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Image taken during SCP-4237-2 activation upon commencement of Procedure 4237-Coronation. Thick fog is produced by SCP-4237-1 during this procedure.

Item #: SCP-4237

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4237 is the joint designation for both SCP-4237-1 and SCP-4237-2. SCP-4237 is to be manned at all times by a standard maintenance crew, as well as a research team. No less than 4 members of the research team must be fluent in Scottish Gaelic, and it is encouraged (though not required) that Junior Researchers posted to SCP-4237 undertake efforts to learn Scottish Gaelic. Classes are provided on site.

Starting immediately after the end of the Summer Solstice, Procedure 4237-Coronation is to be enacted. The temperature of SCP-4237-1 is to be kept above a minimum of -32°C and below a maximum of -17°C using the heating elements installed on SCP-4237-1. A gradual increase in snow production is permitted via SCP-4237-1, in line with acceptable levels for the season around the area of Ben Nevis during the procedure.

Starting immediately after the end of the Winter Solstice, Procedure 4237-Abdication is to be enacted. The temperature of SCP-4237-1 is to be kept below a maximum of -54°C. A mixture of heating elements and coolant is to be used within SCP-4237-1 to maintain an acceptable temperature.

Description: SCP-4237-1 is a structure of anomalous make built within the mountain of Ben Nevis, Scotland. The structure is 575m tall and composed of a steel alloy1 able to withstand rapid temperature fluctuations. The age of the structure is unknown, though radiometric samples place it at around 2.6 million years old. SCP-4237-1 also contains an anomalous device capable of weather manipulation, including extreme temperatures and conditions such as: Blizzards, thunderstorms, tornadoes and heat waves. SCP-4237-1 also functions as the containment cell for SCP-4237-2.

SCP-4237-2 is an anomalous humanoid female of indeterminate age, though biological samples taken during initial discovery place SCP-4237-2 around the age of 45. Records collated from within SCP-4237-1 were translated from Scottish Gaelic, and place SCP-4237-2 at over 115,000 years old2. SCP-4237-2's body displays multiple differences from expected appearance from joint Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis DNA, including dark blue skin, naturally orange-brown teeth and a height of 36.73m. SCP-4237-2 is also missing their left eye, with skin having grown over the socket. The cause for this has yet to be determined as no scarring has been observed.

SCP-4237-2 is only to be contacted during Procedure 4237-Coronation with approval from the Head Researcher assigned to SCP-4237. During Procedure 4237-Abdication, SCP-4237-2 is not to be contacted unless agreed upon by the Site Director and Head Researcher. SCP-4237-2 is only capable of conversing in Scottish Gaelic. SCP-4237-2 has a natural body temperature of -49°C, and is the source of SCP-4237-1's anomalous weather manipulation.

Addendum 4237-27a - Interview Log

The following interview log has been translated from Scots Gaelic to English for ease of access.

Interviewer: Dr. Heller
Interviewee: SCP-4237-2

Dr. Heller: Good morning. 4237-2, how are we feeling today?

SCP-4237-2: As fair as the waters that flow across my lands

Dr. Heller: Glad to hear it 4237-2, has the team kept you comfortable?

SCP-4237-2: As comfortable as can be, within these walls.

Dr. Heller: Good, very good, may I ask you some more questions 4237-2?

SCP-4237-2: By all means, Shaman.

Dr. Heller: [shuffles through her papers] What is your first memory of this facility?

SCP-4237-2: [appears to be in deep thought] I remember the walls of stone, I stood astride the untouched plains of white snow, resting in the rise and reigning in the fall. I cast mountains from the dirt like thrones and guided the few in this land.

Dr. Heller: I see, how long ago was this?

SCP-4237-2: Before your time, when your brethren still walked alongside you, young one. When the world was right.

Dr. Heller: What do you mean when you say, "when the world was right"?

SCP-4237-2: When life flourished in its own image, when the crafters could create as they wished. When those that did not fit were cast as moulds for what would be.

Dr. Heller: Very well, could you explain further please?

SCP-4237-2: Why should I explain what is obvious? What winds have already howled in cold nights and rivers have whispered in their dreams. The time of my kith and kin long gone, before the walls of winters end were placed. A thing you could not know, but of which I will show.

[Emergency heating elements are activated as the temperature inside SCP-4237-2 decreases rapidly. Dr. Heller exits the chamber as SCP-4237-2 retreats deeper into 4237-1]

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