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SCP-4259 possesses an infohazardous effect which inhibits attempts to document it by Foundation personnel. The following report has been transcribed from a paper document written by Susie J██████, 10-year-old daughter of former Site-52 head researcher Dr. J██████, and leader of Internal Task Force 259. Between 07/25/1█ and 09/2/1█, Internal Task Force 259 handled all direct testing and containment procedures involving SCP-4259. Site Director Richard K██ acted in an advisory role, and has annotated this document with clarifying footnotes where necessary. As of 09/2/1█ Internal Task Force 259 has been disbanded, and a new team is being assembled to take over containment. Until then, this report is to be the only Foundation document produced concerning SCP-4259. Susie J██████'s original paper document is to be kept in Site-52 longterm perishable storage, and, in the event that this page disappears from all Foundation databases, used to re-transcribe this report within 48 hours.

Item #: SCP 4259

Object Class: Youklid


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Artist's Rendition

Special Contaignment Proceedures: SCP 4259 is realy cool andSCP 4259 lives in the big blue room in the Site where my Dad works worked. There needs to be a big ring of salt around the hole room all the time and William needs to be careful not to step on the circle with his big feet again. Whenever you go in the big blue room, you have to say the password or else [UNTRANSCRIBABLE]1 and she wont talk to you for two days. Emma writes the new passwords down in her notebook every friday2. SCP 4259 gets to have one (1) bar of chocolate per day. Since incedent 4259-B, SCP 4259 gets to use the 3DS first, but only if she says please and only if Emma got to use it yesterday.

The Awsome Squad ("Internal Task Force 259") is in charge of all the testing with SCP 4259, and Grownups don't get to go in the big blue room while we're testing. The Awsome Squad shouldn't go near the body in the back corner of the big blue room. Since insudent 4259-A, Dennis has to stop pulling my hair during testing.3

Discripshion: SCP 4259 is definitely a girl and Dennis doesn't know anything about SCPs or science. She has grey hair and long black eyes. Even tho she looks old she is kid shaped and doesn't act like an old person at all. She likes chocolate and video games, and gets realy sad if no one plays with her for more than two days. The Awsome Squad tried not-playing for two days by it made us all sad so we stopped.

My Dad says that SCP 4259 has a cognishokogniinfohazerdous effect, which means that she's dangerous to think about. When grownups talk about her or try to write stuff down they get all weird after a while and forget what their doing.4 I tried to get Mr. K██ to help me with my report but he kept forgetting all the stuff I told him when he went to type it and eventualy he just walked outa the room and didn't even look at me. I think about her alot tho and I don't forget stuff I think, so maybe it doesn't work on kids. I don't know tho, cause sometimes when I write stuff down about her it gets all weird and squiggly when I don't look at it. We tried to tell William's big brother5 about SCP 4259 when he came to visit and he also kept forgetting, so it might work on teens aswell.

When SCP 4259 is happy everyone else is happy and hole room feels warmer. Everyone likes it when SCP 4259 is happy. The salt circle makes SCP 4259 realy unhappy. She keeps asking if we can break the circle so she can [UNTRANSCRIBABLE], but Dad said to never ever do that.6 I wanna ask Dad if its ok to let her out now cause she's nice and stuff but Mr K██ says he can't come back for another 2 3 5 weeks. I hope he can comes back soon cause I wanna show him my notebook and all the science I did.

To make sure that the Awsome Squad doesn't accedentely break the circle, we put a improvised Bridging Device ("Door Mat") across the circle at the front of the big blue room.

Experements have shown that most cute animals also like being around SCP 4259. Cute animals tested include:

  • Emma's pet cat
  • Emma's pet hamster
  • That weird snake that Mr K██ gave us.
  • Emma's pet mouse.

Non-cute animals include:

  • All 10 9 of Dennis's pet lizards.
  • The cricket I found.
  • All of the insects Mr K██ gave us.

