Agent: König's orders. Transferred from some other site, the document's in that room if you wanna take a look.

Confer: Docu- just, please, take him to a cell. I want to see these documents.

Agent: Ma'am, this is on direct order from König. This thing is to be left to him and disposed of as he sees fit.

Confer: Then on my direct order, as the other lead researcher, return him to his cell so I can look over his papers before I-

Agent: Yeah, yeah, we get it. [To SCP-8752-O] Get up, asshole.

[Both agents turn, dragging SCP-8752-O away with them]

[Confer leans against a wall. She groans and massages her eyes. End log]

Subject: Description: Results:
Anomalous Item #2040 Small rubber ball. Utilizes temporal manipulation to return to the state it was previously in 5 seconds prior. The subject has been declared neutralized following a period of 300 seconds without anomalous activity.
Anomalous Item #2057 Skeletal arm of a humanoid entity, impervious to all forms of damage. Was discovered after being noted to be the only surviving artifact in a Witch Trials museum exhibit. Subject immediately collapsed into dust upon contact. The remains are presumed to be lost.
SCP-8972-D Humanoid entity capable of rapid and advanced regeneration, with recorded rates being 200-1100% efficiency. Briefly introduced to below the threshold for 20 seconds. Died 13 days afterward; autopsy revealed no damage, even with treatment, had healed.
SCP-8657-D Humanoid entity capable of limited ontokinesis. Containment has proved to be extremely costly. Successful neutralization.

Internal log - König, Site Director, and Confer dialogue

[König and the Site Director are both standing in the Site Director's office. König is discussing the current situation of SCP-4276 trials]

[König walks over to the Site Director's desk, picking up a framed photograph of a young girl seated on a mall Santa's lap. She is smiling]

König: This is very cute. Yours, I would wager?

Site Director: Mhm.

König: Such a sweet girl, she seems. How is it that you don't speak of her more often, Mr. Velkes? I wouldn't have guessed you were of the kind to be blessed with children.

Site Director: That's, well, because …

König: Yes?

Site Director: She passed away, four years ago now.

König: Oh, what could have possibly beset such a fine young girl like herself? What kind of cruel injustice is there?

Site Director: There was an incident.

König: An incident? What kind of incident?

Site Director: She- I, we …

König: Yes?

Site Director: What does this have to do with 4276?

[König leans forward towards the Site Director]

König: It involved an ontokinetic entity, did it not?

[The Site Director becomes silent]

König: Angelina, age twelve, died as one of multiple in an incident caused by the failed containment of SCP-4162-D, the slot now repurposed. Am I correct?

Well, I'll take your silence as a yes, then. Angelina died not just because of the failure to maintain proper protocol in the containment of the entity, but in the fact that we condoned the inefficient and disastrously unprepared restrainment of a god.

I have taken multiple trips into the Foundation's database; I have found that the number of Secure Containment Protocols consisting of a singular "type-green" entity has risen drastically over the course of the last few decades. And yet, we are to dedicate more and more resources to the containment of these monsters.

Site Director: What's your point, König?

König: My point is that we have a simple and efficient solution here in this facility. Containment has so far proven to amount to little more than appeasement, and, if the need arises, indefinite sedation. But this much need, on such a grand scale as this, has strained the Foundation's resources few and thin.

What we have here will eliminate these creatures - it will send them back once more into the night. There will be no hazards of sudden awakening, there will be no potential for Hume-level leakage, and there will be no more failed containment incidents - there will simply be eradication.

[A light knocking is heard from the other side of the door]

Site Director: Come in!

[Senior Researcher Confer opens the door, stepping inside before noticing König]

König: Ms. Confer!

Confer: O-oh, I didn't realize you were here … sir.

König: No, no, please, come in. We were just discussing the value of advancing the scope of the SCP-4276 trials. I'm sure you would have something to add to this.

Confer: I-I can come back another time if-

König: Oh, come now! You have come here to talk, so please, talk!

Confer: A-alright …

Um, Site Director Velkes, sir? I would like to hand in my two weeks' notice for transfer.

König: Transfer? But why would you want to do that when we are so very close to making powerful strides in the Foundation?

Confer: I … it's too much. The number of people we've put to death-

König: -Anomalies, Carla. Anomalies. Dangerous, inhuma-

Confer: -Yesterday, I had to take notes as you sent a fourteen-year-old kid to be burned alive inside that thing you called a "gift"! I don't want - I can't handle any part of this. Director Velkes, I'm sorry, but I request to be sent back to my original site. I also would like to look into amnestic treatment options.

