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Portion of a temple found on SCP-4262-1.

Item #: SCP-4262

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation is to ensure the International Olympic Committee organizes an instance of the Summer Olympic Games once every four years by any means necessary. Likewise, an arbitrary amount of Olympic events is to be added each year to ensure a successful ELEIA event1. During an ELEIA event, all competitors in that instance of the Summer Olympic Games who were awarded a gold medal2 are considered members of Mobile Task Force Omega-14 ("Perfect Ten"), regardless of prior Foundation employment or lack thereof. If a member of MTF Omega-14 were to be KIA or otherwise rendered irretrievable during an ELEIA event, a misinformation campaign stating that they have retired is employed. In instances where a lost athlete's identity is too deeply ingrained in popular culture or public knowledge, wide scale Class A amnestic compounds are to be employed to all major population centers via airborne distribution if no other options of erasure are viable. It is imperative that as many ELEIA events as possible be successfully completed before Procedure 76-Thriambus is enacted.

Description: SCP-4262 is a series of phenomena which occur 1-24 hours following the extinguishing of the Olympic flame in the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games3. During SCP-4262, all athletes winning a gold medal in that year's Olympic Games undergo temporal and spatial displacement, seemingly being removed from standard reality. While displaced, the athletes will manifest on SCP-4262-1. Displacement lasts for one picosecond local time and upwards towards [REDACTED] days SCP-4262-1 time, though longer periods of time have been observed.

SCP-4262-1 is an Earth-like planet orbiting a star in the Alpha Herculis system. The surface of SCP-4262-1 is comprised mainly of ocean, with the only land being a small continent with an estimated size of 140,000 square kilometers4. During an ELEIA event, competitors are faced with opposition from the planet's indigenous fauna, collectively designated SCP-4262-α. SCP-4262-α will actively attempt to prevent the completion of the event, displaying a level of strategy that implies high intelligence or some sort of collective shared mind. While acquiring a sample of SCP-4262-α, living or otherwise, is currently impossible, some hypotheses can be formed from visual records. SCP-4262-α often resemble species found on Earth, though with drastic differences in biology. Instances often will have multiple heads or traits from several different species. Due to SCP-4262-1 having similar planetary conditions to those found on Earth, it is unknown how SCP-4262-α naturally evolved to this state, though cross-contamination from a previous ELEIA event is one possibility. The currently accepted hypothesis assumes that SCP-4262-Ω may be responsible for the creation of SCP-4262-α5. Structures found on SCP-4262-1 bear visual resemblance to those found in ancient Greece, though the exact style is unlike those found on Earth. One such structure, a large temple, is where MTF Omega-14 will manifest. The temple is inhabited by SCP-4262-2.

SCP-4262-2 is a humanoid entity, resembling an adult male of Mediterranean descent. SCP-4262-2 has displayed several traits similar to those of reality benders, namely the displacement of MTF Omega-14 members and the ability to insert information into an observer's mind6, though it is unknown if these are the extents of the entity's abilities. Upon manifestation of MTF Omega-14, they will be greeted by SCP-4262-2, who will explain and then instigate an ELEIA event. Upon completion of an ELEIA event, all living members of MTF Omega-14 will return to their positions prior to displacement.

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