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Item #: SCP-4272

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A Gorton Field Generator1 is to be installed in all major art museums.2 The current YouTube algorithm is to be edited to suppress the channel "Big Johnny Reviews" and all content within from appearing in the sidebar of recommended videos. All works of art taken by SCP-4272 are to be considered lost, and replacements are to be fabricated to take their place. Foundation agents embedded within art museums are to be given fast-acting tranquilizer pistols for potential use in containing SCP-4272.

Description: SCP-4272 is an obese middle aged male of indeterminate ethnicity. SCP-4272's primary anomalous properties are as follows:

  • On-command instantaneous matter transference. This is limited to SCP-4272 and items3 in direct contact with SCP-4272.
  • Control of recording devices within the immediate vicinity.4 The devices in question do not have to be intact or functioning for SCP-4272 to be able to successfully utilize them.
  • Digital content created by SCP-4272 is unable to be removed from the hosting platform.


Transcripts of videos produced by SCP-4272

Video Title: Big Johnny Reviews Water Lily Pond

Video Title: Welcome to Big Johnny Reviews! (Channel Trailer)

Video Title: Q&A with the big ol' J! (Part 1 of 3)

Video Title: Big Johnny Reviews 10K Subscriber Special Livestream Highlight

Addendum 4272-A:
The following video was uploaded three days after the current containment procedures were enacted.

Video Title: I got (effectively) demonetized

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