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The fruits of an SCP-4238-2 plant in [REDACTED] Farms, USA.

Item #: SCP-4238

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Individual instances or small groups of SCP-4238-1 not in containment areas are to be incinerated. Any SCP-4238-2 instance that is in a containment area must have their spleen and their teeth removed. Any instances of SCP-4238-2 that is found attempting to escape, or found outside of containment, is to be dispatched without drawing blood and incinerated. If it is discovered in an urban or suburban area, class B amnestics are to be given to all witnesses.

Areas with a density of more than 200 SCP-4238-1 and/or 20 SCP-4238-2 per square kilometer are to be surrounded with an electric fence live and a visual barrier. Under no circumstances consume or feed any part of SCP-4238-1 to any mammal. Routine inspections are to be done on every farm that sells blueberries within 50km of any known SCP-4238 instance.


An example of SCP-4238-1 mycelium.

Description: SCP-4238 is a fungus almost exclusively found in blueberry farms and gardens. It imitates the plant Cyanococcus1, creating similar fruits, leaves, and stems. The mock plants, SCP-4238-1, have mycelium instead of roots. The fruits never spoil and appear darker blue in color than normal blueberries. The only way for SCP-4238-1 to spread is through SCP-4238-2.

If a species in the class mammalia consumes any part of SCP-4238-1, the fungus will enter the bloodstream, causing the mammal to become an SCP-4238-2 instance.2 The immune system always ignores the fungus, and the reason for this is as of yet unknown. Four days after the infection starts, the fungus begins to restructure the spleen of the mammal and uses it to produce spores. After seven days the fungus starts growing in the dermis with white strands of mycelium visible to the naked eye. After nine days, the fungus enters the brain and changes the structure of the cerebellum, modifying its behavior and causes them to always seek out blueberry farms and gardens. During the restructuring process, several brain structures essential for memory retainment are destroyed, causing all memories of life before the infection to be lost.3. The entity will then start seeking out blueberry farms and attempt to spread the infection. This process takes approximately the same amount of time to occur for any mammal infected.

If a late stage SCP-4238-2 instance encounters a blueberry farm or garden, it will rip skin off of their front limbs and aggressively bite into their muscular tissue. Wherever the blood of an SCP-4238-2 comes in contact with earth, a new instance of SCP-4238-1 will form. At no stage does any SCP-4238-2 instance become aggressive, as SCP-4238-2 tend to verbally threaten any non-infected that approach or offend them. SCP-4238 itself is not sapient, but if an SCP-4238-2 instance was a human, it is possible to communicate with it. Tests show that the median IQ is lowered by about 50% when infected.

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