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Item #: SCP-4275

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4275 is to remain at its current location. An exclusion zone of 200m radius is to be established with warning buoys and underwater surveillance. Monitoring is to be handled by a liaison within the Port Authority. Embedded assets in the nearby Coast Guard station can be called in should a cascade event result in an instance of SCP-4275-1.

Description: SCP-4275 is a granite statue located underwater at a depth of 18 m, 5 km off Sandy Hook Barrier Spit in New Jersey. It depicts a muscular male over 50, dressed in attire common to fishermen and dock workers in the early 20th century. Sedimentary analysis places it at its current location since the 1930s. SCP-4275 is affixed to a concrete base by spikes of naval brass, driven through the statue’s feet. Samples of both concrete and brass are consistent with materials produced in the New England region during WWII. Samples of statue show unusual structure consistent with petrified tissue.

Damage to SCP-4275 produces anomalous effects, even if the damage is not visible. Natural erosion causes moderate discomfort in humans and animals within a 5 meter radius, but any greater damage has dangerous and unpredictable effects, including:

  • Aggressive behavior in animals (especially sea life, horses, and bulls)
  • Nautical mishaps
  • Earthquakes
  • Storm activity
  • Thaumasonic shockwaves
  • Irreversible physical and mental transmutation of nearby humans (designated SCP-4275-1)

Danger exists of a cascade event wherein the effect of damage results in further damage. Due to this risk, no requests for further testing are being accepted at this time. A method of relocating SCP-4275 to a more secure location without causing damage is being investigated.

Addendum 1: Abridged list of notable incidents and their effects.

Date: 17 APR 2004
Incident: Sample removed for testing.
Damage: 4 mm3 chip removed from SCP-4275.
Effects: Three draft horses being transported by ferry broke restraints and ran rampant, resulting in multiple injuries but no human fatalities. Two horses self-terminated, one via the ferry’s propeller and one via drowning. One horse was terminated by gunshot wound.
Outcome: Incident was not correlated with sample-gathering attempt until 2011.

Date: 22 JUN 2010
Incident: Sample removed for testing.
Damage: 1 cm3 chip removed from SCP-4275.
Effects: 3.9 magnitude earthquake felt in Long Island.
Outcome: Sample lost during earthquake. Correlation noted and investigated. Location of epicenter falsified in geological data. Closer monitoring advised.

Date: ██ ███ ████
Incident: Accidental release of anchor from Foundation research vessel ████. Attempted seismic scan of internal structure by Foundation research vessel ████.
Damage: Internal, likely originating from spikes used to affix statue to base, followed by significant scoring damage on back of statue.
Effects: Only known cascade event. Only known creation of instance of SCP-4275-1.
Outcome: Foundation naval assets called in to commence long-range bombardment. Bombardment successful in terminating SCP-4275-1 and cascade event halted. Cover story about naval war games disseminated to media. Site Director approves salvage of SCP-4275 to avoid further incidents.

[Note: As it was not known at the time that movement would cause internal damage, incident was initially believed to be the fault of investigating researchers. It is now believed that the release of research vessel ████’s anchor was induced by SCP-4275 itself.]

Date: 7 JAN 2015
Incident: Attempted salvage of SCP-4275. Object wrapped in waterproof padding material, secured with chain.
Damage: 6 cm crack in left foot.
Effects: Massive thaumasonic discharge.
Outcome: Two agents in the water expired instantly from internal liquefaction. Three agents on deck suffered psychogenic cardiac arrest. One successfully resuscitated, but suffered permanent loss of hearing. All further salvage operations halted pending review.

Addendum 2: Agents executing an unrelated raid found their target, a former salvage diver designated PoI-13322, deceased via petrification. Samples of the statue matched the composition of SCP-4275.

In addition to numerous unrelated items and documents1, several items relevant to SCP-4275 were also recovered:

  • Security footage of a confrontation between PoI-13322 and an individual identified as PoI-5176
  • A handwritten note, likely from PoI-5176
  • A brass plaque, matching materials and residue from SCP-4275.

Security footage: Digitally recorded on an external drive. Camera was rendered inoperable by calcification of internal components. Extremely poor audio quality due to microphone placement near air vent.

Note: Handwritten with a ballpoint pen. Handwriting analysis indicates emotional distress. Found attached to plaque with clear plastic tape. Letterhead matches paper found in office. Tape matches roll found on desk. Ink matches pens found in office. No recoverable fingerprints.

Plaque: 18 cm x 12 cm. Naval brass, further waterproofed with sealing wax. Rivet hole locations and residue match base of SCP-4275.

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