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The following document is considered outdated and is set to be updated in accordance with the newly acquired information regarding SCP-4241. Note that the current revision of the document contains a number of redactions (presented in blue) the credibility of which has not been verified yet.

Item #: SCP-4241

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the scarcity of information regarding the nature and capabilities of SCP-4241, effective containment procedures have not yet been developed. Research is ongoing.

Currently, the most efficient method of detecting SCP-4241 lies in conducting a psychological test aimed at the detection of clinical depression in a passing subject. This test is to be passed by all subjects who have been in close proximity or verbally in contact with the infected individuals and by all Site-224 personnel (including Class-D employees and PoIs currently residing in the Site). А positive result is to be considered a sign of SCP-4241 contamination, provided that the subject did not exhibit similar symptoms prior to the SCP-4241's discovery. All affected subjects are to be isolated supervised and provided psychological assistance if required.

Site-224 is to be placed under a full lockdown until the nature of SCP-4241 is understood and more efficient containment procedures are developed.

Description: SCP-4241 is a designation for an anomalous virus phenomenon affecting the human psyche. Currently, twelve; nearly half; all of the Site-224 employees are considered to be affected by SCP-4241. The exact mechanism of SCP-4241's effect is still poorly understood as it does not affect the subject's physical state and cannot be detected through medical examination. SCP-4241 is capable of transmitting from one subject to another, similar to nonanomalous viruses over long distances with no apparent pattern. Recent SCP-4241 activity has shown that it is able to spread while all affected subjects are isolated.

Through testing and interviews with affected subjects, it was established that virtually all of the affected individuals exhibit a number of similar symptoms related to their psychological health, some of which are usually associated with clinical depression. SCP-4241's effect is primarily characterized by malaise, irritability, and persistent fatigue in the early stages and subject's inability to enter an affective state characterized by the positive emotions1 with the onset of later stages (typically after 4-5 days after initial contamination). Most of the subjects are also exhibiting such symptoms as loss of appetite and palate, as well as insomnia irrational fear of falling asleep.

Affected individuals had also reported experiencing dreams during REM sleep2, the content of which cannot be remembered by the subject after awakening but causes recurring psychological distress. It is currently unclear if the dreams are caused by the anomalous effect or by a natural stress reaction.

The initial discovery of SCP-4241 took place on 12\08\2019; it is believed that the phenomenon has started spreading somewhere around that time and is related to the outcome of the mission performed by MTF Omega-31 ("Sticky Fingers") a week prior.

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