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by Nagiros

2/4260 LEVEL 2/4260



Item #: SCP-4260

Object Class: Euclid

RAISA Notice Regarding the Following Document:
This document has been significantly edited to obfuscate the identity of SCP-4260; several addenda have been omitted, and are only available with Level 5/4260 Clearance.


Strayer Density Matrix Mark I, Research Site-76

Special Containment Procedures: Area-03, located two kilometers beneath Hong Kong, has been created to contain SCP-4260. The containment chamber housing SCP-4260 has been augmented with a Strayer Density Matrix designed to coalesce and bind its disparate elements.

Maintenance of the Strayer Density Matrix is integral to SCP-4260's containment and requires a specialized team of technicians and speculative essophysicists1. MTF Gamma-8 ("Baphomites") has been assembled for this expressed purpose and will perform any necessary repairs to the Matrix and operate it during Procedure 89172.

Procedure 8917 requires a joint operation between three mobile task forces, assembled to ensure its effective completion. The assigned task forces, denoted collectively as Amalgamate Force Omicron-45, and their functions are as follows:

  • MTF Gamma-8 ("Baphomites"): Assembled from technicians proficient in the operation of Strayer Density Matrices and speculative essophysicists from RTF Iota-39 ("Gods and Monsters") who will assist in their direction.
  • MTF Xi-2 ("Out of the Shadows Come We, Darkly"): An armed Mobile Task Force specializing in combat with essophysical, deity-class entities. MTF Xi-2 will engage SCP-4260 and terminate it, ending the initial stage of Procedure 8917.
  • MTF Tau-900 ("Deliverance"): An armed Mobile Task Force specializing in the location of civilians accidentally affected by a successful neutralization of SCP-4260. MTF Tau-900 will then terminate all targets and remove evidence of the procedure's efficacy.

Procedure 8917 is considered complete when the following criteria are met.

  1. SCP-4260 has been successfully terminated.
  2. The Strayer Density Matrix is fully operational.
  3. All affected civilians have been located and terminated.
  4. All evidence of Procedure 8917 has been removed.
  5. SCP-4260 has been resurrected.

The document detailing SCP-4260 uploaded to the Foundation intranet is to contain numerous omissions, in order to obfuscate the identity of SCP-4260.

Description: SCP-4260 refers to the consciousness of an essophysical entity which has permeated itself through the known universe. The effect of SCP-4260's existence has been well documented by almost every sapient culture. Termination of SCP-4260 has resulted in the neutralization of its primary anomalous effect until its resurrection during Procedure 8917.

Addendum.4260.1: Activations of Procedure 8917

Date Termination Method Procedure Causation Duration of Effect Affected Status
████, 1999 Fatal puncture wounds and blood loss, administered by MTF Xi-2. A massive containment failure at Site-62C. 110 seconds 3 civilians Recontained3
████, 2003 Blunt force trauma by a member of MTF Xi-2. The nuclear bombardment of Site-001. 25 seconds 1 civilian Recontained4
████, 2008 Destruction of SCP-4260's hard drive, completed by MTF Xi-2. An imminent CK-Class ("Reality-Restructuring") Scenario. Indeterminate 7,213,426,000 individuals, termination unnecessary. Recontained5
████, 2015 Detonation of an electromagnetic pulse grenade, performed by MTF Xi-2. The ████████ of O5-6. 180 seconds 30 civilians Recontained6
████, 2016 Incineration, committed by MTF Xi-2 during Experimental Operation “Many-Crowned Serpent”. The insufficiency of SCP-4260's containment procedures. 415 seconds 10 civilians N/A

Greetings, O5-9.

You are viewing SCP-4260's low-clearance iteration (Current Access: L6-GENERAL).

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