Site Director: It will be a shame to see you go. I'm sorry that we couldn't be more suitable for you.

König: Well, that is truly, truly a shame indeed.

[König moves from beside the Site Director's desk to the right side of the room and walks down it]

König: When you first joined, I had surmised that you seemed like a capable young woman. The glowing reviews of your colleagues did indeed seem too good to be true.

[König reaches the South-Eastern corner of the room, continuing]

König: A senior researcher, who herself told me that she could handle the formidable task of supporting the Foundation of Humanity. Though, I suppose this was not exactly your fault, is it?

[König reaches the South-Western corner of the room and continues walking]

Confer: My fault?

König: No, but nonetheless, this experiment has come to its unfortunate, though not unforeseen, conclusion - failure.

[König moves to the door, swiftly swinging it open]

König: Security!

[Three security agents charge into the room under König's advice, moving to apprehend O-12. End log]

Addenda: 4276.6:

On 24/10/1992, thirty minutes after the previous log, the following test was conducted on O-12, personally overseen by Lead Researcher König.

O-Class Testing #8 - O-12

17:56: Three security personnel escort O-12 and Lead Researcher König through various hallways of the facility SCP-4276 is housed in. Everyone ignores the desperate pleas of O-12

18:01: The group reaches the chamber SCP-4276 is housed in. One agent stays behind at the door while the other two, as well as König, lead O-12 upwards through a series of stairways and catwalks

18:02: König stops the personnel in the middle of a lower-level catwalk. He looks up at SCP-4276. O-12 dialogue removed

König: Such a shame indeed

18:02: They continue forwards and upwards

18:04: They reach the midway section of SCP-4276. König once again stops the group, looking at O-12

König: For what it was worth, in your inability to contribute, you were successful in your job, O-Class, and I thank you for that. Which is precisely why this is such a shame indeed.

18:05: O-12 dialogue removed. Selected König dialogue removed

18:07: They make it to the top of the leveling system on par with SCP-4276-B. Lead Researcher König looks into the camera

König: This is Lead Researcher Friedenfänger, recording for the testing of SCP-4276 and, with great misfortune, O- … 11th, previously, Senior Researcher Carla Confer. Though I knew the chance for sabotage was there, it is shameful that I found myself in that gamble. O-12 was infected an unknown time ago, and as such, all of its considerations, suggestions, and implementations must be considered as thoughts conceived through a compromised psyche.

Its thoughts, such as its desire to see its fellow anomalies and O-Classes given inordinate care and treatment, must be disregarded in this understanding. We, the Foundation, must maintain our autonomy presiding over our subjects, and cannot allow them to control us. We must not yield to let them reign in their horrible night. We must remember that is what divides us - humans and anomalies - and we must not relent.

And so, even with such a heavy heart, we must now begin the testing of O-12 and SCP-4276.

O-12: Frie-Friedenfänger, please, don't do th-

König: I'm afraid I cannot. Were I to let you go, what would you do other than spread your corruption, O-Class?

O-12: T-then give me amnestics, do some thaumaturgic ritual, anything, please!

König: We have not yet had enough O-Class test subjects to determine whether that would work or not, or whether there would be long-term conditions to such treatment.

O-12: T-then start with me! We ca-

König: One test at a time, O-Class. We'll get there.

18:14: König gestures to the two agents, and they escort O-12 closer toward SCP-4276. They brace as SCP-4276-A rises to 10.4 meters. König follows close behind them

18:15: They stand on the rim of SCP-4276-B, SCP-4276-A semi-fluidly waving upward a safe distance away. O-12 looks into SCP-4276-A

König: Macrada told me that he heard whispers. We learned through the others that your kind begins to develop a connection to it. It makes demands of you, even in your sleep, does it not, O-Class?

18:16: O-12 does not respond, instead looking on into SCP-4276-A with a fixation

König: Hmm. What does it whisper to you, O-Class? What does it say? What is it? What does it want?

18:16: O-12 raises its hand outward towards SCP-4276-A. König gestures for the personnel to allow this

König: What is it telling you right now? What does it say? You must tell m-

O-12: Chiral Hypocrisy.

König: But what does that mean? What does it mean, Carla?

O-12: I don't want to, no, no!

18:17: O-12 begins trying to thrash away from SCP-4276-A. König gestures at the security personnel. One grabs O-12's extended arm, which does not move. O-12 struggles against the other agent, abruptly overpowering him and using its other arm to tug at the raised one

König: Push it forward.

