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Item #: SCP-4268

Object Class: Safe


SCP-4268 prior to containment.

Special Containment Procedures: When not being tested, SCP-4268's remains are placed in a secured letter box located within Cold Storage Chamber 198D at Site-1. Property owned by the Montero estate has since been seized and resold after testing was completed on the object.

Description: SCP-4268 is a balsa wood figurine measuring 17.5cm in diameter and weighing 67g. The figurine is canid in appearance and is stylized with acrylic paint. SCP-4268 will become animate and aggressive when any of three conditions are met:

• Its former location, 645 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM, is occupied by a new tenant.
• A monthly allotment of $900 USD is not paid to the location owner’s estate.
• The location is damaged in any way.

When one of the conditions are met, SCP-4268 will attempt to locate the tenant. When exposed to the tenant, SCP-4268 will attempt to find its wallet or any personal possessions, and remove them, although this is not possible for the object due to its lack of dexterity or precise motor control.

SCP-4268 is not considered hazardous due to its small size and lack of physical force, but it has been recorded at least once trying to choke one sleeping subject by attempting to insert its head into their mouths.

History: Was discovered after an inconclusive missing person’s investigation when the owner of eight homes in the area, Maria Montero, disappeared. SCP-4268 was recovered from one of the properties, a 41 sq m casita located on an artistic co-op east of the downtown area, on 10/03/2016. The previous tenant could not be located for questioning. The apartment was empty save for SCP-4268 and a miniature wooden couch.

Addendum A: Test of 08/05/2017, after seizure and reselling of SCP-4268’s former location.

SUBJECT: SCP-4268 is presented with a bill of sale for its previous location.

TEST RESULTS: SCP-4268, in its agitated state, is removed from its locker and placed on a small testing platform. The papers are held in front of SCP-4268, while the facilitator of the test holds SCP-4268 in place. SCP-4268 spins its arms wildly in an attempt to escape, but gradually this behavior subsides as SCP-4268 is seen to take notice of the document, crawling closer to inspect it. SCP-4268 shook violently, and exploded into small fragments after this.

NOTES: The facilitator of the test was unharmed. Fragments of SCP-4268 are still animate and have been continuously active after the events of this test.

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