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Item#: 4258
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Confiscated photo of SCP-4258.

Special Containment Procedures: The surrounding restaurants and businesses in a one kilometer radius have been sectioned off under the pretense of replacing faulty plumbing. Both the front entrance and back exit of SCP-4258 have been placed under the supervision of standard motion sensors. Should any entity not native to this reality or dimension leave the building and activate these sensors, MTF Epsilon-4 ("Gatekeepers") are to be dispatched immediately to intercept and capture. Any Foundation personnel that exit SCP-4258 must use the designated decontamination showers located near the front entrance.

Description: SCP-4258 is a space-time anomaly located in ███████, California in the form of a restaurant named "Freddy's Diner." Satellite imaging of the area has revealed that SCP-4258 spontaneously appeared on 05/09/2018, although it was not reported for an estimated two months. Due to unknown means, the local community's memories were altered shortly after the anomaly's appearance. While the anomaly had only recently appeared, all nearby residents recognized it as having always been present. The anomaly came to the Foundation's attention after rumors of a "strange restaurant with weird cosplayers" began to circulate among newer residents. Class-C amnestics were administered to everyone involved and the area was immediately quarantined.

The inside of the restaurant is that of a stereotypical 50's American diner and is manned by a sole worker, an elderly Caucasian male who identifies as "Freddy", otherwise known as SCP-4258-1. The occupants of SCP-4258 are all from separate dimensions and realities. This being the case, they range from being identical to humans to having an entirely different physiology. However, for unknown reasons all occupants can understand each other when conversing.

The view outside the windows from within SCP-4258 does not reflect the surrounding area, but rather an always changing scenery. It has been confirmed by SCP-4258-1 that the view outside of the restaurant is directly linked to whomever recently left or entered, as that is where the restaurant currently resides. However, if SCP-4258 is viewed from the exterior it will always appear empty to the viewers. Below is a series of transcripts of taped interviews conducted by Agent Burkes with different beings within SCP-4258. There is no video footage as of this moment from within SCP-4258, as the batteries of any video equipment will suddenly be drained upon entering the anomaly. SCP-4258-1 has stated this occurs so as to, "secure the privacy of our patrons."

Digital drawing of SCP-4258-1 by ████ ███████.

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