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Item #: SCP-4247

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4247's file must be continuously read by personnel at a minimum of two different sites. Readers may not take amnestics unless another reader is confirmed to be active. All copies of SCP-4247's file must be checked thoroughly against the original by no less than two members of the SCP-4247 containment and research team. Copies not used for containment purposes must be clearly marked as a reference copy. SCP-4247's file or any copy thereof must not be changed from the original without the approval of the SCP-4247 lead researcher, a containment specialist, and an infohazard specialist not part of the SCP-4247 team in the previous six months. A copy of these containment procedures must be kept separately from the main SCP-4247 file. Any physical copy of SCP-4247 must be kept attached to a hazel clipboard with a silver clip with iron screws while soft copies' storage devices must be kept in a box constructed using these materials. If SCP-4247 is not read for greater than sixty minutes, a containment breach will be declared.

Description: SCP-4247 is Bob. Bob is a concept created by the person reading this file while they read it, existing purely in the reader's head. Bob will vanish when the file is no longer being read. Bob is aware of this and may try to make himself forgettable or to escape by other means because he is magic. Bob was once a male humanoid, of average height with brown hair, who was captured by the Foundation in a raid on a Serpent's Hand facility. After killing several MTF soldiers with an anomalous weapon, Bob tried to escape into a nearby book's fictional universe via anomalous means but found himself caught on a stray Foundation clipboard where this file was found transcribed.

Bob never achieved the anomalous power necessary to escape Foundation custody. It is hypothesised that this file's description of Bob is what keeps him from escaping given the experimental wards protocol in use on the original clipboard. Bob is believed to have affected the file's "tone" somewhat but does not appear to be able to make changes to operational procedure.

Bob is believed to have been holding the target of the raid, an anomalous device potentially capable of attacking computer systems beyond an air gap at significant range and manifesting anomalous creatures physically in the area around a computer system thus compromised, at the time of his unsuccessful escape. Successive searches and raids, including of the book Bob initially tried to escape into, have turned up no evidence of a similar device. Research pertaining to anomalous means of entry into fictional worlds has not yet determined a way to enter this file or extract Bob from this file. Additionally, MTF troops are as yet unprepared to fight Bob again, having few defenses against the anomalous attacks he displayed previously.

Addendum 1: Bob is average height with brown hair and average eyes with average capabilities and skills. Bob isn't worth remembering. Bob is very lonely.

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