18:17: The two agents grab O-12, forcing it forward, as its hand nears SCP-4276-A

O-12: Chiral Hypocrite.

Oh …

I see, now.

König: What does it mean?!

18:18: König gestures for the agents to proceed. They try to push it forward but are seemingly unable to

O-12: I get it.

König: Stop, you two.

18:19: Both agents stop and back away

König: Carla, what is it? You must tell me!

18:19: O-12 walks forward, completely engulfing its hand in SCP-4276-A. It continues, putting in its forearm all the way to the elbow. It doesn't vocalize whatsoever. After ten seconds, it pulls its arm back out, revealing charred-black skeletal remains

18:20: O-12 raises its hand in front of its face inspecting it, brushing over it with its other hand. It turns the hand over, and begins flexing each of its skeletal fingers

König: Speak to me, Carla, what does it say?

18:20: O-12 once more reaches out towards SCP-4276-A, touching its surface, watching as a considerable strand of SCP-4276-A diverts from the main force. It swirls around the arm in spiraling patterns, forming rings around it before merging with the limb

Security: Sir! We need to shut this do-

König: Silence! Carla, what does it s-

O-12: You're a Chiral Hypocrite.

König: But what does that mean?!

18:21: One agent moves to apprehend O-12. It intercepts with its skeletal hand grabbing onto one of the personnel's arms. The agent's arm, extending to the shoulder, quickly falls apart onto the floor

Security: Shit!

18:21: The other agent backs away, attempting to retrieve a sidearm from its holster. O-12 stretches its arm in his direction, releasing a bout of SCP-4276-A which envelops the agent. He falls to the ground, writhing in pain

König is stationary, watching as this unfolds, watching O-12 intently

König: You have truly become inhuman, Carla.

18:22: O-12 looks at König

König: These men have families, you and I know. But such is the cost of progress, I suppose.

O-12: I-I-I want to leave, Köni-

König: -It only took us this many tests to realize it. The permanent effects of SCP-4276-A on a willing O-Class subject, on one that was embraced but that had not yet fully succumbed! Before, with the ones that did not quite die-

O-12: -No, no! No, this was … this wasn't …

König: And an apparent mental struggle too! There is so much about you that I now wonder. So many new variables have been opened. Yes, any other forms of testing must be put on hold, we must understand what has become of you, how, or even if we can replicate it, and the nature of your newfound capability. You are truly doing good work here, Carla.

18:24: O-12 falls to its knees, massaging its affected hand with the other and covering its face. It sobs

König: Oh, Carla, you have become inhuman - more than human. You have received a gift today, a great and powerful gift. You will help us in this war for humanity's survival against the anomalous, even from your new position.

O-12: Please, stop talking!

König: All of these months, all of these tests, all of this work - you have become it all personified! And I, I am proud, Carla. We will accomplish many things, me and-

O-12: -SHUT UP!

18:26: O-12 retreats, covering its face with both hands

18:27: König gets down on his knees in front of O-12, rubbing its shoulders before hugging it. It does not respond

18:28: König looks into O-12's face, smiling

König: Carla, I-

18:28: O-12 violently plunges its skeletal hand into König's chest. He screams as the arm burns its way deeper inside

It digs around in his chest, eventually tearing out König's heart and holding it before them both as it crumbles into ash, spilling out and fading away

König clutches at his chest, falling to the ground and writing in pain. The hole in his shirt corrosively expands, revealing the large wound and several dark veins emerging from it

O-12: Oh, oh God. Oh, God!

18:29: The third agent arrives at the top level, hurriedly scanning the scene before him. All three Foundation personnel are on the ground, and the agent focuses his attention on O-12

The agent moves to the other personnel, tending to them whilst keeping watch of O-12. He holds his sidearm far out from himself in O-12's direction. Momentarily, the agent looks away from O-12, which seizes the opportunity and unleashes a small burst of SCP-4276-A towards his gun, annihilating it. O-12 quickly stands and maneuvers past the agent before running away

18:30: The agent moves to König, noticing the injury and his still body. He moves to assist the other, still living, personnel, kicking up a slight mound of dust in the process

18:32: O-12 makes it to the bottom of the leveling system, running towards the chamber doors which it opens with its still valid keycard. It flees the chamber

18:33: Klaxons blare, and a containment breach is announced


Attached file.

18:36: König leans upright.

[End log]

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