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Item #: SCP-4255 Level 04/4255
Object Class: Keter Classified

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the widespread knowledge of the base anomalous properties of SCP-4255, it has been given the secondary classification of a Cracked-Veil Uncontained anomaly. In order to suppress further information of SCP-4255, Procedure-Yule-02 has been created. Procedure-Yule-02 occurs as follows:

  • Annually on 12:00 PM UTC, November 22nd, memetic agents are to be implemented into all forms of media including, television programs, new works of literature, Foundation front accounts on social media websites, and various forms of performing and visual arts. These memetic agents are designed to implant false memories into parents or guardians of any children who celebrate the holiday Christmas, these memories include the purchasing of gifts that will be given to their children by SCP-4255 on December 25th and the placing of said gifts on that night by SCP-4255. Any individuals which have been unaffected by the memetic treatment described above are to be located, and manually treated.
  • Starting on 8:00 PM UTC, December 24th, two unarmed military aircrafts are to locate, track and follow all temporal versions of SCP-4255 and make note of any noticeable changes in behavior from SCP-4255, lethal force is not permitted when interacting with SCP-4255. When all versions of SCP-4255 have vanished, all Foundation interference is to cease.
  • After 12:00 UTC December 25th, social media to be tracked for any images of or accounts with SCP-4255, and images or conspiracy theories centered around Procedure-Yule-02. Any offending pieces of information are to be labelled as hoax or erased, with the publishers being located treated to Class-A Amnestics. In extreme cases, all viewers of any information described above are to be treated with Class-A Amnestics, with all social media being cleansed of any information on SCP-4255 or Procedure-Yule-02 that these cases could spawn.

Efforts to partake in a secondary interview with SCP-4255 are to be attempted, as SCP-4255 seems to possess valuable information on controllable temporal anomalies and on the historical future of the human race.

Description: SCP-4255 is a humanoid male with an aged appearance, approximately 1.4m in height and 150kg in weight. SCP-4255 appears to be in his 60-70s, however reports of SCP-4255 manifestations have dated back to 400 A.D. SCP-4255 possesses an appearance similar to the traditional attire of the character "Santa Claus1", along with the red and gold ornate sleigh that this character is known to be present in, designated SCP-4255-1. SCP-4255-1 is capable of flight via unknown means, and is able to travel at speeds of approximately 100km/h, with SCP-4255 remaining inside SCP-4255-1 during flight, even when scientifically impossible. SCP-4255-1 is drawn by eight cervid animals resembling Rangifer tarandus2, although infrared scans show that these do not possess any heat signatures, and it is currently unknown if these are living organisms.

SCP-4255 manifestations periodically occur at 8:00 PM UTC December 24th each year, during which SCP-4255 will appear somewhere approximately 1km in the air above Earth's surface in SCP-4255-1. SCP-4255 and/or SCP-4255-1 appear to possess the ability to generate small-scale temporal anomalies. During its appearances, as many as 294 versions of SCP-4255 are present on across the globe at once, with many versions possessing visual differences that have not yet occurred to SCP-4255 from a linear standpoint. SCP-4255 manifestations always follow a similar pattern of events after its initial appearance.

SCP-4255 will land on the roof or near a household of individual(s) that celebrate the holiday Christmas, regardless of religious background, and will use its temporal abilities to enter the household. SCP-4255 will then produce a multitude of wrapped gifts and toys, with number of gifts given varying from child to child. It is also of note that SCP-4255 has a significant understanding of the likes and dislikes of each child on Earth, with presents given having a 82.56% accuracy rate compared to what the children would liked to have received for a gift at that time.

All recorded gifts have been non-anomalous, with SCP-4255 actively avoiding the giving of gifts a child wants if it could be classified as anomalous. SCP-4255 will repeat this pattern until all children who celebrate Christmas on the planet have received at least one gift from it. Attempts to approach SCP-4255 or SCP-4255-1 in an effort to capture either anomaly on the ground or in the sky have resulted in failure, with SCP-4255 using its temporal abilities to evade capture.

Addendum-4255-1: Before an SCP-4255 manifestation on the year 2018, several houses of Foundation personnel were equipped with audio transmission devices, which was then used to make an official direct contact with SCP-4255 for the first time on record.

Addendum 4255-2: On September 4th, 2097, The Foundation Department of Chronology was formed after the discovery of replicable, controllable travel non-linearly through time was discovered. After parallels between SCP-4255's described host organization and the newly formed department were made, Stan Clane, a man matching the psychical description of SCP-4255 was tracked and placed into Foundation custody. It was later found that Clane had access to a temporal anomaly allowing him to travel through time non-linearly.

To avoid a possible CK-Class Reality Reconfiguration Scenario or a PT-Class Paradoxical Time Breakdown Scenario, The Foundation is to give Clane the full capabilities to preform the actions of SCP-4255, along with the recorded appearance of SCP-4255. A large sleigh built to the specifications of SCP-4255-1 was created using several anomalies making it capable of controllable flight, along with the sleigh and Clane being equipped with devices designed to create small-scale temporal anomalies. Eight heat resistant models resembling the now extinct Rangifer tarandus were attached to the front of the sleigh in a manner that suggests they are pulling the craft behind them.

Gifts given are to be produced by the BTKAI (Beta Temporal Knowledge Artificial Intelligence) unit, an AI created by the Foundation that uses time anomalies to know all information from across linear timeframe. While the BTKAI unit currently only knows information up to 20██, this number is expected known to change at a rate that will be constant enough for Clane to fulfill his duties. All other information into the BTKAI unit is classified. It is currently unknown when Clane will finish his duties as SCP-4255 Clane will finish his role as SCP-4255 on the Christmas of the year 21██.

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