SCP 4259 didn't like the non-cute animals so we stopped doing the experuments. The non-cute animals also got scared of SCP 4259 for some reason. We didn't find this out until insedent 4259-C when [UNTRANSCRIBABLE] got realy scared and was accidentally terminated. Since the insudent, [UNTRANSCRIBABLE] is now a non-cute animal and we don't talk about him anymore. The Awsome Squad shouldn't go near the body in the back corner of the big blue room.7

I keep telling them and they [Scribbled over]

Insedent Report 4259-A: Yesterday SCP 4259 said that she wanted to play a board game so we got apples to apples from the common room. The password was "Egg Custard". SCP 4259 was gonna go first and we were trying to pick which way the turns were gonna go. I said that I should go next cause I was her best friend but Dennis got mad and said he was her best friend even tho I was. Emma thought that we could all be best friends but Dennis thought that was dumb. Then he started pulling my hair and I tried to punch him, but SCP 4259 got sad and started crying so we stopped. Emma said to let Dennis go first cause he didn't get any of the chocolate last time and I said yeah, even tho he's still wrong. Then Will complained that he didn't get any chocolate the time before that, but Dennis said it was cause he was fat. Then Will punched him but he laughed about so it was ok. SCP 4259 laughed about it too, and we all laughed and forgot about it.

Insedent Report 4259-B: The password was "It speaks in the twilight", but Will forgot and thought it was "It talks in the twilight". SCP 4259 said it was wrong, but Will said no, "talk" and "speak" were the same thing. Emma said that "speak" was more "awspicious", but no one knew what that meant so she said it was like fancy and important. Even Will agreed that it sounded more important-sounding, so he said sorry, but SCP 4259 was still upset so she [UNTRANSCRIBABLE]. We all tried to get her to give him back but she kept saying "Wrong Password!" and [UNTRANSCRIBABLE]. Emma told her that she could have the 3DS first from now on if she gave Will back, and that she would go last instead. SCP 4259 agreed, but I said that Emma could get it first if she had to leave before the end the last time. Dennis thought this was dumb cause what if someone else didn't get a turn last time, but I told him shut up, and anyway SCP 4259 liked the idea. Then she [UNTRANSCRIBABLE] again and Will said he felt all squished. We played Animal Crossing and SCP 4259 got to go first. I tried to get Mr K██ to help me change the Contaignment Proceedures8 after that, but he acted all weird so I did it my self.

Insedent Report 4259-C: Emma said that she wanted to show SCP 4259 her cat, and when she liked her we started trying other pets. Emma has alot of pets so we tried all of those first. Eventually I said we should all go and find some animals to try out. Dennis found some lizards in the woods and I found a cricket the night before. I also asked Mr K██ for some animals to test, and he gave us A box full of insects and a big weird snake thing. The password was "Water-Logged". When we got there, Dennis brought a big dog that noone had seen before. He said he was [UNTRANSCRIBABLE] and had it for years and years. We all thought it was weird cause he never talked about him, but he got all quiet and didn't say anything else. SCP 4259 really liked the snake thing. She let it curl around her and pet its head. Dennis was really excited to show his dog to her. Once she stopped playing with the snake he tried to pull the him into the room. [UNTRANSCRIBABLE] didn't wanna go tho, and he kept whimpering and keeping outside circle. Dennis tried to calm him down but he was was real scared, so he picked him up and took him over to SCP 4259. SCP 4259 hissed in a realy scary way I'd never seen and [UNTRANSCRIBABLE]. Then [UNTRANSCRIBABLE] but he [UNTRANSCRIBABLE] and he howled and ran up to SCP 4259 and almost [UNTRANSCRIBABLE]
Dennis I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I [UNTRANSCRIBABLE]

He didn't wanna talk to me. I tried to tell him but he kept crying and crying and crying and Emma told me I'd "done enough". He kept saying

[Scribbled over]

I talked to SCP 4259 last night. She said I was her best friend in the hole world.9

The Awsome Squad shouldn't go near the body in the back corner of the big blue room.

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