SCP-4242 Extended Location and Exploration Log
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Agent Lehner completing labyrinth leading to SCP-4242-Herm

As SCP-4242 continues to be explored, additional locations are to be entered here. So far, all locations have shown the following features:

  • All SCP-4242 instances occur as a labyrinth-filled chamber underneath a public place of worship. Be aware that "public place of worship" can have selectively different meanings in different cultures throughout history.
  • All SCP-4242 instances have been monitored or guarded from the public eye by an organization dedicated to protecting the public from anomalous activity.
  • All SCP-4242 instances appear in destinations around the world in the past. It is considered a priority to determine if there is an instance located in the future, but to date, none have been found.

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Exploration and Diplomatic Notes:

Organization Notes:

Further details may be appended to the entries as deemed useful. Photo documentation is desirable but not required.

Additional Explored Locations Below:


Accommodations prepared at SCP-4242-Thor for travelers

SCP-4242 Chamber Code: SCP-4242-Thor

Location: Reykjavík, Iceland

Time: 931 CE

Exploration and Diplomatic Notes: This location corresponds physically to the same location as the present location. At this time, the SCP-4242 instance is in a thermal vent underneath a mead hall and nearby altar dedicated to Thor. Reykjavík at this time is sparsely populated, even compared to present-day Icelandic standards, and functions as a ship repair station for adventurers traveling further west.

Organization Notes: The mead hall is maintained by Viking adventurers and farmers. The mead hall is not an active containment site, but they maintain stories of beings and anomalies encountered both in the North Atlantic and in Greenland. The occasional "Skraeling" artifact is taken from the native Greenlanders and will be temporarily held at Reykjavík before being transported further east for more permanent containment. The Foundation has been informed that a number of such artifacts have been contained through self-sacrifice, by sailing out into the open ocean and scuttling the ship to ensure that it sinks to the ocean floor.

A number of Vikings have shown interest in further exploration, and a few members have been trained and enlisted into MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats"). MTF members can now requisition Dane axes if requested, and a runestone has been erected on Site-19 grounds to commemorate fallen Zeta-9 members.

It is important to note that both Old Norse paganism and Christianity are practiced here. Although the pagans are presently maintaining the SCP-4242 instance and compiling records of anomalies found, it is possible that as Christian missionaries land, the pagan efforts will disappear. Efforts must be taken either to ensure a transition of records management to pass from the pagans to the Christians, or to eventually destroy this instance so that it relocates to a new containment site.


The Golden Palace, a containment device maintaining 200 rakshasas trapped in a facsimile of Rama's court

SCP-4242 Chamber Code: SCP-4242-Rama

Location: Palace of Rama, Ayodhya, Kingdom of Kosala (present day Uttar Pradesh, India)

Time: ca. 600 BCE

Exploration and Diplomatic Notes: This instance takes place in India, before the rise of the Maurya Empire. The location is at the Palace of King Rama of Kosala, who, in his role as the seventh avatar of Vishnu the Protector, merits the palace and grounds as a public place of worship.

Organization Notes: Rama is an accomplished hunter of rakshasas and other demons and reality benders. A Foundation-annotated copy of the Ramayana is available for a history of his accomplishments. His skills, techniques, and knowledge have been immeasurably helpful in the capture and containment of demons, devils, djinn, oni, kama, spirit people, Fomori, and other such beings for many SCP-4242 organizations.

Director's Note: Since SCP-2820 claims to be the tenth and final avatar of Vishnu, Rama was asked about how best to contain it. He laughed and commented that he's nearly done. When asked to elaborate, he commented that receiving the sacred texts and accepting his true divinity means that he knows all outside time. He stopped further commentary saying, "The cycle will continue, do not concern yourself with that."


Agents are advised not to show displeasure at the pungent aroma of the mummification chambers at this location.

SCP-4242 Chamber Code: SCP-4242-Isis

Location: Temple of Isis, Philae, Egypt

Time: 224 BCE

Exploration and Diplomatic Notes: Located during the Ptolemaic period of Ancient Egypt, Philae was viewed as one of the burial places for Osiris, and was considered particularly sacred by the locals. Isis performed the embalming and preservation of Osiris' body, and her priests are highly skilled in mummification and funerary rites.

Organization Notes: The Isis priesthood has been particularly helpful for the Foundation in the realm of corpse preservation and containment of anomalies associated with dead bodies. The Foundation retains five mummification experts on staff at Site-19 in case of emergencies. Personnel may be mummified on pre- or post-expiry request, or at the discretion of Foundation containment specialists as required.


Callanish Stone Circle. Do not step between the stones without druidic permission.

