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Dense ground foliage within SCP-4251.

Item #: SCP-4251

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A Stationary Task Force is to prevent entry into the area by patrolling the perimeter. Any individuals approaching the area are to be told that it is closed off for conservation efforts. Gravitational readings within SCP-4251 are to be monitored regularly via a gravimeter placed at its epicenter. Any uncharacteristic fluctuations are to be investigated immediately.

Description: SCP-4251 is an area of land approximately 35 km2 located within the Northern Forest Complex in northern Myanmar. The area exhibits a gravitational pull that is alternately significantly lower and significantly higher than the average level of gravity on the rest of Earth (g), with fluctuations between the two states occurring abruptly every 230 to 247 days. Gravitational pull during periods of low gravity has been measured at an average of .102g1. During periods of high gravity, it has been measured at an average of 7.04g2. The gravitational pull is strongest at its epicenter, gradually reducing in strength towards the edge of the anomaly.

SCP-4251 contains a self-sustaining ecosystem of both plant and animal life. For a detailed list of descriptions, consult document 4251-EXT. Organisms found within SCP-4251 are not classed as anomalous instances as of 4/16/2011 (see addenda).

Addendum SCP-4251-1: Video Exploration Logs

Addendum SCP-4251-2:
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