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Item#: 4252
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SCP-4252-A1, post neutralization
(See Incident-01)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4252-A is held in an airtight, windowless room, structurally disconnected from Site-96. The room filters into a 200,000L drum buried below the site.

On the first of every month, SCP-4252's activation phrase, as found on SCP-4252-B, should be vocalized. Upon the manifestation of SCP-4252, all personnel present must bow, refer to it as "Lord Jethusent", and each recite one of the complimentary phrases provided below:

Once SCP-4252 gives the command, all personnel are to avert their eyes, and all cameras are to be temporarily disabled for the duration of 30 seconds, at which point cameras are to be re-enabled and all activities are to resume as usual.

Description: SCP-4252-A refers to a collection of four objects, hereby referred to as SCP-4252-A1, SCP-4252-A2, SCP-4252-A3, and SCP-4252-A4, all of which are filled with baked beans. SCP-4252-A1 is a clock, identical to a Bernard Products brand quartz wall clock. SCP-4252-A2 is a brown leather briefcase of unknown make. SCP-4252-A3 is a cardboard coffee cup sporting the Starbucks Coffee Company logo. SCP-4252-A4 is a 2015 Toyota Highlander. Prior to Incident-01, all four objects had the same anomalous properties, but following the event, SCP-4252-A1 has been neutralized.

SCP-4252-A2, SCP-4252-A3, and SCP-4252-A4 infinitely produce baked beans via unknown methods. Probing the interiors has found no evidence of any physical passage through which the baked beans enter, indicating that they manifest directly within the objects. There is no known way to stop the beans from being produced. Without the use of SCP-4252, the beans would breach containment in less than three months.

SCP-4252 is a humanoid entity no more than half a meter tall. It wears a long, silk robe covered in jewels, and a crown made of bronze, with a single, ruby ovoid in the center. SCP-4252 is able to manifest and demanifest, however, prior to Incident-01, it was only ever observed to appear when a specific phrase, found on SCP-4252-B, was spoken.

SCP-4252-B is a fabric ribbon of unknown origin. Written across the face, in gold sequins, is the following phrase:

Jethusent the Mighty King
Please bless our presence with your own
Consume our Bubbling Beanous Bile
From up atop your sparkling throne

Once every month, when the phrase is spoken out loud, SCP-4252 will manifest nearby and request all those around it to bow and shower it with compliments. It will become increasingly agitated if these needs are not met swiftly, and has threatened to demanifest following further noncompliance.

Once SCP-4252 is satisfied, it will locate SCP-4252-A and proceed to consume all of the baked beans that have been produced. However, personnel attempting to monitor this, either through direct observation or via camera recording, are met with a request by SCP-4252 to stop watching it, as it "can't do it when people are looking". Because of this, no visual evidence exists of SCP-4252's removal of the baked beans, but audio recordings indicate the sounds of a viscous substance being violently disturbed. When all the beans are removed, SCP-4252 will demanifest, leaving with a forceful belch, the loudest of which has measured at well over 120 decibels. Attempting to summon SCP-4252 again by means of its activation phrase are met with a dial tone, and a voice recording of SCP-4252 indicating that it is "not ready yet, give me like a month and I'll get back to you". Further attempts result in a dial tone.


Note: Following this incident, SCP-4252-A1 remains in a neutralized state. SCP-4252 continues to manifest as usual, but where its right arm was previously, there is now a mechanical replacement limb. Due to the self-manifestation of SCP-4252, it has been reclassified as Keter.
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