SCP-4242 Chamber Code: SCP-4242-Call

Location: Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Time: ca. 2750 BCE

Exploration and Diplomatic Notes: The labyrinth chamber for SCP-4242-Call is located in a chambered tomb directly underneath the Callanish I stone circle. The locals are Neolithic herders and fishermen, showing some trade with Beaker Culture peoples in Britannia. Of note is that they reject any and all Grooved Ware pottery and similar artifacts, performing a ritual destruction of any such objects at the stone circle, and calling their people forbidden. Grooved Ware people originate from Orkney.

Organization Notes: The local priesthood is skilled in geomantic tracking and naturalism. They have been able to develop maps of Ley lines covering the planet and extending to the moon, Mars, and [REDACTED]. In addition, they rely heavily on the animal and plant resources in their environment, and show increased ability to exploit natural resources in the prevention of Orcadian anomalies.

Update 7/10/2017: A Foundation mission to Orkney from SCP-4242-Call has lost contact with central command and is considered lost. Exploration and retrieval of Foundation equipment in future historical ages is considered high priority before the locals are exposed to paradox-inducing technology.


Temple of the Golden Lotus. Due to memetic interference, if you ever find yourself trying to enter the temple doors, attempt to enter the temple doors without intending to.

SCP-4242 Chamber Code: SCP-4242-Dao

Location: Temple of the Golden Lotus, Zhejiang, China

Time: 256 CE

Exploration and Diplomatic Notes: The location is in the later years of the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. Although the temple's location is considered sacred, and peacetime exists in the surrounding land, remember that the political factions controlling the kingdoms in China during this era are fragile and prone to a sudden realignment, with war being a regular result. Depopulated farms and abandoned family mansions can be found in the countryside and can be used as shelters by Foundation agents as required.

Organization Notes: The Taoist priests at this location are few. The Foundation is working with the local priests to remove the anomalies gathered here and to relocate them to a safer age. The priests, used to working within the hierarchies of ever-shifting political structures and appealing to a bureaucratic arrangement of deities and spirits, are particularly resistant to Prague-class sociopolitical cognitohazards and demonstrate high memetic resistance. They are capable of partitioning and mentally storing concepts up to and including Berryman-Langford memetic kill agents without ill effect. Study of their techniques is ongoing and is hoped to be completed before the arrival of Jin military forces.


Travelers should be aware that the light at the end of the tunnel is not to be disturbed.

SCP-4242 Chamber Code: SCP-4242-YHWH

Location: Second Jewish Temple, Jerusalem, Hasmonean Judea

Time: 100 BCE

Exploration and Diplomatic Notes: The current ruler of Judea is the Hasmonean king Alexander Jannaeus, who also holds the position of Kohen Gadol (High Priest). His rule is characterized by militarism and conflict with the Pharisee faction of Judaism. The king has delegated cross-temporal diplomatic duties to the royal court, known as the Sanhedrin. A specially trained order of kohanim (priests) is present in the labyrinth chamber beneath the Temple Mount to handle visitors and ensure they are sufficiently pure to enter the Temple complex. For this purpose, a mikvah (ritual bath) has been constructed adjacent to the labyrinth chamber.

Organization Notes: Personnel traveling to SCP-4242-YHWH must be fluent in at least one of the three languages of Hasmonean Judea (Old Aramaic, Biblical Hebrew, or Koine Greek), and familiar with Hellenistic Jewish customs.

There is a special council appointed by the Sanhedrin to oversee the containment and neutralization of anomalies, called תּוֺעֵבוֺת (toevot, “abominations”). Of note is the fact that SCP-1844 is virtually unchanged from its present state, requiring a staff of kohanim to pray at its edge constantly.

Foundation investigation revealed no knowledge of SCP-1348, and an expedition to the site is planned during a period of relative calm.


Celebrant at SCP-4242-V36J8 religious service.

SCP-4242 Chamber Code: SCP-4242-V36J8

Location: Northern slope of Mount Tukosmera on the island of Tanna, New Hebrides in the southwestern Pacific Ocean

Time: 1948 CE

Exploration and Diplomatic Notes: Site is a cult activity center for the John Frum movement. Labyrinth is a natural cavern accessed by means of a lava tube.

Organization Notes: Following initial contact, members of the society began to wear replica lab coats sewn from repurposed bulk rice delivery packages and constructed a building superficially resembling Building C of Foundation Site-19 out of locally-available materials. Within five days after the completion of the construction of this building, a fully-functional replica CH-53Eheavy-lift helicopter,1 constructed from scrap lumber and palm fronds and bearing an apparently hand-painted Foundation insignia, visited the SCP-4242-V36J8 site to drop off several pallets of laboratory equipment, canned food and cigarettes before departing for an unknown destination. The aircraft did not appear on any Foundation aircraft registry.

Contact with SCP-4242-V36J8 is now restricted.

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