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Item #: SCP-4261

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4261 is to be kept in a locked box with Class-VIII thaumaturgic seals within the Safe wing of Site-77 under the oversight of the Office of Strategic & Tactical Theology, with no fewer than seven active Scranton Reality Anchors surrounding the container. It is under MEGIDDO precautions at all times. Per the terms of Foundation-HI JOA 2-63, three members of the Sons of Shammai and three Foundation employees of verified Abrahamic faith are to be on standby in an adjacent room at all times as preparation for possible use of SCP-4261.

If any of the following circumstances occur, SCP-4261 will be redesignated Thaumiel and is then authorized to be blown seven (7) times by an Abrahamic faithful, at the discretion of the Site Director:

Under no other circumstances is SCP-4261 to be blown. Attempts to utilize SCP-4261 apart from outlined circumstances will result in immediate termination. Additionally, if unauthorized personnel attempting to utilize SCP-4261 are verifiably linked to a GOI, that GOI will be declared an enemy of the Foundation without exception and its personnel will be treated accordingly.

Description: SCP-4261 is a shofar, a type of trumpet traditionally made of ram’s horn and used in ancient Israelite religious ceremonies. Though the material is identical in composition to ram’s horn, it possesses physical properties and tensile strength far in advance of actual ram’s horn, with removed samples shown to have energy dispersal properties sufficient to withstand an output equivalent to a 3.0 Megaton nuclear device. It should therefore be noted that in the event of Site-77’s failsafe nuclear device activating, retrieval of this item is of the highest priority as it will most likely have withstood the blast.

SCP-4261 also has a property that activates when it is blown. The sound waves it generates modify local reality, leading to oftentimes drastic changes in Hume levels. Additionally, as the reality-altering effects of sound waves correspond to the power of the sound waves themselves, they are subject to traditional wave interference principles - if the horn is blown more than once in quick succession, the sound waves will amplify and destroy each other at points of constructive or destructive interference, respectively. This will result in corresponding amplification of reality changes, with unpredictable results. For unclear reasons, amplified sound waves will propagate to roughly sevenfold their expected radius of effect based on standard acoustics principles, with corresponding reality changes. It is unknown what will occur if SCP-4261 is blown seven times in quick succession, but available documentation indicates that it may trigger a unique effect that would potentially be detrimental to Foundation interests (see Documentation for more information). As such, testing is currently contraindicated.

Additionally, SCP-4261 has a final property that is unclearly related to its reality-altering ability. Namely, exactly 77 seconds after it is blown, all verified adherents of Abrahamic faith who hear the sound will instantaneously dematerialize. Notably, computer-rendered audio of the sound will also trigger the effect. Additionally, all corpses within earshot of the sound will immediately, regardless of their state of decomposition, begin to rapidly move upward at a vector directly perpendicular to the ground. Foundation satellites have documented a top speed of 0.1c prior to the objects exiting the upper atmosphere, after which they spontaneously dematerialize - no barrier to date has been able to stop or slow subjects' acceleration.

Prior Documentation:

Note: Assumptions Regarding SCP-4261

There are still many unknowns surrounding SCP-4261. For instance, it is unclear what documentation is referring to SCP-4261 or what further documentation will be uncovered in future searches - as such, we have taken broad liberties in including elements that may or may not be related, and this selection of documentation is neither exhaustive nor finalized. Based on the below documentation and others housed in Site-77 (for further information, please contact the Office of Strategic & Tactical Theology), we make the following assumptions regarding SCP-4261:

  • The use of SCP-4261 seven (7) times in quick succession will trigger an XK-Class scenario (high likelihood, high confidence);
  • The use of SCP-4261 seven (7) times in quick succession will additionally trigger a mass dematerialization of all adherents of Abrahamic ideology globally, not just those who are within range of the sound waves (high likelihood, low confidence);
  • Those who dematerialize in response to SCP-4261 usage are being transported to an extradimensional location (medium likelihood, medium confidence);
  • There is a coordinating force causing the dematerialization of SCP-4261 subjects that is capable of triggering an XK-Class scenario under the right circumstances (high likelihood, medium confidence);
  • This coordinating force is dematerializing SCP-4261 subjects for a benevolent purpose (likelihood unable to assess, low confidence).

Ismail al-Atassi, Analyst, Office of Strategic & Tactical Theology

Addendum: On Dec 20 2017, a group of unknown assailants successfully breached the facility's outer defenses with the aid of still-unclear thaumaturgic mechanisms and several Class III ontokinetic entities, and rapidly penetrated into the Site before MTFs could be mobilized. The pattern of their initial incursion and movements matched predictive models for an attempted theft of SCP-4261 to within 96.54%, triggering immediate onsite mobilization of Automated Response Force (ARF) Sigma-9 ("Unthinking Servants"). The incursion was successfully halted and repelled before the hostiles could breach SCP-4261, with 17 hostile casualties, 3 prisoners taken, four ARF UGVs decommissioned, and a total of eight Foundation casualties. The prisoners were interrogated immediately following the encounter - logs follow. Due to unclear capabilities of the intruders, interrogations were conducted remotely in a thaumaturgically warded chamber by interrogator Winfield via videoscreen.

MEMO: Dissolution of Vatican-Foundation JOA 729
From the Foundation Diplomatic Relations Office:

The events of December 20, 2017 at Site-77 have not been adequately addressed by the Vatican Office for Secrets and Prophecies. Despite consistently disavowing both the existence of and actions committed by GOI-182 ("la Spada di Cristo"), they have refused to share information or render known Spada agents over to Foundation custody. Our intelligence indicates clear financial and operation links between Spada and the Vatican - under the terms of Vatican-Foundation JOA 729, they are therefore considered under the umbrella and jurisdiction of the Vatican and are not to be interfered with by the Foundation. Due to the VOSP's unacceptable lack of cooperation, we are officially invoking the Dissolution Clause of JOA 729 - as such, any and all Vatican-affiliated GOIs that the VOSP disavows are no longer subject to diplomatic immunity and are to be treated as independent GOIs. Note that this does not affect any other Vatican-Foundation JOAs, nor does this apply to Vatican-avowed GOIs.

Allana Salviatore, Senior Director, Diplomatic Relations Office

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