Project Kenowhere Central Volunteer Hub
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I, Gamers Against Weed member bones, am the archivist and curator of this hub, selected through direct democracy by those involved with the project from among the willing candidates. Any complaints about the construction of this hub may be sent directly to me, and I will do my best to address them.

Several other Gamers Against Weed members and one affiliate were invited to contribute to the initial structuring of this hub, through commentary on sections written by others, and in some cases, through sections written. Each contributor will be clearly indicated in the section in which their contributions appear, by their most commonly used username.

Due to the seriousness of the project, Camp Kenowhere was chosen to be the first project to be given this treatment. If this hub is shown to be successful in helping to facilitate the Camp Kenowhere project, we may begin to maintain similar documents on other projects.

Table of Contents

  1. Annotated SCP Foundation Documentation, Archival Copy: Ostensibly, the Foundation's own containment document for the Camp Kenowhere project or possibly the Fortune Redistribution Project (designated SCP-ℸp♡9). Its utility is limited, as we were only able to retrieve a corrupted fragment of the data. Contributors to this hub have provided annotations in the form of footnotes where deemed appropriate. Both this section and the one following it are included in this hub to stress the precariousness of the Kenowhere project.
  2. Annotated Global Occult Coalition Documentation, Archival Copy: Similarly, the Global Occult Coalition's threat log concerning both the Camp Kenowhere project (designated KTE-6561-Parallax Blackchild) and the Fortune Redistribution Project (designated KTE-6561-Black). Considered accurate for the time it was retrieved, 2017-11-4. Similarly annotated by hub contributors.
  3. The greenmanwalking Reports: Excerpts from a series of never-filed reports from former Global Occult Coalition enlisted member Silas Ayers, also known as greenmanwalking, written over the course of his final assignment with that organization. Much of the content of the original reports, including entire entries, have been removed for irrelevance to our purposes or privacy reasons. The remainder provide a useful 'outside' perspective on both the Kenowhere project and the related Fortune Redistribution project, and it is the belief of this archivist that they serve as a useful introduction to the realities of those projects for the uninitiated.
  4. Project Summary: An explanation of the Camp Kenowhere project and the related Fortune Redistribution project from the perspective of the people involved in them. Mostly history and interviews.
  5. How You Can Help: The reason this hub exists. Here given are the logistical, scientific, magical, and social problems that still need to be addressed with the ongoing Camp Kenowhere project, introduced by the Gamers Against Weed members and affiliates currently taking charge of those situations, and what kind of assistance or support is required.
  6. Final Note
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