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Item #: SCP-4253

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4253 is to be contained within a standard holding cell. Under no circumstances are personnel allowed to enter SCP-4253's containment chamber without full body protective gear. Containment units are to be cleaned tri-monthly and should be guarded by no less than four (4) armed security personnel at a time.

All access to SCP-4253-A is forbidden without written permission from Dr. Hallows or specified 04 personnel.

Description: SCP-4253 is a race of unoccupied early 20th-century diving suits of unknown origin that consistently ooze an unidentified yellow substance, both the suits and substance are of undetermined composition (anomalous substance is to be referred to as SCP-4253-A). Exposure to SCP-4253-A triggers an effect in mammalian lifeforms that causes asphyxiation via instant formation of water in the lungs and other organs, inevitably resulting in death by drowning. The unattended buildup of SCP-4253-A will coagulate and begin to produce fumes with identical properties as SCP-4253-A. This hardening process takes one month to complete and still occurs if SCP-4253-A has not been removed from the body it has affected. Autopsies of those affected by SCP-4253-A indicate approximately 80 liters of water accumulate within the lungs and other organs; the process in which this water is formed remains unknown.

Upon initial examination of SCP-4253 at Site-██, subject appears to have significant wear but proves resistant to all attempts made by the foundation to terminate or damage SCP-4253. Despite the seemingly indestructible nature of SCP-4253, testing has shown that SCP-4253 is capable of inflicting considerable damage upon itself (See Experiment #4253-9A). Inspection has also resulted in the discovery of engraved symbols on the back of SCP-4253's helmet with no known meaning, it should be noted that symbols found on the back of SCP-4253's helmet vary among instances.

SCP-4253 appears to possess characteristics resembling sentience, as SCP-4253 has been observed communicating with other versions of itself. (See Experiment 4253-9A). Based on the observatory nature of SCP-4253 as well as its sheer numbers, Dr. Hallows theorizes that SCP-4253 is a scouting vessel for an unknown group or entity located deep beneath the North Atlantic Ocean (See Expedition Finding 4253-1983).

Addendum Discovery: SCP-4253 was first discovered in the late 1970s when a civilian was found deceased on the mainland of ██████, possessing four (4) times more water in their organ system than naturally occurs in the human body. Shortly after dispatch and investigation by MTF Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders") a figure resembling a humanoid in a deep sea diving suit was found roaming under the town's docks seventeen (17) kilometers west of the incident.

Following the first discovery of SCP-4253, more circumstances of unexplainable hydro-asphyxiation related to SCP-4253-A have appeared across Europe. The foundation has launched many retrieval attempts to these locations, although most have been unsuccessful in locating and apprehending SCP-4253. It is indeterminable how many instances of SCP-4253 are in existence, however, three have been contained across several land-locked countries and have been categorized accordingly: SCP-4253-1, SCP-4253-2, and SCP-4253-3.

Addendum #1: Dr. Hallows has propositioned a new task force be initiated by the foundation to monitor activity unique to SCP-4253 with the intent of preventing knowledge of SCP-4253 becoming public. As of now, the 05 council is still considering the task force's implementation.

Experiment #4253-9A: During this test, SCP-4253-1 and SCP-4253-3 were moved to a 16x16 meter containment chamber with the objective of observing their interactions. Both SCP-4253-1 and SCP-4253-3 initially appeared to have recognized one another but chose not to engage. 10 minutes into testing SCP-4253-1 had torn out a piece of itself by penetrating part of its diving suit and handed SCP-4253-3 a yellow mass considered to be SCP-4253's flesh. SCP-4253-3 began to absorb the flesh, following this event both entities began to face each other. During their interaction, occasional hand gestures are made suggesting that SCP-4253-1 and SCP-4253-3 are communicating. The subject and method of this communication are currently unknown.

Following Experiment #4253-9A, SCP-4253-3 began to behave differently than previous records indicate. SCP-4253-3 exhibited signs of awareness that only SCP-4253-1 had shown in containment. During a routine cleaning of SCP-4253-3's containment chamber, SCP-4253-3 displayed an understanding of the foundation's schedule almost instantaneously, despite being in containment for only 2 weeks at the time. SCP-4253-3 possessed nearly the same understanding of its condition as SCP-4253-1. Dr. Hallows believes that the absorption of SCP-4253's interior makeup is a transfer of knowledge rather than a greeting as originally assumed.

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Pendant found in sea cave

Expedition Finding 4253-1983: An expedition team led by Dr. Hallows had obtained a medallion from an undersea cave south of the Maury Seachannel. The medallion is 10.8 centimeters in diameter and 1 centimeter in thickness and displays engraved symbols similar to the marks on the back of SCP-4253's helmet, leading senior researchers to speculate that this is evidence of a potential deep-sea civilization. Pendant has been classified as SCP-4253-B due to its connection with the anomaly.

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